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June 11, 2008



Oh those hat flowers!!! You find the best! Laurie


What a lovely tea party. Looks like you had great fun. Painting - ah yes, I like to paint, but I hate getting everything ready and the cleanup. When I was younger I did a lot of painting in our house and even outside and wallpapering too.

Bunny Rose Cottage

Hi Karla! What a beautiful tea party! And so much fun to get to meet fellow bloggers!! I love what you said about those dealing with the weather. You are so right. How sweet of you to send a package to your poor friend. How awful! I feel so bad for those dealingwiththe floods and tornadoes.

the hats you found are gorgeous!!

Cant wait to see your room finished! I love soft blue!



Karla I'm so glad you got to meet Becca as well~ we met on Monday! Your party looked like so much fun. Wonderful food and those favors are super cute!
Congrats on finding your bedspread, I cannot wait to see your walls and finished room!


Karla, thank you again for putting together the most enjoyable afternoon! Everything was LOVELY and it was wonderful meeting everybody--such a nice group of women! I've posted a few of my pics from yesterday if you'd like to stop by for a peek:-)
Hugs, Marilyn


What a great party! So pretty as always! I always want to know how long it takes you to put away all that pretty stuff! Love the green hat, I absolutely thought it was a nest! Happy painting. I bet it is done in the next 48 hours from what I have seen you do in the past!

LiLi M.

aaah that was a nice party, I bet that every commenter thinks that she is sorry not to live in your neighbourhoud, I certainly am sorry for that! I love that pale blue too, too bad that you are growing old and wise Karla :-D
Have a nice day!


Karla, what a beautiful tea party!!! how nice that you get to meet so many of your blogging buddies...i love the dog that Becca made for Sugarwings, too cute!!!
oh and more hats...lucky you...the pincushion doll you found is lovely!!!


Oh, what fun! You made the party such a beautiful event. Becca is sweet through and through!

Praying for all those experiencing the severe weather. Your package to your friend was very thoughtful.


María Elena

Karla, nice party! I send you the Aunt Caroline's card, I hope that you receives soon.


Karla, you are just like a good fairy to everyone. You make them feel special, and you spread your fairy dust on the hearts of all.


I'm so glad we were able to come it was a wonderful afternoon! Thanks for having us Karla your house was amazing! Can't wait to see the next treasures you and Beth find :)


What a lovely garden party! Looks like a great bit of fun!

Once again, I'm wishing I had an ounce of your creative energy!!


Barbara Burkard

thank you sooo much for thinking of us! you are the sweetest!!! O/T if i come for a visit will there be LAVENDER LOLLIPOPS!!! yum!!! just heard there is LAVENDER SODA!!! (I can't drink carbonated beverages...but i could just hold it and "sniff sniff" it..lol)

Jan & Tom Tanis

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh...Tea Parties! I love them and have had several in the past couple of months. I love to "fuss" over everything, from decorating to the food. I love to bake and entertain. A Blogger-Friends Tea Party sounds really nice. Perhaps a tea party of any kind, just as soon as I'm done with a HUGE GARAGE/YARD sale in a little over a week!

I've added you and some of your friends to my Favorite Blog List - so I'll be checking back later.

Jan (from southeast Michigan)

Jenni Bowman

This is such a darling blog! I love your bottle party favors. What a cute idea! Can I link over to your blog from mine, www.jenniboriginals.blogspot.com? Let me know!


How fun! Everything looked beautiful, but I think the most beautiful part of all was creative people getting together! What amazing energy must have been in that group!


I want to come for a tea party! Your parties look like so much fun.

Susan Drysdale

Karla, What a beautiful party! You are the hostess with the mostest. Your home and your table look so inviting. I also love the little stuffed dog. Is he Chenile? Too cute!


Your blogging friends tea party looks like so much fun!



Looks like you had a great tea-party, I am sorry I had to miss it! Love the little twinkle dog!! And I love the blue birds on the table!!

Sincerely Yours

Hi Karla! So glad you stopped by. Your website is gorgeous!!! I would love to have seen the outfit that went with that mossy hat! It will make a beautiful display. I feel like I have stepped into a beautiful magazine so I need to go and view the rest of your pages, shop and back posts. Have a great day; I hope you will visit me again - Jeannette


A wonderful garden party! Great patio too!

