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March 14, 2008


Raised In Cotton

Oh Karla, I feel for you and your family. Poor Ryan looked miserable, I am glad he is doing better. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your sweet family:)


Hope everyone feels better soon.
I have had that gallbladder pain; it is awful.
Take care! :)

Karen Young

Karla, Thank heaven's you took Ryan to the hospital. At least now he will eventually be free of the awful pain. And, to have two of them with gall bladder problems. WOW. Get some rest and I loved the pictures of sugar wings. Will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.

Hugs Karen


karla, give yourself a break, stop being so hard on yourself, I am sure all people waiting for stuff will understand, rest and recuperate from all the stress and take care of yourself and your family. What a traumatic experience, thank God your son will be ok, good thing you did take him to hospital and that your hubby wasnt away.

Take care and rest.
You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
No email reply required, or expected.

Mary Issabella

I know what your Ryan is going through with that gallbladder. Had one myself and was very very sick. Hope all of you get well soon and get some much needed rest....Mary

Alison Gibbs

Oh Karla, go get plenty of rest.
Hope all of the sickies are soon well

Natasha Burns

Karla don't even think about the other stuff, your family are far more important!
I hope Ryan gets well soon and that you get some rest!

Lili M.

Hi Karla, Sorry to hear that you and you're family weren't doing well, but it's good to hear that everybody is doing better now. Just concentrate on important things now! Btw I love those hospital pictures of Sugarwings. It's good to distract attention. I think it's so you that you took with you ypur camera into the hospital and remembered to take pictures AND post these pictures with a story and excuses for not being in time for the St. Patricks tag swap. Of course everybody understands!! Hope everybody is doing even better when I write this! hugs, L.


I wonder if there's such a thing as edible glitter(it would make the Pepto Bismal much better)? The picture of Ryan is one of those "MooOOOM" photos. And Miss Sugarwings all dressed up in icecream colors too. So glad that your hubby was home to help. Thanks for not waiting till Monday on the photo of our tags -if we need to we can come look at the picture to tide us over umtil we have our two in the mail. So glad Ryan's better. Thoughts and prayer. Happy rest of the weekend to ya.


i hope Ryan is feeling lots better now:)

Kathleen Grace

Hi Karla, so sorry that you have all been so sick and glad Ryan go to the hospital with such a serious infection! Horrible! Hope you are all well soon:>)


Aww Wow when it rains it does pour! Thank God everyone is better and healing.

Cute Book Club Pictures love the pastel M&M's, and your St. Pat swaps look great! Good Luck playing nurse take care of yourself! Hugz Grace


What a time you and your family had!! So glad Ryan will be alright. That is a scary thing! I am sure everyone will understand some missed deadlines. Family should always come first!! ((hugs)) Rosie


Get Well Wishes to you all!!

Don't you dare worry about those silly tags! Family comes first. Period. We'll be happy whenever they arrive!



Wow! What a week. Your family is in my prayers. I know you will take good care of them, but don't forget to take care of yourself too.

jessi nagy

girl what a week you've had.
i hope you are feeling better. and that poor boy! hope he is on the mend too! and sugars mama! wow. when it rains? im sure people will forgive your st pattys tags. you've been thru a whirlwind.
take it easy, get everyone better.
spring is right around the corner.


I am so sorry you and your whole family were going through this! I am glad Ryans infection is now under control and they found and removed the stone. Sounds like he was feeling pretty miserable. You need a rest, too! Hope things get back to normal soon. I'm glad your husband was home to help and give moral support! Misery does love company! Take care!


Oh my goodness Karla, what a week you and your family have had. I am so sorry that Ryan went through so much. I hope he is feeling better very soon. Be good to yourself and I hope you get rest soon Love Clarice

Marina Capano

wow!what week!I hope handsome Ryan is feeling lots better now!

