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February 03, 2008



Oh such pretty eye candy on your page!!! I hope to win one of the goodies!!! If not then I will just visit them here in blogland!!!
Thanks so much for the veneer/bondo tip!! I woulda never known!!! Hubby says he will try it next weekend!!!


I LOVE your art work. It would be so great to win one of your give-aways. Thanks for offering a chance to win a prize.


Jen R

Everything looks great and I love the books with wall paper in them. As for the wands...I am sure the editor will love them ;)
Jen R


Love your work, please enter me in any of your drawings, Thank you for the comment to my blog...you are in.


Deb Lewis

Thanks so much for joining my OWOH swap! Your pieces are really lovely... please add my name to your list! And hope you are feeling better ;) Deb Lewis


What gorgeous things. I would love to win something. Sign me up!


I love when creative magic happens! You still managed to make beautiful things even though you're sick. Get some rest and take care!

María Elena

Your art production is cute, even with fever.


cool giveaways! please pick me in one of your drawings! thanks. stop by and enter my giveaway too!


Karla, You make have been sick but...Oh La La creative as heck! And boy you poor girls sure worked your buns off on the books, maybe next time I'll be brave and give it a try! Lori

hoganfe handbags

How fun Karla! Hope I win one of your lovely prizes!
hoganfe handbags


Oh how I enjoyed your blog...what an adventure in Palm Springs, and your lil Sugarwings is ssooo adorable, and you dumpster dive too? I am also a trailer trash gal from my teens, when my parents split...go figure. Lady, you sure are busy! So much for getting more work done...I got lost @ Karlsa Cottage :0) (I like to be lost sometimes...Super Bowls on, I can only handle sooo much, although it's only about 20 minutes from my house, you'd think I'd be more excited about it!)

Spreadin' the love :0)
Rowan Willow (alter/artist ego)
aka Tiffany

pink gate

I love your art work...
great give-aways.....


Lisa Oceandreamer

You are one busy bee - look at all that loveliness!!! Please toss me in for the OWOH! THANK YOU also for participating in this event! Be sure to stop by my blog and ALL the others on the list!
Lisa Oceandreamer


I love your Bluebird of Happiness!! And I hope you feel better soon! I can't believe all those books that you and Beth put together... I am soooo impressed! I also love your wallpaper books. They have to be popular with people who love vintage papers! I was watching the Superbowl but wanted to check in and see what you're up to! Craig is probably wondering where I am! Get better!


Oh so sweet!Please enter me in the draw! You make such lovelies!

Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

The books turned out beautiful! What a production you must have had going on! Like the idea of the wallpaper journals! I just read Sommerset Life today and saw that you were mentioned with your wonderful kits that you put together!
I hope you are feeling better soon. You need rest, rest and rest! (and lots of fluids!)


Your work is so scrumptious!! Please add my name to your list to win your giveaway and make sure to visit my blog to see if you'd like a chance to win mine. Thank you!

~*~Nan from NJ~*~


I am so in love with all your things! Please sign me up!
I am also part of the OWOH giveaway!


Such beautiful things. I love to visit and experience such inner peace!! I think I must have "napped" my way through blogland this week, I haven't visited anyone!


All your work is so pretty! Please enter me, thanks! ;)


Karla, you are REALLY workin' that paper!!! i adore everything you are making, LOVE how you do the paper ruffles and glitter edges!!! it all looks wonderful:)

Kathy Wasilewski

Your artwork is lovely. I love the vintage tag! Please enter me in your drawing, and thanks for stopping by my blog to enter mine. It's good to meet you!


Hey Karla!! I haven't been by for awhile -- things are looking so lovely here!! (as always!). Please enter me for the OWOH giveaway and when you have a moment, come to Esprit and enter my giveaway for this event!!


Everything is so beautiful. Please enter me. I would also love for you to top by and enter my OWOH giveaway. :-)

Alison Gibbs

Oh Karla such pretty things and 3 giveaways.
Thank goodness you didn't lay down and drown in snot!! LOL
Hope you are soon feeling better.

Elaine L.

I just Love the Sweet Bird of Happiness wand!
The books and dresses are wonderful, too.

Only you could get so much accomplished and be sick to boot.

Wow, three giveaways this month.



You never cease to amaze me! Your fever didn't get in the way of your amazing talent. Feel better soon!!


I just loved the painted shed door with rake and hoe. Wonderful decorative painting. Will surely visit your site again. So much to see.

Thank you
Bay of Islands, New Zealand

Suzanne Harley

Hi Karla, I think you are even more creative when you are sick!! Love all of your goodies, hope you feel better soon and watch out when you lay down!! Suzanne.


