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May 18, 2008



I love your linens. You have given me many ideas. I am just starting collecting linens.

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

I didn't even think about doilies when I posted mine. I love how you use them to decorate. You'd love my house if you don't mind dust. It is the biggest dust catcher I've ever lived in.

Karen Young

Karla, who needs fancy linens to decorate the swing when beautiful Sugarwings and Twinkles are there.



wow,there is so much prettiness here. I just found your blog today and I plan on comming back to it again soon!
Take care,

Elaine L.

Vintage linens look so wonderful. I can't seem to stop collecting them when I can. They really aren't plentiful around, here and the prices at the antique stores are high.


Lili M.

I like how you have decorated with these old linens. Of course we are no collectors we are users!! Heavy users!
I love that picture with Sugarwings and Twinkles!


What a great collection of linens! I just love old linens - I really need to add to my (small) collection. I haven't yet come across a 'box' of them, but if I did I would snatch it up like you did! What a deal - two bedskirts! If one of my dogs came out from under my bed I'm sure they would look like a big dust mop!


Gorgeous collection! I love all the shades of white together!

sandy mastroni

dear dirty and dusty Karla. This is the cutest photo !
and .... come to my blog . Jerry has something to tell you
more clutter for you awaits !
I need your address !


Regrets!!!!I didn't show most of my stuff because I figured you guys would have your linens sparkling white and pressed to perfection - should have known better! Love your linens, your granddaugher is adorable and that little Twinkle is the sweetest looking yorkie. Thanks, Nancy (mycraftylittlepage)

María Elena

I love this style too, many white bedspreads and curtains, woven crochet and embroidered .

Rosie's Whimsy

I love layers and layers of textiles and linens. This post was a pure treat for me! :-) Rosie


love the kissing babies on the swing:) you have TONS of linens ...LOL...yes, i think you do have a collection Karla...they are gorgeous...i love how you have many of them layered, i like to do that too, it adds a little more punch to the look!!!


Such beautiful linen's you have!!! And I love your lamp in the first picture. What style you have!!! LOVE IT!!! Thank you so much for sharing with all of us.


bird tweet

sugarwings and twinkle are sweet as can be! this really made me smile :) twinkle is close to my heart as a little Zippy. sugarwings too since i have an Olivia :)
your friend, bird tweet robin from down the road

Barbara @ Southern Lady's Vintage

The photo of Twinkle and Sugarwings is just adorable! I agree with you that the days just are gone before I can blink an eye!


Now, Karla! Put on your brillant cap and go ferret out some paint that will fit the content of the outdoor fabric of your swing and then cover that puppy and then paint on some of your roses and since it's outside your hubby's office mix in some ivy and maybe some cattails. Sugarwings and twinkle definitely make it look more wonderful. Happy happies.

Gail Horowitz

The picture of sugarwings and twinkle would win a prize or make a beautiful ad..outstanding..the linens are pretty too:)


I love the way you displayed your dollies. Love the fairy grand baby, I have one too.


Your linens are just gorgeous and I love the way you display them. But it was the picture of Sugarwings and Twinkle that really made me smile...Soooo precious!


I was delighted to see your linen closet looks just like mine! Now, I don't feel quite so bad about mine! I love all of the linens you have and the way you have used them. Hope you had a great time at the zoo! Sugarwings and her pal look adorable on the glider/swing!


Linen's scattered hither and yon, linen's spilling out of the closet, hanging on a rack, spread across a table. You are talking my language here. I buy each piece I find in the thrift store and I use them all too.

Thanks for the tour - I'll check some of the other's who are showing linens.


Mary Isabella

Are you sure you did not take a picture of my linnen closet....LOl

robin~thrifty miss priss

Karla, you have such a flair for display! I loved all the pictures!


Karla, I live in the desert where the winds are 25 mph every afternoon. There is always so much dirt in the air that nice outdoor furniture and linens are a joke. I took an idea from Martha Stewart and covered my cushions with vinyl tablecloths instead of fabric. I found some beautiful Laura Ashley-like ones and made easy to clean cushions that look very chic.


You have such lovely linens for not being a collector. Seeing your bedspread linen you used as a bed skirt reminded me of one I have from my grandmother that has an embroidered cherub on it. Will have to save that one to display when the kids have all left! Your little Twinkles is so cute! Aren't yorkies full of love and mischief? I'm so glad I got mine, she is a cutie.
Have fun in the sunshine we are having!

bs honey

Well, here I am, reading away, having a wonderful time enjoying your beautiful linens. Then, POW. What did I see, but a giveaway. Right in the middle of all my fun.
So, I'm a happy camper tonight.
Thank you for the all the beauty and the giveaway, too.
Blessings & Hugs,

Cami @ Heart-Shaped Rock Cottage

I like to use my linens too. I keep a basket full by the sink. Cheaper and prettier... Plus I like to use my things. Loved the tour.


What beautiful linens you have, and for your linen closet, it's just fine. I never seem to get the dust out of my house either, it just wants to keep coming back inside.
As always,Sugarwings and Twinkle cute as ever.