Marina Capano

wow! what week! Hi ! I hope handsome Ryan is feeling lots better now!

susans at black eyed susans kitchen

Wow, that was enough for any family! I think that maybe you all need a few days to rest. Maybe its time for a vacation! Take good care of yourself, Karla. Have a good weekend. Susan


Man when it rains it pours! I lost my gall bladder about 7 years ago after Brittany was born. Mine was not quite so dramatic, I had sludge, not stones. My one piece of advice is to tell them to go easy on easy greasy fatty food. Their bodies won't have the ability to monitor how fast the fat hits their intestines and you can make yourself a whole different kind of sick! I had to be really careful with chocolate especially. After about 6 months my system found a new balance and now I eat all that stuff like crazy! What are the chances of having two members of the same family go down at once?! Hope they feel better soon! Good luck with grandma duty!

María Elena

I hope that your son is better, and you more quiet.


Oh Karla honey,
No need to worry about those tags or responding to comments and emails right away...you need to take care of yourself and your family. We all understand...I know I sure do. I'm sending a big cyber hug your way, it sounded like a very taxing week. As always, you all are in my prayers. Take care and I hope you all feel much better real soon.

Barbara Burkard

Ryan is such a sweetie...can see where he gets it from (sweet mom...)...now as for the repercussions from that "here have some pepto..."will have on you..i'm thinking that comments from the family will be around for a lonnnnng time! my hubby's brother in law had an appendix attack began at supper and here 30 years later...they still blame the meatloaf...

hugz for healing to you all!


Hugs to you and yoru family Karla, hope everyone is feeling so much better now. Dont worry about all the post outs and answerings, I'm sure everyone will understand perfectly!
Alicia ~ time worn style

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Oh my gosh Karla!! There is no need to apologize. I hope everyone is feeling better soon. What a week!


Hope you are all feeling better by the time you read this.
Wow, I did have time after all to make my St. Pat's Tags. I was gone for days on end too, so flaked and was not able to get to them. Sorry about that!
Well, hugs and chicken soup to all,

Heather {Pretty Petals}

Karla, I hope your family is feeling better soon and you too! That is so amazing that your son and daughter in law were both in the hospital! Weird.. lol



OMG Karla! I am so sorry to hear so much went downhill so fast. Thank goodness Ryan is okay as well as your daughter in law. Scary stuff. I'll keep everyone in my prayers.


Two gallbladders? Yikes! That's scary. I hope things are better for everyone today.
My brother had his gallbladder out three weeks ago. It made him really sick.
Don't worry about the tags. Just get everyone, including yourself, well.


Families, especially SICK families take way more priority than swaps! Prayers for speedy healing for all concerned. Glad to hear that everyone appears to be on the mend!
Blessings and healing,

Elaine L.

Oh my gosh! You must have been so scared. Wow, those two kids are young to be having gall bladder problems.

Thank God the worst is over.


Alissa Millsap

I am glad to hear that everyone is at least doing a 'little' better. Don't be to hard on your self, everyone will understand. It is important to take care of yourself and your family. They come first. I will keep your family in my prayers. God bless.

robin~thrifty miss priss

Oh my gosh Karla! I've been MIA for a few days and just read about Hippy Chick and Ryan! How weird that they were both struck at the same time! So sorry to hear Ryan had to have surgery but glad everyone is feeling better!


Oh my goodness Karla...What a week you have had! Two gallbladder problems? Wow!! I guess this is like that old saying, "When it rains, it pours!" Hope everyone is on the road to recovery now!
Take care,


Oh, what a dreadful time. First, hope you are doing much better. Sounds like you'll need all you have to give with everyone else in bed! And, good vibes coming your way for all your family members to recuperate quickly. Sounds like a very scary time for you all.

Meanwhile, don't even think about apologizing! Good grief -- stuff happens, and when stuff happens, it generally is far more important! And you do so much. Besides, no one likes extending merriment for a holiday more than I do!


Karla, sweetie, i haven't ead posts in two days, OH MY! Poor handsome precious Ryan!!!! Hope he recovers very well!! And then your daughter in law! Gee when it rains it pours for us doesn't it!! Two weeks ago I had that huge cake to do and john ended up in the hospital! Geesh!! Take care and hon, please take it easy!! Cause you know if we get sick the world falls apart!!! Love and hugs, Lori


Karla,tuviste una semana muy movida,espero que pronto se solucionen todos los problemas de salud.
Te dejo un beso
Jorgelina de Argentina

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