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June 09, 2008



You did mention that your were up at four this morning, but I believe the fairy sprinkled you with extra fairy dust, and that is why you were able to make so many pretties.


Wow! How creative you are. Sounds like getting up at 4 o'clock might be a good idea. You certainly made good use of the time.

Alison Gibbs

Wow you have been busy. Love the music box and all your other creations.


Wow, you've had a busy and productive day. I'm sure it feels great, but getting into bed will feel even more wonderful!
Sleep well and wake up with even more creativity!


M (Tales From an OC Cottage)

What treasures! You have an amazing day tomorrow!

m ^..^


..."(well, you know how a studio can be, you buy this odd stuff here and there and stash it away never knowing when you'll need it),"....WELL, YEP! Glad you had an awesome day Karla. Have fun at your Tea Party.

jessi nagy

look at all this sugary sweetness!!
gorgeous stuff!!!


Gosh! NOthing I like better than rescued dolls! And they all turned out so pretty! Now go to bed!

Susan Hickam

Hi Karla! Love the way the music box turned out. It is great to see you on the web. I've missed being able to come to your shop so it's fun to see what you've been up to online. Still love the pear painting I bought from you a few years back. It hangs in my pink kitchen and looks terrific. Hope you got some rest.

Jessica Canham

Your music box is adorable. I love all the pink foofiness! And those little slippers!

Heather~ Pretty Petals

Just love all of your pretties you made... can't wait to hear of your party tomorrow!



I like the "morning after" fairy doll, lol! I've been a bridesmaid more than once, and a couple of times I saw the sunrise looking rather like she does!
Wendy @ ethelsmommy@yahoo.com


Karla, oh my!!! your fairy makeovers are fabulous...the music box is TDF!!! and the poor bride went from trash to treasure, she looks very lovely now...that scoundrel will be very sorry for breaking her heart!!!

Barbara Burkard

sweet sweet sweet!!!!

Amy of Bunny Rose Cottage

WOW Karla!!!! You have been so busy! I LOVE each and every fairy you created, I couldnt pick a favorite!! So beautiful!

Oh how I wish I would be in your area! The tea party sounds fabulous! I am so jealous. A tea party is my very favorite thing to do!



Oh my gosh! I love the dolls karla! One of my favorite things to collect and to dress them up! Love it all!


Boy, you sure know how to make the most of an early day! I'm in awe that you resisted the urge to return to slumber! But how productive were you?!!! Gorgeous treasures -- especially the music box and fairies! Bravo! (Hope you can get in a nap before teatime!)

LiLi M.

Wow you have made some super creations! You make getting up at 4 am sound like fun!


You are SO talented! You look like you have been keeping yourself really busy with all sorts of adorable projects!

Elaine L.

Your story about the Bride doll really gave me a chuckle. She really cleaned up nice!


Elaine L.

I hear that the summer issue of Romantic Country will come with subscription cards. How many issues are published each year?



When I have to take my DH to the airport early I also get a nice head start on the day before the teenagers wake up I can catch a few minutes at the craft table and I treasure it. I love your little story of the jilted bride doll! She really looked worse for the wear!


Beautiful you faires! My girl I am enchanted!
A greeting

Natasha Burns

I love your fairy touches, wow what an early start to the day!!! Yes a good idea not to make a habit of it every day though, lol!


I love all your projects Karla!!
You are so talented!!

Ele at A bit of Pink Heaven

I'm loving this post of yours. Your creations are so yummy!


Such fabulous fairy goodness going on here. Quite a transformation on the bride doll. I'm sure she is very grateful.



I'm so amazed at what you're able to do with a 50 cent doll! They all look gorgeous... Maybe I should try getting up at 4 am to see if my crativity woiuld get an extra boost? Hm, somehow, I think my creativity would only come out as crabbiness...


Found your blog today... it's like a fairy tale!

Mary Isabella

The early bird catches the wormand you certainly did with all you beautiful creations....Mary

Miss Sandy

It looks like you were on a roll! Wow! Great creations, however, none of them will give your precious Sugarwings a run for her money!


i love all your pretties! wish i was closer for the tea party :)


I just love your fairies. I will have to start garage saleing again. You have inspired me.

Cami @ Heart-Shaped Rock Cottage

I felt the same way as your drunken doll @ my wedding... Married 8-1 and it was hotter than hades and sure enough... The A/C went out @ the Country Club where we were having our reception. I don't think glitter would have helped. Love all your foo-foo-ed pieces. So fun!

sandra @7th St. Studio

Karla, I was just scrolling through your blog catching up, when I spied that ballerina/fairy/sugared bird/millnery flower creation!!! OMGosh!!! Is that one for sale? I quickly checked etsy and did not find it...if it is still available, I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed it!!! Like a hole in the head!!hehe! Just let me know-Sandra


So many pretty fairies! I loved the bride story you made up about the doll! So fun to read!! Made me giggle! I was tired reading your post, and you still had more things to do. WOW....to have your energy!! :-)


Patricia Brightwell

Wow -- what an incredible site. I googled "how to gild" and stumbled on your site by "accident." It's wonderful -- I am a magazine freak and absolutely love every magazine featured on the site -- and I'm a writer and you get to write articles for them -- that is incredible !!! I've bookmarked the site in my favorite places, and I know I'll spend lovely hours looking at everything. I love kittens and fairies. I love that you painted the inside of the tool shed door -- so many ideas. Thanks for all your hard work and sharing it with us. I live just outside Richmond, Va. and the "cottage" look is just starting to catch on, although I've loved it for years !!!

Sherry Goodloe

My kind of girl! I'm up at 4 or 4:30 EVERY morning like clock work. Love Love LOVE the decorated bottles and the glittered birdie. Everything is so sweet.

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