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March 30, 2008



Your home and studio are so pretty, Karla!!
The music box birdhouse is so lovely!!!

Rosie's Whimsy

Wow, i love all the different things you used to organize. It all looks so pretty. Hope Sugar Wings Mom recovers quickly from her operation. :-) Rosie

Mary Issabella

You have such lovely things. I hpoe Sugarwing's Mom will be better soon. I am ordering you a bright sun filled day for tomorrow......

Alison Gibbs

Oh Karla what a wonderful studio. So much space.Hope you stillknow where everything is now you have sorted it all out. I can usually find things easier when its a bit messy!!
Hope the Hippy Chic is soon well enough to be home.

Lili M.

Congrats to Denise. I do hope Sugarwings mum has recovered. She must have been grateful not having to worry at all about her baby =)
I love that musicbox birdhouse. You always come up with those original ideas. Not with things we already have seen a thousand times on the internet. I like that very much. I'm already looking forward to the next challenge. This one was soo nice, its always fun to meet new people too! So thank you again for hosting.

Anita @ The Pink Funny Farm

Do you ever stop? I just popped over to congratulate you for being a snooty little girl and then I see all of this! Wow. Your pics are pretty!


Girl, do you ever sleep?! Holy smokes! I'm just hoping to kick a path to my work table in the near future. You even framed your blog banners :D I love that!!


Best wishes to Sugarwings Mom for a quick recovery!
The music birdhouase is darling!
and I just love your studio!! I will have to come back and look at this post again for some ideas!! One of these days I will get my room in order!!

hoganfe handbags

Congrats to Denise! Karla I just love your studio!!

robin~thrifty miss priss

Oh Poor Hippy Chick! I hope she's feeling better soon! The studio looks beautiful! All the pictures are just gorgeous. Do you "reverse roll" your wallpaper stash? If you do you are one smart girl! That would prevent if from curling up.....I wasn't sure but the picture of your wallpaper "can" looks like it's the backside of all your papers.....I might have to try that!


WOW, I love the music birdhouse and your studio is very nice, you have a lot of really pretty things in your home....I am envious of the studio, I only have a desk, but I manage..lol...
Hope Sugarwings Mommy gets well real soon...

Seeing your birdhouses and all of the other bloggers that joined in has inspired me to try it...I have one started and if its ok, I will post here when I have it on my blog..


wow, I was wondering ... do you get any sleep?? you are one busy lady. what a great space to work in! I wish Sugarwings hippie mom a speedy recovery.


Tell your daughter-in-law that I hope she's feeling better soon!! I know what that's like! And your studio is so pretty... it's not messy at all... at least not an unattractive messy! I love all of your pretty storage boxes. I've been away from blogging for a few days and felt like I missed so much! I'm glad your birdhouse party went well. I'll try to post more drawings before my big sister weekend!!

María Elena

Beautiful studio to work! I ordered and kept my things on holidays, and already I have everything outside.


Wow! You are such a busy girl! It all looks just fabulous!

oliver rain

What a lucky lady you are! The studio is gorgeous. Have fun with "your" baby. Hopefully her mama recovers quickly.

oliver rain

I forgot to say I'm sorry for missing the birdhouse party. I'l have to post some pictures of my birdhouses on my own.

Beth Leintz

Oh my gosh- your studio is too pretty to use. 1000 sq feet- that's bigger than some one bedroom apartments....


what a darling picture of sugarwings next to her mommy at the hospital. you can see the love in mom's eyes for her! looks like she had fun with you though. way to start her off early by attending auctions! your studio is beautiful - love looking around at everything. as a matter of fact, i think you should do house tours! the doll in the last picture is beautiful!

Lisa B/IvoryBlushRoses

Prayers for a swift recovery for Sugarwing's Mom.

I love the way the little chalet turned out! Gorgeous! The lace inside was just perfect!

Your 1000 square foot studio is bigger than my 2 bedroom "luxury" apartment! How nice to have such a great space to create in! You've turned it into such a great area. All those tables! Heaven! Love the gently aged rosy theme it has. What an inspiring place to work!


wow, Karla you have been busy. It looks marvelous!


