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April 17, 2008


robin~thrifty miss priss

Oh the rock pile looks like so much fun! I love those pictures! And that is just so hilarious about the dress hanging out the window! It looks like it was hung there on purpose! You shouldn't have mentioned it and we would have thought it was a vintage decorating trend!
I love seeing the cards! Hope mine gets there safe and sound!


Beautiful tags! I love the colors you choose and how you put patterns together. I wish I could join the swap, but I know I can't commit to it right now. Maybe next time!

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Those tags are gorgeous!! Too funny about the dress blowing out the window. I'd love to see what else you have in there!

Karen Young

Karla, what fun you had with Sugar Wings. I love the tags you made and love all the cards. Mine just needs one finishing touch and it's out in the mail tomorrow. I really had fun making it.


robin~thrifty miss priss

P.S. I finally stopped procrastinating and signed up for the swap! I can't wait!

Mary Isabella

Sounds like so much fun. I am working on my card and hope tp finish it this weekend. I did not know if you had my blog address in case you don"t it is http://daisybouquet.blogspot.com Have a great wekend...Mary


Hysterical title for this post! When is the sign up deadline for the swap again? I am trying to decide if I am too overextended, it just looks so fun!

Raised In Cotton

1. I want to come play with you and Sugarwings in the rock pile.
2. Your tags are soooooo pretty, love that velvet blue ribbon.
3. The cards you are getting are wonderful!
4. Wallpaper stash, OMG
5. I would KEEP that dress hanging on the barn door, LOVE IT!
6. The clutch is too cute.
7. Yeah for Vintage Workshop!
8. Twinkle is a lucky doggie
9. Don't send me anymore Kansas wind to Missouri
10. Rocky Granny Panties is good for cellulite:)

My top 10 reasons I love to visit Karla's blog:)


I laughed out loud at the title for this post. Too funny.
Now doesn't they both look like they are having fun!
Have fun spreading that gravel. We had two (huge) truckloads of river rock delivered several years back and hubby thought he was going to shovel it all out - didn't take long for him to decide a Bobcat would be a much better idea and off to the rental place he went. Still took him two days to get most of it moved!


Ahhhh, Sugarwings and Twinkle are so cute! And don't give that old dress away. It's perfect where it is... so country, and romantic :)

If you have time, come visit the house in the roses, we are having a dessert carnival… come and participate. It promises to be FANTASTIC!!!



Too too cute! Sugarwings and Twinkle are quite the pair! I wish I could be part of your swap. I'm in such a busy time at work that I can barely get my head above water but next time you host something I'll be back in!


Yup you have me on the list I'm #26 :) I love your tags they are gorgeous! Bethany loves to play in the rocks too I have found to check her pockets before I do the wash!

Victoria Eales

Hi, I've just emailed you for your address as I made a card to add to the ever growing pile!

Victoria x


Hi Karla,
Having fun deciding (finally!), what i'm choosing to work with for the birds and bonnet swap...got really brave and printed out an extra sheet of wallpaper ( I tend to keep thinking about all that ink that could go for something else), the extra wallpaper -the medium flower one was printed onto this vintage light blue piece of construction paper -it has that yummy faded yellow and tan look to it and has the texture of old wallpaper.
Granny panties full of rocks...LOL!!!
I love how the vine growing on the side of the shed is close by to the dress and how the window gives the sense of a frame -that picture might be a good "button" for something future on your blog?
I did a run thur on making the 4x5.5 panels (I decided to use the cardboard from frozen food outer boxes), I did both 1 layer and 2 layers to see and feel what they would look like -the 1 layer back to back can be punched with a hand punch but the 2 layer panels back to back cannot...i also decided to put a 3/4 inch on each side(west to east),stripe of paper as a visual area for me to keep in mind that that is where the punches will go. What kind of punch will you guys be using?
The card needs pictures done and a bigger envy and then it's on it's way. Happy Happy weekend to ya.
P.s. if the dress still needs a home -I'm game...if it doesn't fit then it might end up in something I create.


OHH OO This all links made me overwhelmed

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