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June 19, 2008



It's a good thing I didn't spot that sweet little kitten while I was there, or it just might have found itself in our car heading for Ohio. I love cats, and especially grey kittens!

LiLi M.

Elphie is so cute! I think you just have to wait and they all become friends as you expected. In the mean time you can already enjoy this beauty! Every time I forget to take a subscription on Romantic Homes...well maybe today!


Oh Karla, Elphie is precious!! They are so much fun to me when they are that tiny...they play hard and sleep hard! I bet Sugarwings will end up loving the new kitty...you just wait ~ xxoo, Dawn


Okay, I have officially fallen in love......
with Elphie!!!!! Oh my goodness is she ever a little sweetie!!!! My heart is literally melting while looking at her picture!!! You mentioned your prize package and that a kitten might pop out...........I'd be thrilled if that were true, LOL!!! :-)

Congrats on having your wands in the magazine after you thought they weren't going to be. I'm going to have to look for that magazine and subscribe, too.



Ohh what a sweetie!! Im such an animal lover!! Gorgeous Post!!


:0 my and greetings to Elphie!
...a meandering story about Yeenkle, that must have been wonderful to listen to. Happy happies to you Karla.

Alison Gibbs

What a tiny little kitty

Sheila R

I can't wait to get my copies of the magazines! Elphie looks so precious! I bet they all will be friends soon! Enjoy

Kathleen Grace

I love the top picture of Elphie laying back in the hat, so sweet! Sugarwings will probably warm up to her and so will twinkle. She is one cute littel kitty:>)


Karla, the kitten is to die for! What a sweetpea... :)

Can't wait to get my hands on these magaznies! I can get Romantic Country here but not Somerset Life....



What a cute kittie! I am sure Sugarwings and Twinkle will come around and they will all be friends in time!

Karen Young

Oh My!!!! What an adorable little kitten. She is so little and so sweet. I think that Sugarwings and Twinks will learn to love her.

Hugs Karen

Gumbo Lily

You really are a Fairy Grandmother with all the magic of kittens and doggies in old hats and a little Sugarwings making merry wherever she goes.


Marilyn Lynch

Hi Karla,

It's taken me far too long to tell you how much I love your blog! Thanks for the wonderful daily read.

Lincoln, RI


What a cute kitten and great name..
I also love your vines in your last post, very pretty…

Somerset Life has become one of my favorite magazines,
I can’t wait to get my copy…



What darling pictures The little kitten is so precious. About the magazine, that is sooo neat. I'll have to see if I can find a copy. This would be a good magazine to subscribe to.


The dress your little Sugarwings is wearing is even cuter than the kitten! They're both adorbale!


That little thing makes me wish I could get a kitten. Sigh. And congrats on being featured.

Elaine L.

Elphie is such a sweetie!

How many issues of Romantic Country are published each year?



Elphie is so cute!!!!!! Love your blog, I'm new to the blogging world, it's opening up a whole new "journey" for me. lol.

Your work is great as well!



Awww! I love kittens and seeing Elphie makes me want one. Too bad I already have three. I subscribed to Romantic Country, too, and can't wait for my first issue.


A cute kitty.

Lisa Russell

The kitten is very cute! How funny to see a kitten pop out as a prize...lol. Have fun garage saling!


that's one adorable kitty....you can ship her to me with my winnings if things don't work out for her at your house!!! lol


Your kitty is a little sweetheart.

I'll be looking for your articles. How exciting.


She is adorable and I love the name!

Amy of Bunny Rose Cottage

Oh Karla, that kitten is one of the sweetest things I have ever seen!!! What a snuggle baby :)

I have been looking for the new Romantic Country and cant find it here yet :( My husband is stopping tonight after work to look for it again! I have been waiting and waiting for it :) I always enjoy your work and cant wait to read it!

So cute about Sugarwings telling Elphie about Twinkle, lol!! Love that!



oh, that kitty is adorable!!! i am sorry to hear that she is having so much trouble making friends!!! poor baby:) congrats on the magazine pages!!!