Irma :)


Nice collection that's not a collection. That dog thats not really a dog loves the camera! I just melt when I see that dog thats not really a dog and that gorgeous child together, best friends, there is nothing else quite like it:) Rachael

Susan Drysdale

I love that picture of Sugarwings and your puppy. It really should be on a magazine cover. It's a prizewinner! Her expression is so sweet and loving.


I dropped in to say hello from How
Sweet the Sound, I love the linens and your grandbaby with your cute dog. I feel the same way about dust. I think about it when company comes. Maybe! :) My house has to be perfect, that is everything you can see, but NEVER look in my drawers or closets! Come see me on Backyard Neighbor.



Hello, I dropped in to see your post from Beverly's favorites, How Sweet the Sound. We have been friends for many years. She is totally responsible for me deciding to blog. I am loving it!

I love your linens, your adorable grandbaby and your cute dog. I feel the same way about dust and a neat house, but NEVER look in my closets and drawers! I think about dusting when company is coming. Maybe! Since I have tons of company it is not too bad.

Come see me at Backyard Neighbor, Jeanne


Hello, I dropped in to see your post from Beverly's favorites, How Sweet the Sound. We have been friends for many years. She is totally responsible for me deciding to blog. I am loving it!

I love your linens, your adorable grandbaby and your cute dog. I feel the same way about dust and a neat house, but NEVER look in my closets and drawers! I think about dusting when company is coming. Maybe! Since I have tons of company it is not too bad.

Come see me at Backyard Neighbor, Jeanne


Don't think I am nuts. It took me three times to realize My comment posted! I am so NEW AT THIS! Jeanne


Pretty linens… I like the way you use them..

Cute picture of Miss Sugarwings..


Auberne' Fox-Hughes

Beautiful lace! And cute dog! ^-^ Thank you for the wonderful comment on my blog!

Auberne' Ancalimon @-`---


ooh what lovely displays. Sugerwings is getting so big


Oh, your drawing is beginning to feel like the 12 days of Christmas! Fun, fun fun!
You know it is said that dust is a protective coating? It's all in the way you look at it.

Karen from A`Musements

"Fairy Grand Baby to the Topeka Zoo".... How fun!!! And what an adorable child! You are one lucky Grammy, I think! Your collection of tatted and embellished linens is delightful... I have a stash box (or two) that I almost feel guilty (notice I said "almost"...) for keeping to myself. I have an only child (daughter who just turned 18) who will inherit a bunch of "old stuff" that she probably will hate! Guess that's why we who LOVE the "old stuff" get lucky and find it at the auctions and thrift stores we haunt! Thanks for sharing your collection!


When you pick up those linens at flea markets or yard sales or whereever, donn't you just KNOW that whoever made them just wanted them to be used!!!!? I love them all, your home looks lovely and would be nude without them!


Thank you for sharing your absolutely gorgeous vintge linen collection! My favorite is the one 4 pics down that has the tatted insertion...beautiful!


Beautiful linens you have! I love how you have them integrated into your decorating throughout your home!

Sugarwings and Twinkle just *adorable* in that photo! You can just hear her giggling :)


I hope you had fun at the zoo! One of my favorite things is your bed skirt... I love the look of that! Linens are so expensive bought new, so after reading this, I don't think I'll pay for new ones again! That is my summer goal: finding beautiful vintage linens.


I love this place. Thank you for showing us your linen cabinete. I think it's lovely.

Gumbo Lily

I liked your Chaos and Clutter Linen Closet best of all! We can all breathe a sigh of relief now. Sugarwings is so adorable. Lucky Gram.


Pam Schroeder

I too am a collector of doilies, tea towels, and embroidered pillowcases. I also have a sizeable collection of those crocheted potholders made of string (not yarn). Love to be in your drawing!!

Marina Capano

so nice post!!!I love your linens! see you soon! I hope you in my blog-22 nd may!!!please! xo from Argentina


Love your linen displays! Thanks for sharing!!


Love the linens (I find it hard to resist them, too) and the tea towels -- but I'm not so fond of the ironing of the tea towels, which is why I don't often "use" them so much as display. Any hints, or are you just diligent?!


Love that shot of Sugar and Twinkle on the swing! You have the sweetest, most generous give-aways and that latest with the little coin purse and ballerina is lovely. Have a wonderful day!

Deanna Huggard

I am so glad I found your blog. It is so sweet. I love the hats you found while visiting the Zoo. And the flocked wall paper is to die for, especially the PINK!!!!Blessings.


Lovely photos! Adorable little girl and sweet little pup. I love your blog.

Thank you for signing up for my cottage charm giveaway.

Karen at Ciderantiques


That Green tea cup and saucer is FABULOUS! Your cottage is so lovely.

Michele (Luvkitty)

I think this is my favorite picture of Sugarwings that you've shared since I found your blog!!! That would look amazing in black & white enlarged to be hung on a wall. Too cute!!

I love all the vintage lace and linens and shawls, etc. that you have!! Even better is the amazing price that you get on them!!! I have a very difficult time finding anything that affordable where I live. But yours are sure lovely!

Liked your philosophy on the dust, too!!


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