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April 15, 2008


Whitney Johnson

Thanks for visiting my blog! My fencing (hankie display) is temproary construction barrier due to our home addition project Happy project, but yucky fence! I wish I could keep beautiful hankies - or something - covering it all the time! Please include me in your card making project! I totally relate to the joy of wonderful artistic women that influence our lives, and I was also very close to my Great Aunts (who also lived long lives)! I recently posted about my Great Grandmother - I'd love for you to see that.
And the swap sounds fun! I just finished my first one - time to join another!! I'll stop by Beth's blog - hope it's not too late!
Alrightie - sorry for the super long comment, I should have e-mailed!
Happy Day...


Hi, Karla -- When do you need the cards. I've been off blog for a few days for my art retreat and would love to join the birthday party! Shall I send it to you? I can get it off by Saturday -- probably before. Is that too late? Let me know.

Beautiful photo for Somerset. I can see why Jenny wants to use it.

I signed up for the bird and bonnet swap with Beth. Can't wait! I'm so geeked up after the art retreat -- I just want to do fun stuff -- not work!


Hi Karla, I have a card for your Aunt Caroline ready to go! How should I address her? I don't feel right calling her by her first name; how about "Miss Caroline", like they did in the old South? :)


I would love to send you a card if it would help. Can you send me the details and I'll get it off to you?

Jessi Nagy

hey girl!!! this was allot of fun to do! i mailed it out yesterday!
whats with the 80 at the end of my addy??
that's all.
have a fab week!!!


Dear Karla, I left a comment about sending you a textile postcard, but I do not see it in your list. Just let me know where to send it!


Love the card you made for your aunt! Also, love that you added everyones blog address to the list of people making birthday cards. I found blogs I never new existed! How did we live without blogs before? I can't get enough!


Hi Karla,
I'm #22...is #68 a repeat of me or is there another joyce who comes visit you?
The wallpaper on the wall in the 91st birthday photo...s.w.a.k.!
jessica brings up a good point about how we should be addressing this card...I like the "Miss Caroline". I'm already making up little stories about her...


Your card is gorgeous. You can sign my Princess up for a card and also my Mum, so there is two extra for you:) Rachael


Yeah I am on the list! Gonna work on that when hubby goes out of town next week. You do want us to sign them right? Or not? I was thinking about this this morning. When you tell Aunt Caroline these cards are from your blogging buddies what will she think?! My grandma would think your friends had some weird frog disease or something!


sign me up, i will send out the card Thursday.


Hi Karla! I have mentioned your great aunts birthday in my blog and asked for more participants AND I have used that lovely picture of hers you showed in your previous post. I hope you don't mind, but if you do just tell me and I will remove it.
So nice of you to give me those compliments I'm flushing pink....tomorrow I will send a fun package your way. Thanks for sending me those flowers. I'm in the middle of a bible belt to but here its called the black belt! (and it is). Take care!


Maybe I missed it, but I didn't see my name on the list. Just checking.


ooooh karla! i would have loved to be part of the mini swap you're doing with your vintage millinery flowers as i mentioned before i just can not find them around here =( but i keep searching... debbie


That picture of your Aunt is priceless. Love it! You should be getting our cards soon. My daughter (3 yrs old) also made one for your Aunt Caroline :)


I love her motto! And I can't believe she was 91 in that photo. She looks like she could be in her 70's! Amazing. I don't have a card to make but you're welcome to take a banner and print it out (bannerofblessings.blogspot.com) Have a great evening. Blessings... Polly


I sent my card of today, but I forgot to take a picture of it! Oh well... I think she may end up with more than a couple with her picture on it!
Don't know if you need this, but just in case, http://queendebbee.blogspot.com/ (it wasn't on your list) I can't wait to see all the cards on flickr :)


Karla I am so glad that you said you might need an extra card just in case. I had several card designs in mind, so I think I'll send you both. I love what you designed for your Great Aunt Caroline, I am sure she will love it. Karen

Karen Young

Hi Karla, I love your card. Mine is almost done and will be in the mail on Thursday.

What fun this is and I look forward to seeing all the lovely card.


robin~thrifty miss priss

Hi Karla,
Just popped in to tell you Carolines card is flying out of here tomorrow! I put the finishing touches on it tonight and had so much fun making it! Thank you for including us in this wonderful milestone in her life!

Holly Abston

Karla, I'd be happy to do a card for your sweet Aunt! xo holly


Hi Karla.. count me in if you are not yet on a hundred :) This sounds like fun!


María Elena

Karla, I am working in the card, when it is finished, I send you.


I'm waiting for my glue to dry...it'll be mailed this a.m.
I love what you did for her!


Ugh! I have your address on several slips of paper and in one address book and like 12 emails...but guess what? If you don't mind?


Would you still like me to join? I would love to make the day for you great aunt too. I came here via Lili, she's in too, right?

Hope to hear from you, just let me know and I'll get back to you!

Love, Anja

Heidi Woodruff

The card I made is in the mail today! I thoroughly enjoyed making one for your Great Aunt, Caroline!
Everyday Cookies


My computer will not let me activate your email link.

Is that how we get your address?




Hi Karla...If it's not too late, I would love to send one also!!!!

Heather {Pretty Petals}

Hi Karla! I will send one if you still need a few more... I see you have 100 now... what a great idea to do this for her. she will be SOOO thrilled!! xo

Alissa Millsap

so glad to hear that you were able to get all 100 cards for your aunt...thank you for letting us be a part of it! i love her motto! i will try to get her card to you in the next couple days. have a great day.

M (Tales From an OC Cottage)

100 years, WOW! So sweet of you to make it so memorable for her!!


"Wow, how exciting what your doing. What a most "Original Idea", this has been. I am Wishing your "Great Aunt" A lovely Happy Birthday.

Thank you so much for stopping by to leave me a comment on my ONE YEAR BLOGGIVERSARY. Today is it!! I have a "GIVEAWAY" just for you. I hope you will come back and see what YOU WON!! Please let me know, that you stopped OK. (leave me a comment)


Marina Capano

wow! I wanna partipate! Your work is so cute! and I can see her wonderful woman in picture! what great 100 years old! is fantastic, stil better with health!!! I hope you will put in your list! regards!!!!

Lisa Russell

I just sent my card (and a tag)today. You should get it early next week. I hope she enjoys them all! I now started a blog also. Hopefully it will show up in my name. Thanks! Lisa Russell


I'm sure she's tickled pink by all her nice gifts! and thanks for listing all the blogs for us to visit! So many goodies to see and new blog friends to make!

Sheri Ingrande

I am giving away a copy of Vintage Vavoom, stop by my blog for details!


I keep forgetting to tell you I finally got my hands on Somerset Life. Gorgeous photos of your beautiful folders and the little picture... I was proud to know you!


What a sweet thing you are doing! I am the least crafty person on earth or I would offer to join in.
Please pass my birthday wish along.


Hello Karla!
First~thankyou SO VERY much for visiting me today! I have now been reading your blog and was totally blown away! How positively WONDERFUL! You are so talented and creative and I am definitely putting you in my favorites. God bless you and your little fairie babies...

nicole nathan =]

hey karla, its nicole! haha im at school and im really bored so i decided to look at your pictures.haha they are cute..! im really tired. our classes are too long here! like 2 hours! but anyways..your birthday is coming up!(exciting)but i gtg! ttyl!
love always-
nicole =]


Hello Karla! :)

I am working on Caroline's card and am doing a painting of her as a child...could you tell me her eye and hair color then?



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