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February 05, 2008



Chicken soup is good for the artistic soul for sure. Your work is amazing and I love to view your projects and papers. Thanks for sharing and feel better soon!


So sorry that you are sick again! Goodness, maybe Spring will not be too far off and everyone can get well!! Rest...ok, I know you aren't going to do much rest, but feel better anyway!


Hi, I am fairly new to your blog. I really like to read about Sugarwings and see her sweet pictures - she is so cute and I'm sure a real joy. I have caught the flu bug myself; it really tires a person out! Your artwork is great! Thanks for sharing. Joan

Barbara Burkard

sending healing wishes your way! we are in for the big storm too...some say upwards of 16"..heavy wet...high wind blowin...good day to art...love that birdie in his nest!!! i just crocheted a nest for a swap...and i like how it turned out...used wire and it scraped all the finish off the hook i was using! BE WELL AND THATS AN ORDER!

HUGZ (from a distance)

Nancy Burns

Karla your Sugarwings book is wonderful!! She is so lucky to have you. Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Get well soon...

Hugs! Nancy

Karen Young

Sorry to hear your are still under the weather. I love what you did to the back of the tag and the scrapbook is coming along so nicely. I've been reading your message for over a half hour because I keep getting sidetracked with all the links you have posted and all the beautiful eye candy. But, oh I'm having fun. Stay safe the storm is also hitting us tonight.

Hugs Karen


Hang in their Karla! Love, Lori


Karla, I hope you feel better really soon.. your scrapbook is just beautiful~I'm lucky to get my photos printed let alone in a book!



I hope you are feeling better soon. The bug has gotten to me, too. I've been miserable and wonder why I have a nose, since I can't breath out of it, or smell anything! OH well.

I got my recipe booklet today and I LOVE IT! IT IS WONDERFUL! You and Beth did such a wonderful job putting them together and making the covers. I LOVE the cover I got!! And you put "sweet treats" in with it!! I had to share with Deja! I was so impressed by everyones pages in person. They were pretty on the flikr pages, but in person they are wonderful. What a bunch of talented women!


Feel better soon!!! Don't let it go too long. That happened to me one year and I ended up dragging myself to the doctor.
I was so happy to hear that your first book sold so quickly! And your mermaid is great! I think you can sew...you just don't know it! You're also inspiring me to get out my scrapbooks... it's been years and I do have tons of older photos of the kids to do. Craig wants me to focus on decorating the house right now...so that's what i'm doing!

Alison Gibbs

HI Karla, hope you are feeling better and will be back babysitting real soon. 2 of my grandchildren are sitting on the floor at my feet playing with Lego blocks while I do this. Good while it lasts.

Erin, Mission Viejo, CA

Hope you're feeling better soon.


Hope you feel all better soon! :)

María Elena

Karla,I imagined that you would delicate health. I hope you recover soon. The family's album was beautiful , I did one for my son, but, now I see, that I omited in my album.


Hey Just a invite for a spring theme swap! It is called Hanging up Springtime!! I hope you come and join!

Barbara Jacksier

Poor baby!

Hope you feel better soon. I can't breathe either but it's because of all of the chemicals used for sealing the wood on my recently refinished floors. And, I used the low VOC formulas!



I hope you are feeling better! The flu stinks and I know you miss your Sugarwings. Her scrapbook is so bright and cheerful and the mermaid you made is awesome!


The book is great! I've never actually "scrapped" before - having no children, it never occured to me.
Sound like ya'll need some of our Chicken Tortilla Soup!


Oh, so sorry you've been hit by the dreaded flu bug, but it seems the creativity bug continues to dwell with you! I'm drooling over all the pretty, pretty pages & papers & projects!


So sorry the flu is hitting you and your family! Wishing you all a speedy recovery!


My, you sure get a lot accomplished when you're sick. I'd be flat on my back. Your little one and your scrapbooks are beautiful.


Cool idea: saving greeting cards and using them for folders in your albums...now you got me wondering if i could do that as part of my daily journal???

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