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May 19, 2008


Lili M.

Hey Karla! Good to hear and see of course that you have had a wonderful time yesterday in the zoo. You are so right to take pictures of your loved ones. Those giraffes will look the same for the next fifty years, so you will always have plenty of time to take pictures of them, if you wish. How many pictures you take of Sugarwings, it will never be too much, don't you think? I always think I should have taken more (of persons of course) no matter how many I have!
Nice bargains again!! You'll never have enough of these too!! btw I like what you have done with those pink pages.

kathleen gace

Karla, you may be crazy, but it is a sweet, kind of crazy so who cares? I like your idea of photographing the families reaction to the places you go. So often, the photos of "things" dont really capture the momory for us like photographing our loved ones and the memories we made with them would. i dont know why that isnt obvious to some of the rest of us, but I appreciate the tip. I scored some great milinery bling this weekend too and thought of you:>)


I finally had a day to go down to our antique mall yesterday to find hats or flowers or paper, well anything really and they were closed! They're never closed on Sunday....then I remembered it was the start of our towns big once a year ski to sea celebration...man I was bummed.
I just love the look on your Sugarwings' face at the zoo. I wonder what she was thinking?

Suzanne Harley

Hi Karla! Love your obsession with the vintage flowers.No wonder though, you always find the prettiest! The look on Sugarwings face says it all, such sweet innocence. It would make an adorable painting. Good luck with your tree painting! Suzanne.


I can't believe you painted the tree!
That is so great, a Karla first! I would assume that it the first anyhow. I wouldn't even have thought about getting the right paint not to kill the tree. Good for you! And that sugarwings is just about edible!


We are now moved! Here I sit in TN, finally catching up on your blog. And Sugarwings is just as cute as ever. Since I last checked in, I was a grandma in waiting. Now I am an official granny to a beautiful little boy.

I'll be watching for more grandma advice (take lots of pictures, spend tons of time with them, love them, hug them, spoil them, etc.....)


Gee, I don't think you're crazy...I think you're brilliant! Who would ever think of painting tree leaves but someone who paints everything and knows how great it looks! LOL!
That little Sugarwings is the picture of sweetness!!!

Kim Caldwell

Oh, that flocked wallpaper made my heart skip a beat (love the hats too)! Off to check out the fun at Kim's site. . .

Hugs, Kim


Oh I love that wallpaper! You have a knack for finding great things. I like your new piece--I'm still admiring those pleated ruffles you do at the bottom of some of your pieces. Painting the leaves seems very fairy-like to me. Lucky Sugarwings--just imagine having a grandmother who can change the seasons for you!


Well my dear, you can just 'dump' those cute goodies over my way!

Please enter me in your giveaway!

Gabriela Delworth


You certainly write hilarious posts sometimes, thank you! You sure made me laugh! I hope to be included in your giveway..


bs honey

Hey Karla. Miss Sugarwings is a beauty, I love her angelic face and big eyes.
Now, I want you to know that I, too, collect hats and birdhouses. Along with roosters and....
Y'all have a good night.
Blessings & Hugs,


Oooooh pretty hats and great wallpaper. I don't think you are crazy at all!




Hi Karla,
I'm so jealous at the moment, I wish I could get old millinery flowers and lovely old wallpaper around here, I did see a lovely old hat the other week but was not quite prepared to pay $45 for it, and people just look at you weird when you ask about old wallpaper or even old photos. I love the photos of sugarwings at the zoo the look of wonder on her face is just priceless.
Cheers Linda

Joanne Kennedy

Crazy? Like a fox maybe. What great finds.

But as nice as the photos of the things are there isn't a sweeter face then that darling little one!

I'm doing two give aways at my blog so if you have not stopped over come on by. See if there is anything you like and enter if you want.


Susan Drysdale

The picture of Sugarwings is so beautiful. She looks so innocent and in awe of what she's looking at.


more hats??? i will soon be forced to enter a hat envy treatment program if you keep this up Karla!!!
Sugarwings looks adorable at the zoo, the pictures are SO sweet!!!

Cindy Roberts

Darting into an antique shop in lieu of lunch. . . What's wrong with that? Great finds! Cindy

Jessica Canham

I love your pictures of millinery flowers and the baby. Who could ask for a better combination than that? I was flipping through some of my old Victoria mags today, looking for inspiration, and saw several articles about going to Lawrence and Kansas City as a great place for antiques. I wonder how that came to be? Maybe tornadoes dropping all the good stuff in one place? LOL!


