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March 02, 2008


tammy fischer

Oooohh! Your stairs are going to be so fantastic!! I can't wait to see them finished (you will share won't you?). Your avalance reminds me of "If You Take A Mouse To School" (one of our favorite bedtime stories around here). It just never ends does it? Have fun! XO XO

Sarah Keith

Oh! Muddy Muddy feet. Anxious to see your stairs when your finished. Oh yea...my husband grew up in Kansas. His grandmother still lives in Salina. I think they are a couple of hours apart. Why it matters I tell you this I don't know! Hee Hee...


dang girl, I KNOW better than to go for a few days without catching up with you! my eyes are sore from all the eye candy, lol!
can't wait to see a pic of the stairs when they're all finished, what a great idea to do wall paper on the riser part...cuteness!!!
OK, back to reading more of the Adventures of Karla...everything looks fab as usual!!!

robin~thrifty miss priss

Geeze Girl! I'll have some of what your having! Whatever it is you should bottle it up and sell it. I don't know where you get all that energy! Those stairs are going to be unbelievable. I love corner molding detail! You HAVE to send pictures to the store owner when you are done! I love that sugarwings was tasting dirt too...builds up the immunity ya know! The peat pots are so adorable too! and... I just love that justified justification you mentioned! I love to do that too!


You are simply amazing. Not only can you paint and paper and glitter (to name a few) you can spit AND throw rocks!


Wow! What a busy weekend you have had! Those stairs are going to end up in a magazine just you watch! I think I am going to steal your idea. I was going to have a sale in my etsy shop tomorrow but maybe I will try using the blog first to save me listing stuff!


I can wait to see your completely re-done and completely re-furnished home. LOL! That is if you keep going in the direction you are currently headed you will have your entire home completely redone!! LOL! And yes, I am just positive that Sugarwings mom & dad are looking forward to her new habits that her grandma is teaching her! LOL!


Your stairs are going to be sooo great! I can't believe you mixed your own color, just like that, and found those little risers... you are a one woman encyclopedia of how to decorate a home. I think Trading Spaces should hire you! You'd outdo all the designers on there. Sugarwings reminds me of my daughter at that age... loving anything she can get her hands on and cute as a button!!!


Hi Karla,
Wow your stairs are going to look great, and isn't it always the way when you change one thing that it inspires you to change the rest. I do that all the time, I just call it going with the natural creative flow, my husband calls it never finishing one thing before starting the next, it drives him a little crazy. Can't wait to see the finished results.
Cheers Linda


Love your stairs. We are redoing our kitchen. Our son was going to help us today but he came down with the flu, so we did what we could. I ended up trying to dig out a sliver buried deep under my fingernail and only getting half of it, so it's hard to lift stuff. John has little stamina since his lung transplant, so we just muddle along and wait for reinforcements.
I'm sending the green gift for your granddaughter with the tags. Also love your spit story :-)


I'm finding it hard to believe that you watch as much TV as you say you do! Unless you have a little portable TV that you carry around as you work on projects. LOL! I can't wait to see the finished project of your stairs and I love the photo of Sugarwings and her rose wreath.


Yummy mud! eww! The stairs are going to be so nice when you are done aren't they? A lot of work, but it will be worth it. Of course I can say that because I'm not the one doing it!
Take care.


Love the stairs, and the muddy feet. That's what grandparents are for. My tags will be in the mail today.


I love the little wooden trim pieces you got for the corner of your stairs! And they are going to be gorgeous, can't wait to see the finished project! Sugar wings is looking exceptionally cute in the little flower headband... and the mud, oh what a mess, but it was a beautiful day after so many cruddy ones! I'm making progress in the new house, too! I only have half of the garage left with full boxes of 'treasures!' Maybe by the time next winter comes, I'll be able to actually PARK in the garage?! :-)

Jen R

Ohhhh, I hate that when one project turns into another! I am excited to see the steps when they are done. Sugarwings looks cute. at least she's only spitting in general and not spitting on each other like my kids do ;)

Jen R

Heather {Pretty Petals}

Hi Karla! I love what you are doing with your steps! WOW...can't wait to see when they are done. You amaze me with your energy.

