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March 08, 2008


Alison Gibbs

Sounds like the perfect day to me.
Fun friends and lots of chatter!!!


Such a lovely table setting!


Elaine L.

Everything looks wonderful! I can't wait to see the slipcovered couch. You should color in those drawings and sell them or prints of them in your etsy. They are wonderful!


Lili M.

Good start of the weekend! I love that center piece. So inspiring! I think this inside of your cupboard is an improvement too. And of course I cannot wait to see what your couch is going to look like! Good luck with all your plans and ideas!

Natasha Burns

Love the table layout, fabulous job Karla! You could come by anytime and set up my table, you'd be more than welcome!


Oh how lovely! I'm iced in and snow's on the way - you've inspired me to bring out the springy decor, and redo some vignettes!

I'll bet your friends were thrilled!

Beth Leintz

Darn, and I missed it. Sounds like so much fun- and so much prettier than hanging around a bunch of guys with wrenches- but I did get donuts.


Love all of your Easter decorating and that brunch looked wonderful!! You are always busy doing fun stuff whether it is crafting, traveling, entertaining or playing with Sugarwings. My daughter Moriah loves your blog too. We enjoyed our Saturday morning together (via cell) enjoying your eye candy... 600 miles cannot keep us apart when we have blogland!!!


What a fun day! I think everyone wanted to be invited -- and we were! Great centerpiece. I love getting together with other creative people -- we do this periodically here in Michigan, too. So much exciting energy in the room! Well, they certainly had a spendid environment in which to share and enjoy! Couldn't be more perfect!


Your dinning room looks great…
Table looks wonderful , add friends it’s perfect.

However, I must ask what vitamins you take? Your get more done in a week then I
do in a month...lol...



Your tablescape is beautiful and the entire room looks gorgeous. Great idea to tape the wallpaper inside the cabinet incase you change your mind. And love the ideas for the new slipcovers, wish I had your energy and talent!

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage

Oh Karla! I love your table scape!! The bunny is adorable and I love the birds. Just beautiful! Your home is a dream!


hoganfe handbags

What fun & how amazing your table looks!!


I tried tea-dying some stuff once and wasn't very pleased with how it turned out. It seemed to hardly make any difference in color at all and I used twice as much tea as I thought I would need.

How long do you let it soak? Do you have any magical tips?

Karen Young

Your centre piece is lovely and the instructions of designing a good arrangement is well appreciated. I look forward to seeing your new slipcover when it's finished. You did a great job last year on the one you made.



The redo is coming along great! I love the stairs, the wall, everything!! I can just imagine sitting at your table with such a pretty tablescape. I love it.


what a grand luncheon! i think you need to open a tea house.


Sounds like the perfect party and perfect day! Everything looked so pretty!

robin~thrifty miss priss

Everything looks wonderful! I love the new dining room table......and what you've done with that cabinet is beautiful! I love your Table designs! I think you posted one at Christmas and it inspired me to do my own very ecletic tablescape!


How wonderful to have such a fabulous network. The tablescape is awesome.


Karla, I've said it before, and I'll say it again... Your endless, energetic craftiness amazes me! If you and I were both construction vehicles on "Bob the Builder", I'd be the slow steam roller "Rolly" and you'd be the Bulldozer whizzing past me full of strength! lol

I've given you an award (or 2 or 3) on my blog today! =) hugs!

Brenda Just a bed of roses

Hi Karla thank you so much for visiting my website blog and posting, I appreciate it very much and hope you can return.
I too enjoyed visiting yours and your creativity. I will put you on my favorites and visit often.
Brenda www.justabedofroses.com


What a joyful day of creativity. Sounds like you have a lot of fabulous ideas for your decor.


Always so much to comment on! I was thinking a layer of heavy lace in your couch skirt would be neat. I love your tea stained idea and I know it will be great!
Oh...and I love what you did for your sick friend...very sweet. *cough*cough***

Vee~A Haven for Vee

It looks and sounds as if you had a delightful day with your friends. I am sure that they were delighted to be at your brunch. The tablesettings are lovely!


Love the new table!! And what an awesome table scape you have put together! So springy and so sweet!

Glad you like your little nest - enjoy!!

Jen R

I love how the tbale looks and I love the centerpiece!!!Jen R


Beautiful job, Karla! I love the spring mix!

Hugs, KJ

Ginger Fuller

I found your store here today, while looking at fairy houses on the internet. I was delighted, and I found myself here for a very long time! This is one of the best websites I have ever been too! Chalking it up to a blessing in my day today, all those beautiful images and words, you are truly gifted! I am bookmarking this as a favorite! Peace to you and yours! giNgeR

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