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June 15, 2008



That is so beautiful! What a pretty ceiling to look up at! This weather is getting crazy! Glad you all are safe. :)


Your ceiling is to die for! When I look at your work, I feel so inspired...Thank You!


Gosh you are just amazing! Love that ceiling and the goddess!


I love this Karla! The ceiling and the antiqued statue, too! I just love statuary.... I can't believe that my little ol' pincushions are next to your beautiful art project in Romantic Country ~ I'm about to bust!! xxoo, Dawn



You did that FREEHAND? Yikes, I may never learn!!

LiLi M.

That ceiling, those statues...we want more.....!!
Such a cute post about Beth too, I like that picture with that pillow of the birthday girl. Good to see you had a wonderful time!

Susan Drysdale

You really are amazingly talented. I would be so afraid to do that ceiling free-hand. I love the statue, too.


Karla, your ceiling looks wonderful!!! and i love what you did with your goddess to age her...great technique, thanks for sharing!!!


Love the ceiling! I so wish I could paint. Can't wait to see the rest of the room.
Saw your project in Romantic Country - great instructions!

Beth Leintz

Looks beautiful- better than Amelia's. Here's a little tip for you- you'll get more sleep if you close your eyes while you're laying in bed, instead of looking at the ceiling.

Ruth Welter

Karla, I absolutely love what you have done on the ceiling in your bedroom. Elegant, simply gorgeous.


The ceiling looks great!


I want to come to your studio and play!!!! lol


Oh my, what magic you can do with paints and glazes! LOVE the ceiling and your goddess statue is stunning!

Karen Young

Karla, love the ceiling in your bedroom. Great job on the statue and thank you so much for sharing the technique. You always do great how-to's and tutorials and they are much appreciated.



These are lovely and so is the room! Sounded like you made the best of a yucky day!


I LOVE your ceiling! It is Beautiful! Once again I am in total awe of your work!


I adore your ceiling, and I know you are going to love looking up at it.

You're a busy lady with all of your projects, but I love that you approach everything with a fun spirit.

Amy of Bunny Rose Cottage

Karla, I LOVE what you did with the ceiling! That is so pretty! And the goddess looks fabulous! What a wonderful technique! Thank you so much for sharing with us!



Wow love what you did with your ceiling. Ilove to add a little finishing touch to stutues. Thanks for sharing your technique.


Wow, you just never stop! Good luck with all of those projects ... they always look great!

Elaine L.

Your ceiling is amazing! Doing it must have been rough on your neck, tho.

I swear lady, you have the energy of ten people.



wow~ I have also been thinking of painting .. I have all white walls and maybe would like to have one room a celdon green? Come on by and enter my giveaway karla!

Fated Follies Studio

the job you did on your wall is amazing karla. i wish i had half that talent, then the 5-year-old paint job would look like a 12-year-old did it!


Beautiful ceiling, Karla! Doesn't your arm & neck hurt, tho? I think you deserve a hot bubblebath! That maiden is very pretty, too. Love how you use technical terms that I understand ~ "smooshed" ~

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Irma's Rose Cottage

Love how you painted your ceiling. Thanks for sharing. You come up with the most amazing ideas. I so love reading your blog.

Irma :)


The ceiling is "gorgeous". And your statue turned out just beautiful! Love her! Such talent!

Have a wonderful day

susans at black eyed susans kitchen

Karla, You never cease to amaze me! Eventually, your entire home will be custom painted/decorated. Every nook and cranny. This project is just gorgeous. It seems that you have a hurricane of ideas in your head. I am so glad that you have this medium to show us. Every time I stop here to read your blog, I learn something new. Susan


That statue is gorgous!!! Your blog is incredibly inspiring to me!! I'm truly loving every single post I read here, and every picture is wonderful!!! How much does a statue like that cost? I wonder if I can find one like that? Thanks for sharing your process with us!



I love everything about your blog. Thanks for sharing.
You have made me want to start creating, you are great.
Thanks for sharing your work and beautiful pictures.


I forgot to post my website in previous post.

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