Sugarwings is so adorable... she is growing up since you first started your blog. :)

xo Heather


The stairs are going to look wonderful.

And that is too funny about teaching sugar wings to spit. That is what grandparents are for after all, to teach
the true wonders of the world…

My husband babysat our three grandchildren a few weeks ago; I hurt my back and couldn’t go,
those kids think they have the best grandfather ever, he feed them Dunkin’ Donuts
for lunch….


Anita @ The Pink Funny Farm

I WISH that the grandmothers of my girls would teach them to spit and throw rocks! Wouldn't that be a twist!
I think that all of us bloggers are the same as far as getting in too deep when we do a project! Good Luck, Anita

Karen Young

Throwing stones and spitting...isn't that what grandmas are suppose to teach. :) I've been teaching mine to keep your eyes to the ground and pick up junk for artwork.

The stairway is coming along and will look lovely.


Mary Issabella

I love seeing all your projects. Sugarwings looks like she is having a ball!!!!.....Smiles


What a fun to see all your crafts - thousands ideas! Your stairs with buttons of rouses so lovely. You just a super-woman.. Where did you get time, energy and all you lovely ideas??????


Oh, my -- I am totally overwhelmed by your amazing home redecorating (you're right -- it never ends -- everything else looks so pale by comparison when you finally get it pulled together!). And all your other items are gorgous! I went through a peat-pot thing last year, and I'd forgotten about it! They are the best! I am getting so ready for spring and reading this post makes me all the more so!


Thanks for the nice comment, glad to be an inspiration. The sliver's out, re-enforcements arrived, all is well and God is good:-)


Hey, spitting is a very important thing to learn!! love what you are doing with the stairs!! It's going to look beautiful! Amazing how little its costing!!


LOL on the spitting!
I know what she is learning from you...
how to redecorate the world...one rosey stairstep at a time! Her wings will come in handy. I can't wait to see that staircase.


love your re-do's can't wait to see the finished staircase and rooms.


Great idea for the stairs. The puppy ate the carpet, I pulled it up, and gaps too!! I will borrow your trim trick. I already painted and stenciled mine.



Karla, too cute about the spitting and i don't think you will get into too much trouble because your little miss is cute enough to get away with anything:)
your stair project is looking wonderful!!!

Raised In Cotton

Ok, love the vision of you and Sugarwings sitting on the bank spitting and throwing rocks~you are a fun Grandma! Or should I say Ms EnergyPants! My goodness, you know how to change a room in a matter of a few hours! Love it!!!

Barbara Burkard

...oh that redo brought back sooo many memories...like when i bought a new refrigerator...for such a fantastic deal...that i was sooo excited i got home and it was 3" too wide for the space...and we had to knock out a wall..to accomodate it..lol...then the hall needed redoing etc etc...

hope i didn't upset your sleep this morning..lol..

Alison Gibbs

Spitting and rock throwing sound like 2 fabulous things that any Grandma should be teaching their grandchildren. Well how slack am I ??? i haven't taught any of my grandchildren those skills yet. Maybe tonight when Lachlan and Chloe have a sleepover or when I take them to school and creche in the morning I had better give them some lessons!


hmmmm..... love the steps too! We have an OLD farmhouse, may have to borrow that idea!!! I hope you will show us pictures when you are finished!

Diane from Michigan


hmmmm..... love the steps too! We have an OLD farmhouse, may have to borrow that idea!!! I hope you will show us pictures when you are finished!

Diane from Michigan

Natasha Burns

You are so hilarious Karla!!! LOVE the job you are doing on the stairs and can't wait to see it finished.
Sugarwings is adorable as usual, and her parents will love it that they have a daughter who has some extra special skills now!
Cutie pie birdies and things you've made, you really are so good at getting things done!!!


I love the idea for the stairs! I know it will be beautiful when you are finished. I rationalize the same way. I now have the snowball effect going on at my house too... Your posts always put a smile on my face. :o) Your little Sugarwings is so adorable.


Well here it is almost 1am...and I just cannot get away from your website....we do have a lot in common...I love my yorkie....I have been to Lucketts on a road trip last year with my husband...I love that place...we stopped at every antique store that we found...and I love painting furniture white...but it looks like you just have the touch of making everything look perfect....

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