Looks like you had a lovely day. Lucky you finding that beautiful wallpaper!


I'll be happy to win any of your crap and have it dumped on me:) Rachael


That look of wonder on Sugarwings face is so much sweeter than any old giraffe. Hope if you do a fairy painting of that pic we will get to see it. And you know, I think that florists spray just might work. It looks great...pray for a dry day though. :)

Anita @ The Pink Funny Farm

Love, Love, Love that wallpaper. You seem like you've been very busy lately. I'm trying to catch up on everyone's blog and yours is taking so long! Very pretty pics.


oh i love the birdhouse and look at the hats too.. lovely.. btw wouldn't mind if wanna dump any of your craft with me.. lol.. and count me in for the giveaways.. :-)

M (Tales From an OC Cottage)

One man's crap is another man's treasure!
Bring it on!

M ^..^


If that's the crap, what does the good stuff look like?! Beautiful. Count me in on your lovely giveaway. :)

I'm linking to your wonderful blog, too.

Marsha Jones

What a precious picture of Sugarwing! Thanks for the giveaway.

Elaine L.

That is a perfectly angelic photo of Sugarwings. She is such a pretty little girl and looks just like grandma.



It's a good thing that your family loves you! When you mentioned painting the leaves -all I could think about was you out there with your brushes and containers. Now that would have been an interesting photo -LOL. These are some interesting words grouped together(gaudy little dumpling of vintage goodies). FLOCKED vintage wallpaper...if you can share...we'll just have to get our rulers out to make sure you cut them to fit the measurments you list in the etsy description...I wonder what a tan flocked vintage wallpaper giraffe would look like to go along with the sugarwings pic? Happy happies.

Betty Jo

I so love fall and photographing it! Now I know how to get that "fall" look all year 'round! Love that pretty little wall hanging you made. Please enter my name in your give-away I adore the birdhouse and birdie. xoxo

Alison Gibbs

Those millinery flowers are always calling your name. You are so lucky. We just don't seem to have the same treasures at such bargain prices here in Australia. I think it is the same with all of the beautiful rhinestones - here they cost too much.
Oh well I just better save my pennies and come to the US.!!!LOL
Love the expressions on Sugarwings face. So sweet


Those leaves do look like autumn. Great idea, I don't know that I would have thought of that.

You're know crazy lady. Who could resist flowers, wallpaper, making pretty things - and no one could resist Sugarwings.

Jessi Nagy

it's all yummy!!
sugarwings, is such a little fairy!
love the hats,
and the wallpaper.


Your sugarwings is so precious! I just love the expressions on her face, she makes you just want to gobble her up! The leaves on the tree you sprayed, actually do look like fall leaves!! You rock!


The picture of Sugarwings is so sweet, much better than giraffes.
Please enter me in the drawing, I would love to have a Karla creation.
And love the vintage wallpaper. Speaking of vintage, I share your feelings about the improper use of that word, as well as the word antique.
Have a beautiful day!

Kim Jaramillo

Please count me in for your generous giveaway! BTW, Sugarwings is as precious as that nickname! kimskraft@yahoo.com

Grace P

How can 1 purchase the item called "sugarwings"? LOL! She is so cute! Love the pink wallpaper and your project turned out Fabulous! Love the bird house...Hugs Grace


Your comments about your creations made me laugh! You are so right about the photos - I never thought of it that way...

Debbie Booth

I am linking to your site. I love the beautiful pictures. Little sugarwings is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for all your generosity. Sign me up please! Deb


You talk about crazy like it's a bad thing... if it is, I'm in trouble. If obsession with paper makes you crazy (yours being flocked and for the wall), then there are plenty of fellow-obsessed folk! The bird cottage is delightful and I'm happy to enter and check out Kim's site, too!

Sounds like you had a glorious time -- I love it when that happens, don't you? (Oh, and your art piece is lovely, too!)

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Oh my gosh! I am giggling at you spray painting your tree. I wish I had read your blog years ago before going to the zoo with my kids. I have way too many pics of the animals and not enough of their faces. I'll remember that when and if I finally get grandchildren!