Such lovelies! Please, enter me!


Oh my, such gorgeous creations. I would love to win, please add my name. Your blog is awesome.
Stop by and visit for my giveaway at



What yummy goodies! I really like that altered box! Please do enter me and then stop by for a peek at my own giveaway at quillysillyvintageboutique.blogspot.com


sandra @7th St. Studio

o.k. now I feel really bad...I was out sick with the stomach bug all last week and did not create a thing! You are on a whirlwind of creativity!! I am loving those paper doll dresses!!! Bet sugarwings will have custom paper dolls to play with! Please feel better soon!-Sandra

Lee W.

really gorgeous! I love the wand! I am trying to make something too- for the first contest. I don't know, we all have the cold you do... plus my son threw up for about 8 hours last night- NOT kidding.


Beautiful little books! Maybe I can get myself to actually cut into some of my wallpaper (which up until now i have just been collecting!).



Yes I love it when all of the elements come together...WAIT...that has never happened here LOL :)
I want to thank you both for your hard work and I can't wait to get my book!!!


I hope you are feeling better. I can't do anything when I have a fever & look how busy you have been! The blue bird of happiness is my favorite & a very clever creation.

Jennifer Wolfe

Everything you make is awesome!!
I love your orginality and your style!!!

Mary Issabella

The tags are so beautiful. I bet the ladies can"t wait to get their boooks...Smiles


Isn't that a good cure for the cold? Just sitting calmly for your self making that beautiful things? Those scrapbooks with old wallpaper would be perfect for photos. Hope you will recover soon /linnea-maria


I'm exhausted just looking at everything! Wow!!!!!
Every thing looks superb, as usual!

Connie - AlteredRoute

Add ME!! I just love it! I am participating as well. Please drop by and sign up!
Connie in Wyoming USA

Jennifer S Fowler

I love your pieces! They are beautiful and unique. I'd love to be entered to win one. Thank you so much!


Such creative talent you have, everything is just gorgeous!! Please enter my name in your draw and if you haven't already done so, please come over to my blog to enter my giveaway as well:-) xo


Please enter me in the drawing. Hope you get over your cold soon although you seem to be quite creative in spite of it.



I love painted roses and old wallpaper! Please enter me in your drawing.


Karen Young

Karla, I hope you are feeling better. I love the new magic wand. And, of course all the other delicious treasures you made.


Susan Ramey Cleveland

Please enter me. Such gorgeous stuff.

Kerri  N.

You have made such pretty things. I hope you feel better soon.


Fantastic blog and goodies as usual! You are uber talented! Can't wait to get the recipe book - I feel bad that I didn't send you and Beth a gift for all the hard work and love you have invested in this swap! Please know that it is much appreciated and I will treasure the book!


Such lovely work! Please enter me in the OWOH giveaway. I've joined, as well. Now I'me going to check out your other giveaways.


So wonderful! Please, please add me! I am a participant in OWOH too so come and visit me!


everything is SO pretty pretty!!! but don't overdo it with your cold...I am still horrified about what you did to yourself after your "Easter Bunny" operation, lol!
You & Beths books look fab, hope I can play next time! Get well soon!


Please enter me in the drawing! I am having one too!


Karla, what an amazing bunch of pretties...everything is gorgeous! I would love to enter my name for your large altered tag giveaway...thanks very much!


It's all so pretty! Please add me to your giveaway!



Lovely things, wish I was as creative
as you are.


You are so creative, everything is beautiful! Honestly, such talent--and you enjoy yourself, too!


Beautiful! Please include me!!


Wow, you are such a prolific creator of beautiful things! I'm off to check your Etsy right now!

Linda Richter

Well, you are more productive with a fever than I am without! Enter me to win and come visit my blog!


Beautiful tag! All your art is always so lovely! I'm participating in OMOH also.


Would love to enter your wonderful giveaway! :)


What a lovely blog! I'm so glad I stumbled upon it this evening. So many interesting things to look at! And I like your name! ;-)

Dana Smith

I love typepad and the ability to leave a comment. Your Blog is awesome!


What pretty things! I feel guilty, though, because I haven't been creating in quite a while and I haven't even been sick - just tired. I should draw inspiration from you!

joanne huffman

I'd like to enter your drawing and invite you to visit my blog and enter mine.



