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March 09, 2008


Alison Gibbs

Wow Karla what a fantastic bunch of 'stuff' you have bought. So many buttons, flowers and photos. enough to last well nearly forever.
Love the scrapbook pages.
Another fun read of the 7 'things'
Have a great week.

hoganfe handbags

Wow great finds Karla!

Jen R

Nice things.. it makes me really sad about those pictures though.. I feel like those poor people are lost and that beautiful baby does need a good home...
I am a serial painter too! My husband always says our house would be 4 inches bigger if I didn't paint so much..so I have to do it after he goes to work ;)
Jen R


You are just killing me with all the treasures! Amazing!

Sharon at American Harvest

Hi Karla,
You are such a great shopper. Yummy velvet flowers are among my favorite things. Don't ever consider passing by hats with flowers, especially at those incredibly low prices!

Karen Young

Karla, you found some really nice items. The pictures are fantastic. Love the little baby dorkie...


María Elena

Karla, when one try to be original, are never enough all the materials one have. Good buy!


$5 for all those fabulous photos??? You can't even buy ONE photo for $5 out here on the Cape! You found a motherlode!

Beth Leintz

You got great stuff- and great prices- 4 Corners never disappoints!

kari & kijsa

What a fabulous grouping of wonderful finds!! Come on over and leave this post (or another filled with spring fun!) link to share a bit of spring and wash away those winter blues!

kari & kijsa

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Hats for $2. and jars of buttons for $5?! I need to come out there and go shopping! I saw the cutest jars filled with "old stuff" in an antique booth the other day...$24!! I guess you know I didn't buy them.


Sorry, I'm cleaning up my face after drooling over your buttons and hat FLOWERS. Oh my goodness. I havent been able to find an old hat with flowers in such a long time!! Cant wait to see what you do with it all! Laurie

Kerri  Norrod.

You got some grest things!


I just read Heather's article over the weekend (about the mannequin). It's always thrilling when I get to see my blog friends in the magazines! And I love that you name the litters by theme. We're getting ready to do our second doggie breeding and I think I might steal your Rosemary, Thyme, etc. names. Last time I told the kids that they couldn't name the puppies b/c I didn't want them to get too attached. But for the sake of record keeping, I had to name them something. So we had Runt, Chicken (for the colors of his fur), Fatty and, for lack of another generic name, Four. =) Have a wonderful Monday. Blessings... Polly

Mary Issabella

What neat things you have found....

Lili M.

Hi Karla!! What great finds again. Shopping isn't always necessary unless its shopping at flea markets, you simply have to do that once in a while!!
I do hope you will reach the age of 100 and I will reach that age too, It means I can enjoy your posts for a very long time and who knows what they will come up with next. We live in an amazing time don't you think? One will probably making one's own blogmovie in the future or maybe something else. I'll wait and see and enjoy myself. Have a nice week!


Karla, I love your blog because I feel as if I was sititng at your kitchen table having coffee with you and that you are having a conversation with me about what you did that day and what crafts you've made and what you want to make and all the little things you've found shopping. It's great to have you as a cyber girl friend!
You have so many wonderful ideas to share all the time.
Thanks for the vintage baby picture -- such a beautiful baby!
Hugs, Pat


I think I need to shop in Kansas -- I don't find "finds" that good here in Michigan! Someone tagged me with the 7 things -- and now you're up there. I've gotta get to that one soon! Seeing your sissy's SP cards reminds me that soon some will be coming my way! Can't wait!

Ruth Welter

Karla, thanks for your visit, it was nice to have you stop by. You sure got some wonderful items out on your shopping trip. Nothing like a successful day shopping to tire a person out. You enjoy your new finds!!


What great finds!! I love the buttons and the flowers!~I agree one can never have too many flowers of any kind! :D Loved all of the photos~and the old photos too!
The Birdhouse blinging sounds interesting and like lots of fun!
wishing you a great week!
Enjoy your fabulous finds!


Karla, I think I have the exact same paint chips pinned up in my sewing room : )


Oh man, I love all those vintage photos!!!!

Nancy ~ Fete et Fleur

Everything is wonderful. What awesome finds and the scrapbooking is so fun! Millinery flowers are an addiction with me as well. I completely understand. :~)

Hugs! Nancy


I love old photos too! And I'm going to head over to Beth's next... Good luck picking out your blue color!!


terrific finds!..and I love all of your scrapbooking pages/ideas.


Wow! What great finds! the millinary flowers are beautiful and the old photos too!!


I so Love visiting! Wow, on your Goodies you found. The New Pupply Adorable! The project you are colaberating on, cant wait to hear and see. Painting again, Wow, I have a Loft that is in desperate need of some New Paint, Want to stop in to Southern California? Lovely as usual. Jamie


Just caught up on 5 of your posts. The stairs are TO DIE FOR!!! Fabulous!!! Especially with your furry models!!!! Girl can never have too many hats, buttons or photos. Can't ever imagine photos ending being thrown away, I 'save' them and hand stitched linens if I see them on my travels. Rachael:)

The Summer Kitchen Interiors

Karla - Thanks for visiting our blog! I am so jealous of all of those pictures you got your hands on for $5 - lucky you!! I can't wait to come back for a visit!!
Karla (& Karrie too)

pinkie denise

Love all your fabulous finds you really scored! Thanks for sharing I loved seeing them
Pinkie Denise


Great stuff. So bad , we do not have that nice shops nearby !! :)


wow!! great finds!! great prices too!! love the scrapbook pages!! xo Britt :-)


Hi Karla,
I am a newbie at this blogging and you are one of the reasons I have decided to "jump in". Your blog is great! Thanks for the creative talent,sense of humor and the pics of the dorkies. Just love dorkies!


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