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February 27, 2008



Love all of the pretty vintage hats and the pretty dress that you found for Sugarwings!


you are SO lucky...i am always on the look~out for hats to steal...errrr...borrow the flowers off of and i can never find any OR they are waaaay too much $$$...the dress you bought for your fairy grand~baby is soooo precious, she is going to look like a little angel at Easter time...good luck with the stairs, that sounds like quite a project!!!


you are SO lucky...i am always on the look~out for hats to steal...errrr...borrow the flowers off of and i can never find any OR they are waaaay too much $$$...the dress you bought for your fairy grand~baby is soooo precious, she is going to look like a little angel at Easter time...good luck with the stairs, that sounds like quite a project!!!


I so love the privilege of stepping into your world! What a great shopping spree! And lucky Miss Sugarwings!

Karen Young

I'm looking forward to seeing your stairway finished. It will look great. The little dress you bought for sugar wings is so adorable. She is going to look so sweet at Easter.


hoganfe handbags

Congrats to Bethany!

susans at black eyed susans kitchen

Karla, As usual, I don't know where to begin. Your posts are dizzyingly delightful! That little dress set is adorable. The babies are so cute. They make strawberry whoppers? I can't believe that you started the stairway project already, and good find on the hats. Whew, I'm exhausted just commenting. I really do enjoy reading your blog. It always inspires. Susan


Love the dress! I think I even like the slip the best.Course it is hard to resist that dotted swiss! Ready for tomorrow! Am I just supposed to leave you a comment after I post? Haven't decided whether to swap it or keep it yet!

robin~thrifty miss priss

Wow! I DO believe you about dragging out the power saws after what you told me! LOL! I can't wait to see the stairs! Are you painting them or using wallpaper? That dress is just dripping with cuteness! And the hats! WOW! Today was your lucky day!


Wow Karla,
You are so lucky to find all of those wonderful bargins. I can't wait to see what your stairs are going to look like, now I wish that I had some. Silly me thought that the "Bling your Birdhouse Party" was Feb 27th, so I have already posted mine a whole month early, I will still stop by for the party, in March.
Cheers Linda


Whew! Girl you can shop! :D I admire a kindred soul who can run an errand for practical stuff and come home with such a bunch of non-related treasures! The stairs - can't wait to see the result!

Raised In Cotton

You crack me up, rippen the carpet and go for it girl! Love it! I am the same way, can't wait when I have a thought or idea in my head, gotta do it!


My mom used to dress us three girls in dresses like that for Easter. Hats, white patten (is that how you spell that - it doesn't look right)leather shoes, white frilly socks and white gloves!

Do little girls dress like that any more? Love the one you found for Sugarwings!

Terri Fisher

I wandered over to your site after I saw that my good friend Bethany won a birdhouse that you had made. I LOVE your artwork and designs! I have a house full of boys, so pink is very scarce around here. But when I can, I wear it...especially on my toenails! Your creativity is inspiring!


It all looks wonderfully adorable!!! And Strawberry Whoppers.....Oh MY! My new favorite...they are fantastic! : )


I am absolutely in love with your stairs, they turned out beautiful.

I want to just come sit in your house. Everything is so pretty and pink, you can never go wrong with pink!


Your stairs are going to be awesome! I'm afraid of heights, too, and I don't do ladders! Good for you for courageously climbing yours!

I love the little dotted swiss dress. I haven't seen dotted swiss fabric in years, though I know I had one when I was little.


Oh my, Karla! So many 'loverly' pretties! Your stairs are going to look awesome. I do the same thing when I'm itching to get started on something--waiting is not an option, lol!

Great shopping finds, especially that sweet, adorable dress--can't wait to see Sugarwings wearing it! Love your party decorations and cake too. You make it sound so easy but I find it amazing!

Elaine L.

Very good post!

The birdhouse is precious. . . lucky Bethany.

Love, love, love that dress and petticoat. Yes, you do need to let Sugarwings get some use out of it. Perfect tea party dress.

You certainly whipped together cute party decor. You always make your entertaining seem so effortless.