Please sign me up... Thanks.



Please sign me up... Thanks.



Please sign me up... Thanks.



Hi Karla, please sign me up and then sign up for the giveaway at my blog.
I'm with you on taking photos of the people and their reactions rather than giraffes or polar bears.
Your collage is sweet, not gaudy.


Sue Cahill

Please sign me up for the giveaway. The photos of your little girl take me right back to when my daughter was young and how a trip to the zoo was an amazing adventure. Thanks.


I saw your entry on Lorrie's blog—whom I just met for the first time today because of the Giveaway—and I just knew you had something special going on...

First of all, yes to the new painting of Sugarwings! If that isn't a setup for a portrait, then I need new glasses. Beautiful!

And this Giveaway is awesome. I so love bird creations! Please, pretty please with Sugarwing dust pizazz-dazzling all over it... Please enter me into this awesome drawing!

And, drop by my place. I having a Giveaway, too. Nothing handmade today: but fun nonetheless.

Oh happy day!


I would love to win one of your beautiful birdhouses.....they are so lovely......


I would be thrilled to win of your beautiful birdhouses. By the way, your little girl is the cutest thing ever!


Thank you for your giveaway and your little girl is adorable with beautiful eyes.

Have a nice day!


Please sign me up!


Hi Karla
You are so funny. I'd be glad to take som of your junk off your hands! Every time I see pix of your beautiful little Sugarwings I have to admit I get a litle jealous becuase my grandkids are so far away. Lucky you!
Oh and enter my name please


Hi Karla
You are so funny. I'd be glad to take som of your junk off your hands! Every time I see pix of your beautiful little Sugarwings I have to admit I get a litle jealous becuase my grandkids are so far away. Lucky you!
Oh and enter my name please. Rhondi


Oh my...Miss SW is just the cutie!!! Love the expressions on her face, and that is priceless...much much better than a giraffe! SERIOUS SCORE on the hats and wallpaper. I hope you will feel inclined to part with some of your finds, but I certainly could not blame you if you kept them for yourself! Your collage piece is LOVELY too!! Glad you are finding a bit of creative time.


Count me in for your great giveaway! Love your new creation! I also love to take pics of peoples expressions rather than - priceless! (I should have taken a picture of my expression when I filled up my car with gas in Leesburg at $3.89 a gallon - ugh!)

Edie Marie's Attic

Hi Karla!
Great birdhouse! And the photo of Sugarwings is so priceless! Your previous post of all your lovely linens was fun to look at, I love linens so much. I think they're addictive!!
Hugs, Sherry


Such cute little angel... oh, I wanna be with my baby Tesa.... maybe this year I'd get to see her. Tesa is my granddaughter, she is two and I've only seen her once, when she was 5 month old.... Enjoy your angel! :)


bird tweet

this post made me laugh :) for one i loved when you said "I used a red spray paint meant for florists, so I doubt if it will kill the trees." like the fact that florists use this paint means it is probably like vitamins or something to the living green type :) it probably is! it does look quite realistic from here. and your junk/"crap" crafts that you want to award to your readers. really you aren't kidding anyone. we all want a bit of your art. and then there are those hats...do you wear them? i would wear one of those to the zoo. are they old easter girl hats? i like them. and of course there is your sweet, sweet sugar wings. she has the most elvish ears i have seen in a long time. simply adorable..
your friend, bird tweet robin from down the road

Michelle Rosborough

The birdhouse is adorable

Bethany Engstrom

Your giveaway is lovely!!!

Mary Isabella

Looks llike you guys had loads of fun!!! What a great giveaway thanks for the link...Happy Wednesday...Mary


Isn't it precious to see the firsts through a child's eyes! The wonder and amazement in their eyes and expressions is simply breathtaking.

Heather~ Pretty Petals

Karla, that picture of Sugarwings is adorable!!!

LOVE these hats and I am seriously getting jealous of all these great hats you get! lol (in a good way of course)

Your collage is GORGEOUS and I NEED some of those flocked papers!!xoxo Heather


I decorate with shabby chic, English country and French country. What a wonderful bird house. You can through your "stuff" my way anytime. Many thanks,Cindi


Please enter my name for that sweet house. I will take that sweet Sugarwings, too. :)



I want to go shopping with you!!!

