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April 09, 2008



Hi Karla
I'd love to help celebrate your Aunt's 100th birthday. Wow, she is beautiful- how nice that you have the pearls she wore.
Count me in!


Your aunt was so beautiful!!

I love the plates planted in the window box.

I would offer to make a card, but that is not one of my talents; if I made it, she would think a three year old made it.


I am in! Sounds like great fun! And I agree definitely the same strand of pearls!


Your aunt is lovely! I would be glad to make her a card!!
The pearls are beautiful. What a sweet gift.


It would be an honor to make a card for her.

Karen Young

Karla, I would love to make a card for your Aunt. I will have it to you as soon a posible.
Love the planter, the plates in with the flowers look so nice.


Alissa Millsap

i would love to make a card for your aunt. 100 years is something big to celebrate! what a lovely picture of her....
btw, love the pink window box!


She is beautiful and I would love to create and send her a card all the way from New Zealand.


Karla, Count me in! I would simply love to make a birthday card for Auntie! Keep in touch!! Any size requirements? Lori


I would be honored to make a card for her.

Raised In Cotton

Count me in Karla:) Have you painted the wall yet? I figured you would have it done already:) I think your plates would show up so much better with that pretty robins egg blue color:)


Well, sure, count me in! What a nice idea!

Kathleen Grace

Your Great Aunt is a beautiful lady! I would love to send her a special card:>)


I would love to create a card for this beautiful lady! I'll email you.


count me IN Karla!!! what an amazing thing to live to be 100, i wish i could be there when she sees the cards:) how fun, i hope you take lots of pics!!! let me know by saturday am if you need more names and i will post about this on my giveaway announcement...and yes, she was a stunning beauty!!!


What a great idea to celebrate your Aunt's birthday!! I would love to do that! count me in too! What a pretty lady!

robin~thrifty miss priss

I'd be honored to participate too! What a wonderful idea this is!
I love the plates hanging and in the window box, just adorable! Glad to hear I'm not the only one that takes a nap now and then!

Beth Leintz

100 cards is setting the bar kind of low considering you could probably make 100 by yourself if you started, oh say, a couple days before the party!

(Of course, I'll be making one)

Alice W.

Thanks for your sweet words on my last post!
I absolutely adore your "potted plates"...too cute!

And your grandmother is a beautiful woman! And I would be honored to make a card for her b-day...what a milestone! Will email you shortly!


Hi Karla! I'd love to make a card for your Great Aunt Caroline. Oh, and the pearls definitely looks like the same ones that are in the picture. Very cool to have both the picture and the pearls!


Karla, Count me in! I'd love to make a handcrafted card for your precious grandmother!
*Heidi Woodruff*
Everyday Cookies blog

mandy Blake

Hi there - found your site after reading a comment you left on Janine's NZ blog- I would love to send you a card - just e-mail me at the e-mail address I supplied.

mandyb all the way from New Zealand

Lili M.

Great post again Karla. I'm so anxious to know if the plates will take roots and grow...
Of course I'm in! Add me to your cardlist!


I would love to make a special bday card for your special Great Aunt. Count me in!


Hi Karla... Your blog is lovely! I have enjoyed visiting and plan to return. Your Great Aunt is so beautiful... what a treasure for you to have her photo and the strand of pearls (I agree with the others, yes, they appear to be the same strand)! The photo you posted just below the handsome devil Aunt Caroline made; of the precious angel/fairy with the white hair with gold in it, and the magical star wand... brought tears to my eyes. She is just like the sweet angel that my Parents had. They got her the first Christmas they were married for the top of their tree. Now she lives in my china cupboard. I'll try to get a photo of her to send to you if you'd like. I'm extremely new to blogland (not even one week), but so far I have enjoyed visiting the awesome blogs all of you wonderful ladies have... Mine isn't as nice as yours, but I would be honored all-the-same if you were able to stop by for a visit. Bring your friends, also! Thanks, again, Karla, for sparking a dear memory for me. I will get in touch with you, via email, regarding a card for your sweet Great Aunt. Take care... Respectfully... Pearl


I'd love to participate!


I would love to help! What a great idea! Those pearls are so pretty. I'm emailing you now :)

María Elena

Karla, the plates looks wonderful on the wall. I could make a card for your aunt, too.

Edie Marie's Attic

Hi Karla!
I would love to make a birthday card for your Aunt Caroline! What a fun idea!


The plates look great! Well couldn't you paint only the soffet and not the ceiling?
Oh, and I'll make a card and get it to you!


