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June 13, 2008



Karla, wow these cards look so great. Your Great Aunt is going to be so touched, what a wonderful idea. Karen


WOW how sweet are all those cards!! SOO Pretty!! what a bunch of talented ladies!!


That is a lot of beautiful! So very fun! You have to take pictures of her face when you give them all to her!

Jan & Tom Tanis

Awwwwwwww...the cards are adorable...your Great Aunt is going to love them. What lovely friends we all have here...just from our Blogs!!! I love it!!


María Elena

I am glad that the card has arrived on time, now it remains to be seen an expression of your aunt.


Your aunt is going to be blown away! Are you going to videotape her reaction?

Gumbo Lily

Amazing cards!
Looking forward to your bedroom paint project.


Mary Jenkins

that is so sweet! i wish i had known. I'd have been honored to make a card for your auntie. They sure did a good job though.

Joanne  Kennedy

Oh I'm happy my card made it there! How sweet of you to a give away.


Sheila R

Your Aunt is just going to love them. Your new bedroom color is beautiful, can't wait to see it when you are finished and everything is put back!

LiLi M.

So it is going to happen...You in that plane with a 100 handmade cards for your great aunt! Don't forget to take pictures when she sees them, but then there will be plenty of time (taking a look at 100 cards). I have to go to Flickr yet, but you know Saturday and a 1001 things to do...and I'm reading blogs...(and very much enjoying that thanks btw for highlighting my card blush, blush).
That color you have chosen looks so good. Wishing you good luck on painting, but I'm sure it will turn out fine and you'll be looking all over the place what to paint next lol! Have fun!


Yeah! :) It made it there! :) SO Happy to have been a part of such a great project! Btw, I just realized I didn't mention my blog on there, so in case you need to know, the painted one from Meredith is me...the Victorian Lady! :)

How lucky she is to have a niece like you!



What a wonderful gathering of creativity! Will you be showing a pic of her with all her cards?


Ladies, I stand in awe! Beautiful creations all of them.


Wow, the talent those ladies have is amazing! Great cards!


wow! there are some beautiful cards!! Such awesome talent!!! Your Aunt is gonna love them!!!
Can't wait to see the paint color.

Karen Young

Karla, What a lovely array of cards. Your Aunt will be so surprised



WOW!!! 107 cards. Will they be carry on? Hand-cuffed to your wrist? happy happies.

Elaine L.

The cards are awesome! They will be a wonderful family keepsake.



Hi Karla

Sorry I missed the big 100 day---best wishes to her!
Love the color you chose for the room--looks great with the mirror-


Oh my gosh, Karla. Each one is just beautiful. I know Aunt Caroline is going to love them.


Hi Karla!
Sign me up! I love your taste and whatever treasures you find will be wonderful! Happy June! Karen b....

Amy Wald

Hi Karla - So fun to see all the cards! Hope your Aunt is suprised. (Mine was the pink ruffled one - I must have left off my name, sorry).


Hi Karla,

I'm so glad you received the card. I'm probably one of the Kathy's who left her name off...so sorry. Mine is in the first photo, black and pink with the Shakespeare quote (hope that helps).

All of the cards are so beautiful. I can't wait to hear how it goes with your Great Aunt, I'm sure it's going to be incredible.


oh WOW!!! the cards are all so beautiful:) i am very happy to have sent one also, what a lovely bounty to present to your aunt!!!


How neat. I'm sorry I missed the card shower for your Aunt Caroline. I've been away for awhile. I love that paint color. It reminds me of my kitchen at home, which is that same gray greenish taupe color.... Mine's called Twilight, but nurture is great! Have fun. Give your aunt a belated hug from Missouri!


I hope your aunt will have a great birthday!


WOW!!! That is going to make your Great Aunt feel SO special to receive so many beautiful and original handmade cards!!! Such talented readers you have!!! Happy 100th to your Great Aunt!! I hope her birthday is super special!!!


Jerri Wood

So sorry I miss the birthday cards for your Auntie, I have been MIA lately. But I love how your room is coming along. The ceiling is something, I don't know if I could do it though.

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