Michele (Luvkitty)

YOur post cracked me up!! I love your sense of humor!! I also love the pictures of Sugarwings...especially the second one. Candids are almost always the best photos, I think.

I would love to be in your giveaway!! That birdhouse is awesome!!



When I read the first post I thought why put my (read hers)name in. Ooh - I read back and understood. Well I guess put mine in as well.

But originally wanted to comment that I just love the pictures. I love those collectibles but I don't have space for the collection.

PLUS, I too will normally look at the kids (nephew&nieces') faces wherever we go. Their looks are priceless.


You asked to be reminded about sending the dress ...so don't forget to put it in the order. Happy happies.

robin~thrifty miss priss

There is nothing better than seeing the world through the eyes of a child! I love the fact that you could care less about another zoo picture.....perfect capture! And.....that wallpaper! and....flowers! I'm shedding a few tears here! Love the collage you did too!

Yelowflower Mo

Thank you SO much for your generosity ! I love your gift and really hope I win.



love that birdhouse hun, puts mine to shame lol, your DGD is beautiful xxx


I'd like to be entered in your give away! I love your "pretties" and could give them a loving home!

Karen Young

Karla, Beautiful captures of Sugarwings. I agree, the second photo would make a lovely fairy picture


Amy P

Great pictures of Sugarwings! Great wallpaper find too!

Jennifer Metz

Sugarwings is just precious!!

Thanks for the chance to win =)


fated follies studio

let me know if you put that flocked paper on wallpaper! :) it looks amazing!!!


betty lou

I would love to have your crap, I mean, beautiful bird house!! HeeHee! Thank you for the chance!


Adorable... I love that precious birdhouse. There is a little wren pair that is living right outside my front door and would love to upgrade to such a beautiful, decorated home!! Thanks for a chance to win.



That bird house is gorgeous.


Thanks for a chance to win! Your little Sugarwings is adorable. My daughter is 4, and had that same look of open wonder when she saw the whale at the aquarium this year. Amazing how the things we take for granted inspire such awe in kids!
Yours, Wendy (ethelsmommy@yahoo.com)

Heidi Woodruff

Same here...I want faces, people, smiles, eyes, and moods...on my computer! (As I click a photo of my flowers...really, there was no face around but mine own, that's when I go ahead and click on nature!)

Bunny Rose Cottage

Beautiful giveaway Karla! I LOVE the birdhouse!

Sugarwings is so beautiful! I cannot say that enough!

So much beauty is always here!



I love all of your things and enjoy visiting to see what you and Sugarwings have been up to...


What a gorgeous bird house!

Betty Brewington

Love your site and beautiful stuff.


Please count me in the draw for your lovely birdhouse. And what a sweetie your daughter is, Ahhh, takes me back to when my girls were little. Sadly they're all grown up and gone. Enjoy every minute of your time now for it flies so fast.


What a wonderful give-away count me in!
Hugs, Diane


Pick me please!! That birdhouse would be perfect on my porch!! :)


I think your stuff is beautiful, I really enjoyed reading. Thanks for sharing your ideas.


Thanks so much for offering such a wonderful prize! Please add my name to your drawing! :0)
Hugs, Terry


What Gorgeous Hats! I am in love with the flocked wallpaper! What is it with little girls and care bears? Gina is obsessed too.

Lynne Laura

Hi Karla,

Please count me in on the birdhouse give away...It is really pretty! I am SO GREEN with envy over those hats for that cheap price!!! I collect hats like that too but I didn't get them for $6 each...way to go girl.

Kindredly, Lynne Laura


Beautiful giveaway! I love the bluebird.


Yes, please enter me in the giveaway for the awesome little birdhouse! Oh, that profile of SugarWings is just precious! You definitely should paint a picture of that pose!!

Angelic Accents


I would love to be added to your giveaway.


Oh...pick me, pick me!!

Niesz Vintage Home

Hey, feel free to dump your crap in my mailbox anytime. LOL

Such a cute little birdhouse!
Please enter me in your giveaway.

Kimberly :)

Barbara Watkins

Please put my name in the hat, I would sure love to win.
Many Thanks, Barbara Watkins

Paula McNeil

Please enter me in your giveaway! Love your blog! Thanks, Paula

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