Hey Karla, I say GOOOOO with the robin egg blue, hee, hee. I'm only saying that coz I love that colour being a blue person myself, Count me in to make a beautiful card for a beautiful lady.



Karla, i put a link to you on my blog today to help you get this wonderful event rolling a little faster, hope you get lots of girls to sign up!!!


Hi Karla, I would love to help celebrate your Aunt's 100th birthday.


Hey Karla, I would be happy to make a card for your Aunt. You will have such a wonderful time in Mt. Dora. We have been there quite a bit lately for the Antique Extravaganzas. If you need some good restaurant suggestions, just let me know. There is also a nice rubber stamp store there.


Hi Karla,
I found you through Lri's blog...I would be so happy to make a card for her. And that photo, is stunning.


Count me in! Your aunt was very pretty and was wearing a lovely lace dress. I have a box of graduated pearls that once were a necklace of my Grandmothers. I've never had them restrung, but mine are very similar to yours! Also, love the way you hung your plates!

Pinkie Denise

Your Aunt sounds like a wonderful woman, and that is a lovely picture of her. I would love to make a card for her 100 that is a very special birthday....How wonderful that you have her pearls, so special. I love your plates on the soffet. Have you thought about putting a simple, plain stripe or small printed wallpaper just on the soffet? I think that would pop out your plates and be less messy than painting...Love the beautiful plates Pinkie Denise


Hi, Karla! I would love to make a card for your wonderful Aunt Caroline! Send me your mailing address when you get a chance!
What a sweet idea!


Count me in, Karla!! I'd love to make her a card!
I hope her day is a very special one!!


I LOVE the way your plate collection looks, and that pink flower box is awesome,love the way the easter grass looks in it. I would never have thought of adding that.


Nancy ~ Fete et Fleur

Hi Karla!
Count me in. It will probably take me close to the end of May to get it to you, but I would love to. She seems to be a most wonderful lady. How lucky you are.

Hugs! Nancy

P.S. She is absolutely stunning in that photo!!


I'm in! :)
What things she has seen!

Janice Rehmeyer

Please count me in. Please let me know where to send the card.
What a sweetheart you are. She really will be surprised.


Oh I just LOVE the plates. I agree that the robin egg's blue background would be to die for. Course....I'm nobody to help talk you out. I'm trying to let my husband paint our bathroom that color lol


I'll be happy to make one :)

Lisa Russell

I would love to send a handmade card! Please count me in and email me your address. I'm only an hour away from Mt. Dora.



Lovely, lovely!! I already emailed you, so count me in too. I love the picture of her and the pearls are wonderful. What a blessing.


How SWEET, Karla! I would love to make a birthday card for your Great Aunt Caroline! What a beautiful photo that is of her! I'll email you now...Hugs, Marilyn



OK, you did it again...I am going to put plates in the window box! Looks great!


You planted plates in the window boxes with your pansies. Wow. I've never seen anything like that before.

Sanctuary Arts

I would love to do a card!
Jen R


Love your doll collection, SO SO pretty, I love all your collections! AND OMG!!!! HOW clever of you to put those plates in the window box! That is seriously the cutest idea! You're right, the plates would be even prettier on a pale blue background, you could just paint the face of the soffit, would take much less time than painting the whole thing but with the same impact...
speaking of the plates, the pink & green plate to the immediate left of the center plate in the 2nd photo? I have a set of four of those in a dessert size, love them!
Your grandmother was beautiful, I see where you get your good looks, and I would love to make a card for her! What a sweetie granddaughter you are to think of that! Put me on your list of card makers!

Stephanie Smith

How pretty! I just love all the plates..


i absolutely love the plates, and the figurines, and the everything....so hard to find those here in hong kong...not to mention it would be bank account emptying expensive :(


Karla!!!!! That collaged book box is GORGEOUS! I couldn't put anything into ot because I have it sitting upright like a book it is do darn pretty! Thank you!

I'll make a card for dear Great Aunt Caroline (my great great grandmother's name was Caroline)! =) If you're in need of more cards, let me know... I'll have my budding-artist daughter (who can't stop drawing and crafting) make one, too! =)


I love your pink window box filled with lovly pansies... and beautiful plates... what an awesome idea... never seen anything like that. Your aunt was and is such lovely lady... I can see her sweet spirit thorugh her beautiful eyes...

Have a great day....


I love the hanging plates! What a great idea! I work in a pottery shop and often wonder what I could do with all the plates I have collected..now I know :)

Best wishes, Kimme

Colleen Cavanaugh

I would love to make your Aunt a birthday card. Please just let me know how to get it to you.