I'm celebrating my 100th post today...pop on over to enter my giveaway if you get a chance.


Elaine L.

Oh, Karla! You truly live a charmed life.
I especially love the picture of the table with your beautiful stairs in the background.



So glad you guys had good weather and lots of fun and laughter. The bodice is now detached from the skirt...this is going to be an adventure working from the things I have at home. Joy joys.


what a fun get together y0u guys had!! And everything looked so pretty!!
Great junkin' finds!! Love the little mossy green hat!

Gumbo Lily

Did I spy some of your famous fudge under glass? Looks like you had a wonderful tea party!



So pretty! I bet people would pay good money to have you give a party for them, professionally. That nesty hat is awesome! I bought a hat off ebay for the flowers, but they are glued on with big globs I can't get off. Do you have any solutions? Thanks!


Looks like great fun, wish I could have been there!

Cami @ Heart-Shaped Rock Cottage

I would so stay up and paint. I've done too much lately and boy can I feel it in my bones. So I say: GO TO BED. The paint will wait. Fab color btw...


Dying quietly way down under at you buying more hats with more millinary . . . nice party, I would have enjoyed that, wine??? Yep, poor Barb who is the nicest, kindest person out. Rachaelxo

Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

I LOVE that spread! I would have done the same thing-stop and buy paint! I hope you share the color with us....It's funny that painting your room is a reward! Most people look at it as work!
What a wonderful party! I'd love to have been a guest! Everything was decorated so beautiful! Have a terrific weekend! I'm off for a few days and I'm painting too!

Karen Young

Karla, What a lovely luncheon you girls had. I love the little decorated bottles. You are so right. We have to be grateful for every special, happy moment.

Hugs Karen

Heather~ Pretty Petals

ooooh How fun to have a day in the sun with these gorgoeus ladies!! It is SO fun to actually meet women that we talk to every day. I bet you all had so much fun! Everything looks SO stunning!

I am laughing at your painting dilemma, because, I did that exact thing and now regret it! But, when is a good time in this house? never



Looks like a fun little party! Great looking hats you found! You always find the greatest things!!


Gail Horowitz

Karla have I told you how wonderful you are? Yes..but I'll say it again! How about an annual tea party for bloggers and friends? Everyone could bring a hat..:)or pay admission. Think about it??!

cami @ creating myself

What fun!!!!

I gotta tell you...I've admired your work in magazines for years & after getting to know you, via your blog, I now admire you as a person. You really do lead a charmed life & you deserve it!


I am drooling over the party and your new finds. What a wonderful time with friends! It is always an inspiration to visit you and catch up on the events. Thanks for sharing your beautiful life with me!


Well, are you ready now for a "virtual" party????? I hope you are because the house in the roses is sponsoring a "Show Me Your Garden Party" on the first day of summer and would love to see you participate.... come and see, and show us what's growing in your garden....



It looks like such a wonderful day Karla. Everything looks lovely. 'Course it always does here!

I love that pincushion doll.


the tea party on the patio looked wonderful karla, I love to eat outside when the weather is good enough here (which isn't often) xxx


Oh what a gracious bloggers tea party. I am so jealous of the lucky attendees! The decorations, esp. of the bluebird motif, are divine. Thanks for letting me get a peek into the fun.


I am back from Colorado, and had to stop in to say what an absolute delight it was to meet with you at your pretty home! I was so honored that you would welcome me with such a lovely tea party, featuring my favorites of bluebirds and roses. Your home is just as beautiful as I'd imagined, as are you and Sugarwings!! What a pleasure meeting our fellow bloggers too. I simply cannot thank you enough for your kindness and generosity!! :)


How fun to get to meet fellow bloggers in real life!!! You hosted a lovely tea party,too!! You make your guests feel SO special, and I'm sure everyone had a wonderful time visiting.

"Twinkle" is a super cute gift!! I can see why Sugarwings loved it so much!!!



I just happened upon your blog and boy- I've sure been missing out! I'm so happy that I found it! What a lovely gesture to host a tea party for a visiting blogger and friend! It's always wonderful to see women supporting and celebrating each other!

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