Debra Johnson

*OoOo! Can't wait to see your new staircase! Love that you are impulsive and couldn't wait for your friend - I'm the same way:) Those babies are soooo precious!!
Thanks for sharing!! Debra

María Elena

I'm looking forward to seeing your stairway finished.The fabric clothing is beautiful, she would be pretty with this dress. Here, I have found a French book of 1920 too.


I love Sugarwing's new slip! That was a nice old set, wasn't it?!
The staircase is going to be a fun project once the wood gets prepared :) I can't wait!

Jen R

You've been busy! I can't wait to see what your stairs look like. I want to do the same thing here. I love your newell post...I hope veryone says healthy!
Jen r


Oh I adore the dotted swiss easter dress! It reminds me of my childhood! Do they still make 'dotted swiss'?? Also love the trinkets you found on your shopping trip. And the party hats turned upside down hanging from the lamp are adorable, I never would have thought to use them like that.. but it started my brain clicking on what else I could do! Good luck on the stairway, I can't wait to see the after pictures!


Karla, How cute is the pink dress! I would have bought it and don't even have a girl to put in it!! The birthday party is adorable!!! Walmart does get some cute cakes! Love the whopper idea! And heck, there even pink! Later, Lori P.S. You know those steps were out of this world gorgous, good-luck on yours!


I can't wait to see your stairs! I know they are going to look awesome! That Easter dress - too darn cute - Sugarwings will love it I'm sure! Gosh the pink puppy is so much fun and you really dolled it up!

Alison Gibbs

What fu party decorations. Look forward toeeing Sugarwings in that pretty dress. What a lot of treasures you got for your $50.
Have fun painting those stairs.

Alison Gibbs

Ooops!! Typo!! Error!!


I'm so excited to see what you will make of your stairs!! That dress for Sugarwings is so lovely and those hats!! You cant find things like this in our thriftsstores. I think people throwed away or they just didnt bought hats with flowers on. Hugs /linnea-maria


I adore that little dress, too cute.



What a wonderful post. All the pics are such eye candy. I'm really looking forward to the Bling Your Birdhouse party! I can't wait to see your staircase, either.

Take care


Hi Karla, carn't wait for the Bling Your Bird house Day, so much so I thought it was the 27th of this month and posted it already...lol your bird house just came up beautiful I love each and everyone. Can't wait to see your stairs when all is finished but Becareful!! trying to do it all yourself...I know what it's like a girls got to do what a girls gotda do...and that mean's NOW...hee, hee. You have to post Sugarwings in the pretty dress, she's going to look soooo cute, can't wait to see. And I love all your fab finds I think I need to move over there you have the best vintage find, and your doggy cake is yummy, thin slice for me please..lol, Oh Karla what are Strawberry Whoopers?, are they like Maltesers, they look mouth watering, I need a tissue to wipe the drool from my mouth.
Have a lovely weekend!!!


pinkie denise

Hello Karla,
I can't wait to see your stairs once they're done, I know they are going to look fabulous,
I just love vintage wallpaper. I love the pretty hats you found to so much fun to find a treasure Pinkie Denise

Mary Issabella

I adore the dress you bought for Sugarwings. She will be beautiful in it...Smiles


I love all your vintgage pretties. Looking forward to seeing your finished stairs, that's a big project!

Alissa Millsap

i just found your blog though i can't remember how. i am glad i did! so beautiful and tons of inspiration! i can't wait to see your stairs. i think i am going to join you in your 'bling your birdhouse'. tfs


Would you please just adopt me? I want to come over to your magical house :) You sprinkle glitter and paint and make life so much more special. Little Sugarwings is one truly lucky fairy baby! That dress is SO so sooooooooooo pretty :) Uhm...I must admit that I'm with you on the strawberry whoopers. Those little balls of happiness are dangerous!!!



Wow Karla, what swesome finds! The dress is to die for! I can't wait to see the after photos of your stairs. :)

p.s. I am deathly afraid of heights too


That vintage little girl dress is beautiful! What a lucky little granddaughter!


I can't wait to see your stairs!

The cake is 100% clever! I must remember this. And the hanging cones looked so pretty.

I want to come back as your granddaughter in my next life, and I want little freckles on my nose just like Sugarwings ;-) oh and the big blues, too.

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