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February 08, 2008


Alison Gibbs

Selling anything be it art, real estate or whatever - it's all about the right person seeing your piece at the right time.
Looks like Sugarwings had fun in the pet store.


I can't believe that Somerset doesn't want to use your magic wands! The birdie wand looks especially magic to me so I will be happy if you will sell it to me. Time at the pet store is always fun - I want to bring all the caged pets home with me though - not a good idea...I'm sure Sugarwings wanted to take them home with her too. What a sweetie she is! She will be thrilled to see her grandpa tomorrow too.

Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

I remember when you made the beautiful folders! I had just found your blog and was drooling over them! I agree that it's all in the pictures....and how it's presented! I like the new photos here! To see the joy on a childs face at such simple things is truly something magical! I LOVE the pics of her in the petsmart!

Karen Young

Well, I'll tell you...a pet store is where I would like to be. It's one of those places that makes you smile and you can't help but be happy.



You give some excellent advice, Karla. Thanks for the reminder!
The baby is getting so big! I remember wanting to go to the pet store when I was little. Of course, I always wanted to take one of them home with me!


well hello . I havn't commented in ages..I still read weekly though.

I was reading your "keep your head high" advice.....ugh, hard to do. My Etsy just isn't doing well at all. Glad to get a little motivation!

Anywho, Just thought I would let you know I'm still a huge fan of your blog!


What a great way to use ceiling tin--you do not cease to amaze me!

Natasha Burns

You are such a wealth of information and inspiration Karla!!! It's hard to work out why sometimes!!! Quite often what happens to me is, I think to myself, hmmm I might keep that xxx (whatever it is) and then the next day it sells and I get orders to do another two of them! It freaks me out how often that happens!
Can't wait to come and meet you and see all your wonderful work & studio first hand xo


Those wands of yours are gorgeous.


Just like Life, huh? There's a time for everything, and it's easiest if we just trust and go with the flow :)

Love the pet shop idea! I might have to resort to that the next time I look after my nephew!

Elaine L.

Well, you have a good attitude.

Sugarwings sure looks like your son.


caren K

Your blog is exactly what I needed today. Being new to this - blogging and selling on etsy...I was wondering how long it takes to get a "bite". It really hasn't been that long, but it is hard not to get discouraged. Thanks again - I also love your wands! caren


The moment I saw the folder that expired I thought it was one of the prettiest things I've ever seen..still do. Sometimes it's a price versus need thing. One thing you should never do is doubt yourself because you have an amazing eye,and talent.. and in my book can do NO wrong! p.s. The magic wands are fantastic.

María Elena

I liked your post. Many times I wondered the same thing until I heard: 'An artist sells what paints, the painter paints what sells". When the very least I hope it ,I sell something.


You are a wonderful artist and I would buy everything you made if I just had room for it, or the money to buy it all! I am glad that you don't get discouraged by what doesnt sell immediately. Love the pictures of SugarWings and her daddy at the petshop. It is one of Deja's favorite places to go, too... but she gets teary when I have to say NO we can't take any of the critters home with us!


I am sorry sugarwings has the winter blues. I am so glad the skirt came. She looks adorable in it (even though it is too big) Have a lovely Valentines next week !!!! xoxoxo Clarice

Fabulous Finds Studio

I love your folder..maybe is WAS the photos that kept it from selling? I love your work and Congrats on the Somerset news!

Best Wishes,

Cathy Scalise

I love it all, especially your beautiful creations. But most of all is the "Not Giving Up". It's a big wide world out there with so many amazing, talented people. Sometimes it just take a person with the same soul to connect your creation!

A great post!

Kerri  Norrod.

Beautiful work! Thanks for sharing!


see you sold it! i was just looking around your etsy shoppe for it and then went into sold! it's hard to say about why it finally sold as you mentioned. i have many items that the same things happens to me. i think this is great - it will sell quick and then it just sits! i don't know if it is a pricing thing or that others think, "well i can make that myself" or what! but congrats - it was really pretty.
xoxo, kEcIa


I discovered your blog a few weeks ago (don't remember how) and am really enjoying it! Your sense of humor, your creativity and your Dorkies and of course Sugarwings.

I'm about to become a grandma for the first time in a few months. Can't wait!


Plus you never know if was being seen on your blog that did the trick! Thanks for the encouraging words. It is hardnot to take these things personally. My kids love going to the pet store too, haven't done it in awhile. Next weekend!


your work is truly amazing and I am going to add you to my etsy favorites which I just got into.

Jen R

ahhh yae, the age where everything is "no"...good times..I'm actually at the "you're not my friend" stage though she's still pretty cute.. I hope your stuff make sit into the mag. good luck!
Jen R


Thank you for the inspiration, Karla!


Hi karla...I just realized today that I haven't SEEN you for awhile and realized (again), that I didn't know where to find ya!!! i knew it started with Rebecca's blog...,...,...hit pay dirt, YES!!!
I'll have to get my hubby to quick click you.
I finally ordered something from Etsy (my hubby asked me the other day why I called it Esty?), well, I SAW it wrong...I like mine better -it comes off my tongue much better then ETSY! Happy happies to you, see ya in the funny papers.


I laughed when I reread your first sentence of this post "have a plan". I had a plan to quickly browse a lot of blogs and then I landed here and stayed and stayed. There goes the plan... GREAT BLOG! Devonia


You silly girl, we all love your stuff! You practically have a cult following :D Glad it found it's way to the right home! Glitter & glue, Kelley


First of all, I adore your art and think they'll have a home that loves them soon enough. And at least those of us visiting the Cottage can see them!

About your post -- I think it's terrific and I may copy it out as a good thing to post in my work space. I really don't submit to publications -- I'm not that confident. But some years ago I spent a good deal of time as a freelance writer and while I had my share of good fortune, I also got plenty of rejections. (I thought it fine when I was rejected by a higher class of publication who spent longer with a piece!) AND, as a former theatre person, I also took some hits (and not in always a good way!) during auditions. What is it about some of us that keep us coming back for more? Haven't answered that one, but your words of not becoming discouraged are ones for anyone to take to heart!

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