Susan at black eyed susans kitchen

One of my favorites...Blue bird of happiness. I always told my kids..you have a choice...choose to be happy. Thanks for the opportunity to be in the give away. Susan


oh, i love the wand - please make some and put them on etsy (which i just hearted you by the way!) your blog is adorable and i had fun reading it and looking at your work. i just signed up for the OHOW, so stop by and enter mine!
p.s. i'm adding you to my blogroll!


Please enter me in your giveaway! The tag is soooo pretty! What beautiful things you have been making! My favorite are the wallpaper books. gorgeous!
Thanks for the chance to enter the giveaway!!


I love visiting your blog and it all is so lovely! Please enter me in your drawing!


I love visiting your blog and it all is so lovely! Please enter me in your drawing!


I love visiting your blog and it all is so lovely! Please enter me in your drawing!


Oh please enter me too! Isn't it funny how sometimes you can be so productive when you are sick? I do that,I guess I don't expect myself to do house work when I am sick so it is legal to do other stuff!


My hand is raised here in the back, saying pick me, pick me.....I feel for you on the flu thing-- having recently been attacked by the same thing. Glad you are feeling better,

The Decorated House

Hi Karla,
I'm so happy to see that you are a part of OWOH! Such lovel goodies in this post.

Thanks for being a part of the GiveAway!

Erin, Mission Viejo, CA

Your creations are very inspirational! Please include me in your drawing.


beautiful goodies! please count me in for your give away! ...and visit my blog if you can.


Oh, what lovely things!!!!


Now why did it take me this long to come on over here and enter, Karla?!

I hope you're feeling better!!! Should I win any of your goodness, you can just deliver it when you and the other Karla come and visit in June! heeheehee (Fingers crossed!) I'm having a giveaway, too, if you'd like to come over and leave your name. =)


Wow, your artwork is beautiful and I would love to be in the draw to win. Please come by and enter into my gift draw too. I will be back to spend some more time enjoying your lovely artwork.



Wow, your artwork is beautiful and I would love to be in the draw to win. Please come by and enter into my gift draw too. I will be back to spend some more time enjoying your lovely artwork.



So many lovely creations you've been busy making! I know they will publish your wands, I just know it! They are cool! Please enter me in your awesome giveaway too. Wish I had made something to give away for OWOH too!

Imelda / GreenishLady

I hope your cold goes away really soon. I was so glad you introduced us to a whole lot of your work. It's so beautiful. I especially love those paper dresses! Gorgeous. Please enter me in the draw. Thank you. (I have a little book of poems on offer if you come visit)


Your artwork as usual is ALWAYS GORGEOUS!
Would LOVE to enter ALL of your giveaways!

Have a great day.
Sandy :)


Wow... what beautiful creations. Sign me up for your giveaway. I'm also participating in OWOH so stop by my blog to see my giveaway.

Sophie in Montreal, Canada


All of your artwork is gorgeous!! Please enter my name in your drawing. Don't forget to hop on over to my Shabby Chic giveaway at:


Bunny Hugs ~



I am so excited to have found your blog! Ive only read this post but i feel inspired. You definitely seem to have a well developed style. Love it! Please add me to your OWOH draw, and come and enter mine.

vallen Queen

I would be thrilled to enter a drawing for your fabulous giveaways. If you like, come by and visit my giveaway post.

This Girl Remembers

Oh my goodness, I am totally overwhelmed by the abundance of GORGEOUS things in your blog! Please count me in for the drawings! (And I am heading over to Etsy post-haste to add your shop to my favorites!)

And if you like, please do stop by my blog to check out my own offer at http://thisgirlremembers.wordpress.com/2008/02/06/one-world-one-heart-giveaway/

Staci Rose

Very beautiful...and extremely generous! :D

I'd like to enter your drawing and invite you to visit my blog and enter mine.



Please count me in!

I would love for you to stop by my website and enter for a free pair of sterling silver, ornate Bali beads and korean jade earrings i’ve made.

[email protected]

peace, light & love
Courtney/ Dublin, Ireland


Ohhhh, I really love it all....so beautifull!
So offcourse I leave a comment and in the meantime, I keep my fingers crossed ;o))
Please take a look at my OWOH giveaway too!


You are very talented. Everything is beautiful.


GREAT giveaway! I hope I'm the lucky winner!! :)



I'd love to win!!! The "bird" wand is so perfect dressed in blue and white. Love it all!


Please enter me in the ONE World Drawing. The tag is gorgeous.

I'm participating too, so come on by and enter!


your artwork is devine !! hugs


The detail on your work is so gorgeous!

Please enter my name in your drawing as well, and if you have not yet visited my post for One World One Heart, you can find me here:

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