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June 14, 2008



I've been looking at your blog and LOVING your blog for a LONG time
What a THRILL to see MY work on YOUR blog
You were my inspiration to start my own .
The way you write and the things you post made it look like so much fun
I'm glad you won my give a way and thank you for putting my art on
Thanks Karla ,You're the best . You're a little co inky dink


What fun you have with Beth. It is great to have a friend like that.


what a lovely post about your sweet friends, looks like she had a great birthday and I love what you made for her!


You and Beth are so lucky to have each other. Best friends are one of the very, very best things in life. Thinking about my best friend always gives me smiles followed by giggles. We have the best time together - even just talking on the phone.

I always love all of your treasures. You always give us smiles, too.


Sounds like you had a fun day! Love all the treasures you found! Have a great weekend :)


The little wooden girl in the button box is too sweet...is it Mary of Little Lamb fame?? I'm glad you and Beth had a good time.


Karla, LOL about the wallpaper pact:) what a very good idea!!! glad you liked your bird:) what a sweet keepsake you made for Beth for her birthday...i know she will treasure that for always!!! how sweet are those cupcake cards from Sandy? they are really SO cute and FUN!!!

Karen Young

Karla, It looks like you and Beth and a fantastic day out and lots of fun. I also enjoyed all the great eye candy. It's always a lovely way to start the day.



I havent been to the new KC Nell Hills, but am anxious to go. We went to her Atchison shop a few weeks ago and it still have affordable prices on cute small stuff. Love the mural you did at the antique mall. Looks like you and Beth had a fun day! Also, Love the painting you did of Milo for Beth!


How fun - what a lovely way to spend a day with a friend! I'll have to trot over to Beth's and wish her a Happy "NEW" Year!

Beautiful treasures, beautiful friends and the wallpaper pact may be the smartest thing ever!

Vicki Chrisman

Oh.. good friends are the best arent they. Looks like a super fun time... and the goodies.. fantastic!!!

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

What a fun day you had with Beth! I'm a little "green" with envy. LOL

Amy of Bunny Rose Cottage

Oh Karla, you always have so much fun! I love visiting you!

Happy birthday to your sweet friend! I am so sorry she lost her dear dog :( I love my dog so much and dont know what I will do without her. Such a heartfelt thing to paint her for her birthday, it is beautiful!

I LOVE that bird Lori made!! So precious!

Have a beautiful day!


Happy Birthday Beth! What treasures! You girls make me want to move to the mid-west just for the junking!

Mary Isabella

You girls always have such a good time and you find such neat things. Happy Birthday to your friend...Mary

Miss Sandy

Are you sure it was Beth's birthday? It looks like you got all the presents!

Don't you just love to hang out with your BFF and laugh? Recently one of two BFF's and I were in a flea market together and we were joking, cutting up, and laughing the whole time we were in the store. When we reached the check out counter with our finds the clerk said, "You two are welcome here anytime! I loved hearing your laughter ring throughout the store,(it is a small store, we really were not THAT loud!), it brightened my day."

Michelle Rosborough

Happy Birthday


I need that pillow!!!!!!!!!!!!


looks like a ton of fun! the journal and the paper with the exact date on if is one of those crazy little mysteries! oh, and i LOVE LOVE the statue and your bedroom ceiling (i know it's the other post, but i read this one second, lol)

Kim Vagasky

Sounds like you had a great time! Love your finds! And love the pillow...I'm too pretty to do Math! I agree!

Happy treasure hunting!


Such great finds! I bet you and Beth just have a blast when you are out there together, searching for goodies! Your posts and photos always seem happier when you have spent time together shopping!


It sounds like you and Beth had a marvelous day! Friends are wonderful.

The millinery flowers arrived - thank you so much. Now what to do with them...besides admire and play with them.



What a precious tin of Milo that you painted for Beth ~ I'm sure she will always treasure it.

Great finds for you & I love that white birdie ~ I'll have to go visit Lori!!

Tx Hugs,
Angelic Accents


Hi Karla,

I so enjoyed taking that cyber shopping trip with you. Please enter me in your monthly drawing because I'm sure even the stuff in your studio trash can would be golden :).



The doggie tin is so sweet, and such a nice keepsake! Yours, Wendy [email protected]

Pam Schroeder

I forgot to comment on Nell's Hill - I love that place! My son lives in Leavenworth so it's handy to head right up that way. My girlfriends and I have made NH a stop on one of our "Girls' Trips" and all enjoyed that!


Aren't best friends wonderful?? YOu seem to have a great one, and I'm glad you had a great, though super busy, fun day together. Too bad that the prices went up in that store that you like, but at least you enjoyed "feeling." That's a cute way of looking at it!

That mural you painted at the store is incredible!!! I wish I had a 1/16 of your talent!! :-)

[email protected]

The Queen of Fifty Cents

Great finds! I love Mary & her lamb among the buttons.


Wow, I just love reading blogs! You have a beautiful home and my gosh, so very talented! Thanks for so much inspiration! The vines on your bedroom ceiling are amazing, love that!!! Do you have to have a blog to be entered into your drawing, if not please enter me! Thank you!


Hi Karla, Thank you so much for your reply! I have added your blog to my fav's list so I will be visiting you again to see all of the beautiful things you create.


Hi Karla,
Your talent has brightened my cold January winter day. In somewhat of a funk, I've been just playing around on the internet, for the past two days, while trying to get into the mood to paint only about 12 inches of vines on a project. A "vines" google eventually led me to you. Imagine that! And I was really surprised to see Sandy Mastroni's work here, since I hadn't heard of her til yesterday, when I came upon it by chance, and I recognized her style after only seeing a few pieces. Anyway, it's a big deal to me, to see you and all your creative contacts accomplishing so much! I can do that! I just need a push now and then. Thanks! Susie

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