Elphie is adorable! And I love the new paint color! A very relaxing shade of blue.
Can't wait to see the new Somerset Life and Romantic Country!


Oh my, I'm on sweetness overload. That sweet little kitty is so cute!

Joanne  Kennedy

Oh yeah! I just picked up Romantic Country today. I have not sat down to read it yet but I'll be looking for your page!

Your kitty is SOOOOOOOO cute! Do you have the mommy cat? I thought you couldn't take a kitten away from it's mommy until it was 8 weeks old. That's why I'm asking.

She is just darling and that's a perfect name for her as I'm sure she will be getting into all kinds of trouble.

I had to laugh about the dust bunnies being bigger then she was.



Ooohhh the kitty is soooo cute. I love her. I haven't picked up this months Romantic Country yet, but definitely will. I should subscribe too but never have. I buy it all the time so it would save.


I can't wait for Somerset Life to come out. I just love that magazine! What a sweet little kitten. I saw a news story about Wayside Waifs on KMBC this morning about how they are in need of people to adopt cats. I am trying to convince the rest of the family that we should get one, but all I am getting is resistance (all the boys are "dog people."


she is so cute! bethany loves kittens I'll have to tell her that you have one next time we are your way :) there are a ton of garage sales this weekend! I hope you find some goodies!

Fated Follies Studio

little elphie is so sweet! how can one not love her? congrats on all the features in somerset life. i'll have to locate a place to buy a copy! (i live in the boonies, sort of)


The kitten in the hat is just too cute. Gosh I wish I had your talent.


Hi Karla,
Little Elphie is so cute! Congrats on the magazine articles.
Cheers Linda


Cute kitty! Hope Sugarwings warms up to him soon.


What an adorable addition to your family.

Marina Capano

Hi Karla! cute kitty!!! I love cats! She is adorable and I love the name!in argentinian spanish I say - que cosita mas linda!!!warm regards Marina


What a wonderful name! I love little Elphaba! She's so beautiful!

Your blog is amazing, I love it!


Elphie is adorable, but like Sugarwings, I am not a cat lover, I think they are pretty and can tolerate them in others homes...lol
Congratulations on being published, I will be looking for the magazines...


I'm in love! Elphaba is so dear -- about the size of Gypsy when he came to my door. Just a ball of fluff with big eyes and big ears. It will be fun to watch the "twinkling dynamics" between the two as Elphie grows to be Twinkle's size!

Congratulations on your publishing hits of the month! I'm headed to the bookstore tonight and will look for both. How cool is that! (Did you note that your prize mention is right by the kitty photo? When I first saw it I thought, "Karla's giving away a kitten in her drawing -- I will make 983 comments and stack the deck!" Probably just as well...!!!


I love your new chair. I want one just like it! My husband is a minister so I have been looking for an altar chair - which is what your's looks like. I thought I could paint one up, put some wild fabric on it and have it in my entry. Thought it would make parishioners know their pastor is fun when they stop by!


Elphie is soooo cute! I think Sugarwings will get use to having Elphie around.
Congrats on your article in Somerset.

Irma :)


Oh the kitty is adorable! I love her :)


I am in love too!! I miss having a kitty but Ellie has become my big cat!! (disguised as a dog!). Remember when I thought we weren't going to keep her? Now she is so much a part of the family, I can't live without her!!! I saw a male collie that I wanted to adopt from a rescue place but Craig wasn't falling for it!! I have to settle for one pet for now! Congrats on ANOTHER mention in a magazine!! I told you that you were famous!!!

Wanda howland

just found you! Love your stuff and your garage sailing! cute kitty too - my daughter uses a program called "pawsense" that turns the keyboard off when a kitty walks across it - Wanda


Oh my, your new kitty is a sweet one! I love her eyes.
I also love all the wonderful inspiration that you've shared too. As always, my sincere thanks to you, Karla for being so nice.

Gail Horowitz

karla..when you said awhile ago that somerset life didn't choose your magic wands, I thought whats the matter with those people? They aren't fit! It restores my faith in the magazine..:)

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