Would two cards be helpful? I made two and can't decide on which one.

Mary Issabella

I do think they are the same pearls and oh yes she is very beautiful. I would be honored to make a card for her. Thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of this special time in your family.

Sheri Ingrande

Hey there...Sorry you said to email you and I could not find it so I left a comment on Etsy,how dumb of me when I can comment right here. I would love to celebrate the birthday of such a beautiful person, please count me in.


Count me in Karla - sounds like fun :) What a beautiful lady she was!


I would love to do a card for your Aunt's birthday.

Count me in.

Also love those window boxes - you are so creative. I have Easter grass, I have
some plates, I have some unused window boxes - but I never would have thought of such a clever way to merge these items!


Fantastic idea, I would love to make a card for her. How beautiful she is and yes, think it is the same pearls. Love the pansies and the plates. Wonder how long before you DO paint the wall. It would make the plates 'pop' better . . .


hi karla..i dont know her but i'd do anything for someone celebrating 100 years old, how can i help, what about posting in my blog? is that ok with you. I'll try to make one for this special person...if you dont mind coz i'm not very creative like you, how do i go about to send her this card?

Sharon at American Harvest

Hi Karla,
You are so clever, planting china plates in with the pansies! Gotta love that idea!


what a lovely and most wonderfully thoughtful gift for your grandmother (and yes, she is quite beautiful). i know that I am a stranger to you both, but count me in. :) (in case you are wondering, I found you by way of Lori's doll party).

smiles, ~M~


It would be MY pleasure to participate!

Natasha Burns

What a beautiful idea! She surely was gorgeous as a young lady! I'd love to make her a card Karla! Could you please email me your postal address again because I can't remember where I put it. And would you mind please emailing me a copy of her photograph? I have an idea... xo


I would love to make a card for your Grandma!!! Could I use the picture of her from your blog??
Can you send me your snail mail again - I didn't put it where I can find it...

kari & kijsa

We would love to participate!! We love birthdays and 100 years is about as big a birthday as we can think of!! Let us know where and how to send it!! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!!

kari & kijsa


If you still need cards, I would love to make a card! Email me where I can send it to. What a wonderful bench mark to reach. I love her dress by the way!

Amy P

I'd love to make a card for her! My family has celbrated several 100th birthdays, it has to be something to see 2 centuries! Count me in :)


I'll be glad to make a card for your aunt. How do we get the address?

I just found your blog today, and love it.


I would love to make and send a card to you for your grandmother! What a fabulous idea! I am sure she will be tickled pink! Who wouldn't be knowing they had so many well wishers :)


Hi Karla.
Count me in. I'll email you to get my name on the list.




Oh Karla,

I would be so honored to be able to make a card for your Aunt. How wonderful! Imagine all of the things that she has seen during her 100 years of life!

My only request, which I am sure you will do being that it is something you are doing, I would love to see a picture of her with all of her cards!

You are so wonderful to do this for her. Count me in!



How funny, I just posted last night about DH's aunt who turned 100 and now here is your aunt.

Since I can't make any more cards for our aunt, I would love to make one for yours. 100 is a milestone that very few people reach.


I'm thrilled to join in if there's still time! What a marvelous idea!


Karla.... I would be honored to make and send a card for her 100th birthday! What a awesome idea for a grand woman!


What a beautiful woman. Sure, I will make a card for her. I was sent to your blog by
Wild Rose Stamper. I just imagine you willget hundreds of cards.....not just 100!

Barbara York

I would love to make your Aunt a birthday card. Please let me know how to get the address to send it to. By the way that is a beautiful picture of her.

Barbara in Amarillo

Angela Sweby

I read about your Great Aunt Caroline on Nancy's blog (Fete et Fleur) and immediately felt a warm glow at your wonderful idea. Last week on 14th April, my MIL celebrated her 99th birthday and we drove up to spend the weekend with her. She still lives and manages quite well, on her own and, like your Great Aunt, is an amazing living link with the wonderful bygone era on the early 1900's.

Great Aunt Caroline is a real beauty and, I can see, you have inherited her artistic and creative nature :>) I love your beautiful figurines and pretty pink window box of pansies and dainty plates.
Please email me your address to john.sweby@btinternet.com
Warm wishes, Angela


Hey Karla...I can't find the deadline anymore...must be the crying baby lol. I'm going to send it out tomorrow, but would you please email me your address? Thanks!


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