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April 12, 2008


jessi nagy

so fun!!!
i checked on beths blog, i did'nt see anything yet?
ill keep checking!!!


Sounds fun!


This sounds fun, Karla. I'll have to run over and sign up. Please add me to the Birthday Card list...I'd love to make one. And WOW is she ever gorgeous!


I'd be more than happy to be added to the birthday card list!

Andre's!!! Wow, my mouth is watering just THINKING about that place. It's the best bakery in the world! I had my wedding cake made there. Wish I was closer....


Lili M.

Sounds like fun, I'm going to check Beth's blog.
Next time i'll make a blogpost I'll mention your aunts 100ths birthday and hope that some of my dutch blogfriends will join. Have a nice weekend!

hoganfe handbags

Absolutely gorgeous work Karla!!



So creative!


that sounds like a lot of fun Karla, but i am not signing up for any swaps for a while...when i am in the middle of them i just can't seem to create like i want to...i really hope you get more girls to sign up for the card for your great aunt...did you post this on flickr by any chance, i think that would be a good place to advertise.


Love all your creations and I'll be sending off our cards on Monday! Waiting for signups that sounds really fun!

Karen Young

Karla, what fun, I look forward to the swap it sounds wonderful. Loved your samples.



Making cards is one of my favorite things to do. I would love to participate in your 100 Birthday card list. Karen

Ele at A bit of Pink Heaven

This sounds like a great swap. You two are the divas of swapland!


I love those purses. I bet they could get addicting!


Making it lovely

Absolutely beautiful creations you have made!
Have a good week.


Great post Karla, you and Beth make up very innovative swaps:) Rachael


I will be happy to make a card for your grandmother....
wow, 100 that is amazing..

What Lovely things you have made....


Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

I would love to make your aunt a card, Karla. That swap sounds fun. I can't wait to use that wallpaper. Your collages turned out beautiful!


I signed up for the Birds and Bonnets swap over at Beth's. Your draw out looks like it was great fun! I would LOVE to go to Curious Sofa. Also, yes, I would love to do a card for your Aunt. Do we just send to you?


Paula Kay

I am sending you a card for Aunt Caroline. What an amazing birthday she will celebrate!! I visited with a couple other cousins of ours.. so six of us are wishing her a birthday wish in our card!! Enjoy!


Dear Karla, I think I have a perfect card for your aunt, a textile card if you agree (you can see it here:
Just let me know where to send it.


Looks like you've been having a blast as usual! And gorgeous images from the VW! Is the pic 2 posts forward of your Aunt in front of your painting recent?


Karla, beautiful post, I've finished my first card, I'm making one extra incase you don't have enough.

Also thank you, thank you, my vintage wallpaper metal box arrived today, it is more beautiful than the photo you had posted, I think I've looked at it a millon times, major eyyyee caanndy! and thank you soooo much for that extra vintage wallpaper too!


Julie (Fab.)

OOh I love the Curious Sofa blog and Vintage Workshop! I wish I had time for this swap right now..I will have to MAKE some time in the future because this looks like so much fun.

Best Wishes,

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