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March 16, 2008


jessi nagy

what sweet tags!
hope everyone is on the mend at your house.


Happy St. Patrick's Day tomorrow Karla! I just read about your crazy week with the gallbladder dilemnas. Hope everyone is doing much better now. I drove myself to the hospital the night before i was supposed to fly out of town and had to call Craig from the ER, saying "I'm at the hospital and they're admitting me for 5 days and then surgery to take out my gallbladder. The babies are asleep...don't come in." Crazy!!! All ended well, though my digestive system has never been the same. This week was really difficult for us but it ended well yesterday. We are all exhausted. Hopefully this one will be better.... BIG HUGS!!!!!!

robin~thrifty miss priss

YIKES! I'm so far behind I haven't blinged my bird house yet...or is it blung? LOL! I can't wait to see what you two have up your sleeves for the next swap! (I'm good at procrastinating so I'll get my bird house done in time!) The tags are absolutely beautiful!

Beth Leintz

Congrats on organizing your swap- sounds like you've got it all under control - and in the middle of family crisis, yet. Those tags are fantastic, and what a sweet St Patricks Day fairy for Leelee. I've got a couple of birdhouses to finish up and then on to our NEXT swap!


Did you know that Mom actually stood at the end of a rainbow once? Too bad there wasn't a pot of gold there! I would love to be covered by a rainbow...


I'm so glad to hear that your gallbladder "twins" are doing better. What a weird coincidence! I loved the photos of Sugarwings in the hospital; joy just beams out of her little face!
Thanks for sharing all the photos of the St. Paddy's Day tags, they're beautiful!

hoganfe handbags

Wow wow wow gorgeous tags Karla!

Raised In Cotton

So glad that everyone is feeling better and home from the hospital. The tags are so pretty "Lucky" the people who are getting them.

Mary Issabella

Happy St. Pat's day to you...Smiles


The tags and goodies look fabulous. I can't wait for my package to arrive. And I am thrilled to hear that you and Beth are planning another swap - yipee!

Lili M.

Happy St. Patricks Day Karla! Here hardly anybody has ever heard of St. Patrick, except for my son and myself, both spend to much time on the internet. My son (11) definitely wanted to be dressed in green today, so he can explain his teacher who St. Patrick is.
It's soooo good to hear that Ryan and Sugarwings mum are recovering. Those tags are beautiful!!


Happy St. Patrick's Day Karla. These tag designs are wonderful. Blessings, Karen


Hi Karla, Nice to see your family is well and back home.
All the tags are just beautiful I can see why you would have a hard time giving them up, stunning!! I also had to mention today I had been cleaning when I came across the Romantic homes July issue 2006 this was the very first issue I ever bought and it was you that had me hooked after reading extreme makeover by you, as I was showing my hubby I told him it was you that made my front cover for Sweet Treats and that you and Beth put them together, he didn't believe me, until I showed him the name on the issue, and your name on Sweet Treats, much to his amazment, he said OMG so your telling me a celeb made you this cover and I reply yes and this recipe Sugarwings cookies, his said you better cherish that and DONT let the girls get it they will mess it up, I just lol. So thank you Karla for having such eye candy, and that everything you touch turns to gold, oh and not to mention amazing my hubby hee, hee.



I've just read two posts and wow. You need a vacation! So sorry about the pain Ryan went thru. He is in good hands :)
All the tags and other stuff looks so pretty and your book club party...gosh I'd love to be your neighbor!


the tags look just wonderful:) and i am so glad to hear that everyone is recovering from their gallbladder attacks!!!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day

I hope everyone is feeling better!
And you get to enjoy this day of green.


susans at black eyed susans kitchen

Karla, I'm loving all of the green...my favorite color...today (lol). I can't wait to see what the next swap will be! Happy St. Patricks day. Susan


Karla- glad to hear everyone is doing better. Happy St. Patty's Day.


Hi, Karla -- the socks and little bag were from me and I'm glad you'll be wearing them today! I'll look forward to the fun package coming my way. If I didn't send enough postage, please let me know! I know all the tags will be wonderful and I just can't wait for the mail to come!

Thanks again so much for hosting this. I know this has to be a major thing. MAJOR -- and with all that sorting and all. So, I think that's terrific!

Happy St. Patrick's day from Gypsy and me!

Boxwood Cottage

Happy St.Patricks Day! Seeing all those gorgeous tags here on your blog I'm quite sad that we are not having this holiday here in Germany. Great works from all the participants! Now I have to go and check the flickr group for bird houses! Best wishes from Boxwood Cottage sends Carol xox


Glad everyone is feeling better! The tags are beautiful! I wish I had participated in the swap, but I think I am ready for the next one! (Almost all of the boxes are unpacked at home and I will actually have a craft room, now!)


Such lovely and festive tags. I'm so happy to hear everyone is on the road to recovery.


Wow - what a great swap you put on! I don't do many swaps because I'm terribly un-creative under pressure =) Thankfully, everyone else in the blog world is much better at it than me. Blessings.. Polly


Karla, how good that everyone is doing better. No fun! Happy St. Patrick's Day. The tags looks so sweet. I can't wait to see mine. This was a simple first swap for me. Take care!



OMGosh Karla, what a WEIRD thing to have 2 gallbladder failures at once, what're the odds??? Any way hope they're feeling better, and you're all over your flu!!!
All the tags are gorgeous, I'm GREEN with envy (har/har get it???)
May the luck o' the Irish be with ya!


These are so cute. St. Patrick's Day is a pretty popular holiday. Have a great day!


Hi Karla, just read your previous post, crikey, you and your family have had a time of it. How bizzare, two family members have similar illness's. I am really sorry, I think I put my name down for the St Pats tags and in the unorganised chaos of my life recently I then forgot about it. I hope this didn't mess the swap up in anyway. All the tags look really gorgeous, so nice to see the vibrant greens for a change. Take Care,Rachael:)


Hi Karla,
I truly hope that everyone is on the mend and feeling much better. It sounded like a scary time. Here's to a speedy recovery for all.

All the Irish tags are just lovely. It really got me in a Saint Patty's Day mood. Amy


p.s. Happy, happy St Patty's Day, love those socks:) Rachael


Happy St. Patrick's day!! xo Britt :-)


Glad to hear your family is doing better.
Love your St. Pat socks.
The tags all look lovely.
Have a great St. Patricks Day.


What a fun glimpse of the tags! Looking forward to receiving them! So glad you liked the little bag!

Hope everyone is on the mend!

Elaine L.

The tags look beautiful!

I'm glad that all is well with the kidos.


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