Hi Karla,
SO, that's what nearly 1,000 square feet of studio looks like! The space we live in is 1,010 square feet and my hubby says that the only things he has in our place is his bathroom and the old kitchen table as his computer desk -still haven't completely got things out of his office from when i was making christmas cards and a few gifts. i started another birdhouse -this one from a small cardboard box and then yesturday I found some small ones at the dollar Tree and brought a couple of them home with me -the one is round and has a two-toned roof so i rubbed some vanilla extract on it and plan to put a light coating of white glitter glue on it so the wood continues to show through -while at Value village yesturday i found a couple of saucers and the little round birdhouse will be siting on the one that has these sage and robins egg blue leaves as the border -the other birdhouse already has the roof covered in music and a coat of dark pink paint and waiting for the next step...I like that black trim on the cabinet, if it's still to much of a contrast for you I'm wondering if a fuchia pink as base with either light pink or white sponged on top of it would work or maybe a medium slate/grey blue with the sponge look over that? Happy happies to ya.


Hi Karla, now I'm really green, of all your vintage wallpapered storage, love every inch of you 1000 sq feet studio and your home just stunning, and that jewelry box is beautiful love the floral wallpaper, hope Sugarwings mummy gets well so, my cherubs and I send lots of get well wishes your way!


Elaine L.

Your studio looks WONDERFUL! If I ever find myself in Kansas, can I visit?

I sure hope that Hippy Chick gets better real soon. Meanwhile, I'm sure Sugarwings is getting plenty of lovin from grandma.

Don't you just love being able to help your kids!



I am SO inspired looking at all your decorating and organizing...! Makes me want to go paint all my furniture white and find the nearest wallpaper store. haaa Love it!

Shannon (Paint Mine Pink)

ohmygosh karla when do you actually sleep?? You have been so busy! Love your office, so pretty and organised. Mine is what irefer to as Organised Chaos *grin*
I hope Sugarwings mummy is feeling better very soon. Ouchie comes to mind.

Take Care

Cherry Menlove

Karla, what a great post! I love your birdhouse, I have never seen one like it. And how exciting to see a piece of your work hanging on the hospital wall for everyone to love and admire.

Cherry xoxoxox


It all looks a glorious jumble to me! My little office/studio is but a tiny space, and I don't think my messes look half as wonderful as yours.

Hope Sugarwing's Mommy is much better now, she's a cutie, too! No wonder SW is the cutest.:)
xo Lidy


You personify the quote "I came to live outloud"... What an enjoyable post.


Your artwork was hanging in the hospital!!! How COOL is that! Hope Mama-Sugarwings is feeling better!


Your studio is so inspiring - no wonder you create so much wonderful beauty! I love those organizers you have. So pretty.



The studio looks awesome! Job well done. I love the photos with the dogs - they are too cute and funny. Hope Sugarwings mom is back to good health soon. How special to have one or your paintings at the hospital.

susans at black eyed susans kitchen

Karla, Loved the bird houses. The studio looks wonderful right now, but I know that the next project is probably on the horizon and it will again be in creative flux. Best wishes to Sugar Wings mommy...hope she is feeling better real soon. Susan

Marina Capano

Beautiful studio to work!!! all are so cute and very romantic!


What a beautiful studio. I still have to get my rose cottage in order, I have all of my things in there but at the moment it is used for storage. I get so inspired by just seeing your studio.
Get well wishes for Sugarwings Mom.


I really enjoyed visiting your studio. I have just moved into my own studio and I find that I spend more time organizing, decorating and just relishing my own space than I do creating in it!! Love your site.

Heather {Pretty Petals}

Karla... this is sooo amazing!!! I love everything so much. I especially love your wallpapered boxes you are using for storage. I can't wait to see this all in person later this year... heck you can give me a sleeping bag and I will sleep in there and play all night! xoxo Heather


dear Karla, this house looks like a dream, truly, we never have such beautiful things here, so glad you shared it :)


Wow -- more cool studio pix! Love 'em -- great idea about covering the boxes with the wallpaper and the white furniture looks great. It's very pulled together and looks so much like you -- or what I "think" you are from your postings!

Best wishes to Hippie Chick and congratulations to Denise!

Miss Sandy

I am a bit green with envy at all the creative space you have!!! My studio room is only a 9'x 10' room in my home and it has to be so efficient that I have little space to pretty up much, yours is gorgeous!!! Thanks for sharing!

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