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June 24, 2008



Gorgeous!!! You are sooooo funny:) I have been loving your posts with darling Sugarwings and darling Twinkle who thinks she is Sugarwings. Love the wee video of that dear wee girl and her baby and her pram and purse! It was so strange to hear your accent!!! Also the post with the dog in the dress and naked baby doll had me snorting with laughter! Happy travels and happy celebrations. Rachael:)

Jan & Tom Tanis

Have fun on your trip...I know the people receiving your Fairy Bottles will love them, they're so cute!


Natasha Burns

Have a wonderful time away and be sure to take lots of pics of your lovely Aunt! hope the glue dries!!! xo


Gosh, I didn't realize how useful fairies could be! I need a fairy that keeps the cats from tracking litter all over the house: Kitty Litter Flower fairy. ;)
Have a great time with your family!

Karen Young

Karla, love the Fairy Bottles, I'm sure your family will love them.

Have a good time

Hugs Karen

Sheila R

I thought I was the only one that waited until the last minute and had glitter in their bed! Hope you have a wonderful trip!


hee hee hee, those fairy notes are cute:) your jar fairies are adorable Karla...sorry about your ruined manicure, that is why i don't even bother worrying about my nails...watch out for glitter splinters, they hurt!!!


Have a wonderful vacation, Karla! Your family will really be happy to see you coming - bearing all those amazing cards and gifts! I wasn't able to make a card for your aunt, but recently made one for a lady who just turned 105! In one of the photos she showed everyone how she can still touch her toes!
It's really nice and green here since we've had a lot of rain. Hope you get to enjoy some good beach weather and have safe travels.
Jane - Jacksonville

LiLi M.

Those fairy bottles are so darn cute!! I think it's such a good idea to put acorns in the bottles as well, mmm i have to tell my husband that we cannot throw away anything anymore (read he...the other day I couldn't find a bucket of shells...). Have a nice trip Karla! Of course we'll miss you dearly here!


I love your fairy bottles ! I love Sugar Blossom too, seen on Bethany's blog, so cute !


Isn't Glimmer Mist so much fun? Hope you have a great trip!


Hi Karla,
I must say, of all the wonderful times I have missed during various truancy times in blogland, missing a chance to send your Granny a 100th birthday card is the top! I wish her the very best Birthday Graces!!!!
Have a wonderful trip!!!
Stop by when you get back. the week of the 23 of june you may find some fun projects and a recipe (two to be exact) that you may like to try!!! My gift to yoou an all!



One of the reasons I hardly ever get a manicure - now a pedicure - much easier to keep neat!


You are one amazing woman. I love your work. Just love it. Until I got on the computer I was the only Fairy person I knew. Wow, we are everyplace.


Please, please, please tell me-what is the secret to all your energy???
Have a wonderful trip!

Carrie West

Oh I just LOVE your bottles with the little captured cuties!!!!! Your work and your blog is such an inspiration for so many of us!!~

I hope you have a most WoNdErFuL trip and truly enjoy yourself!!!!!!~

Take care.

Lisa Russell

Oh, everything looks so nice! I love the fairy names! Such a cool idea. Have a safe trip and please tell Aunt Caroline that Florida Girls say HAPPY 100th BIRTHDAY to her!!



Why or why do we wait till the last minute to do the "special" things? I guess our minds are so busy with the details of a trip that we keep pushing the creative thoughts back until they finally just pop up and say LISTEN - NOW!
The Fairy Bottles are darling.
Have fun!


The bottle fairies are darling. Not quite as adorable as Sugarwings and Twinkle, but darling just the same.

Hope you enjoy your time away.



Have a wonderful, wonderful time. And, Happy Birthday to Aunt Caroline.

Pam Schroeder

Hope you have a great time! I kick myself for putting things off to the last minute too. I love all your fairies!


Have a grand time, Ms. Karla, and happy day to Aunt Caroline! She has quite a fan club! (I know what you mean about the glitter... don't ask.)

Last night I was able to find the Romantic Country magazine. I was very excited when I found it and the woman stacking the mags said, "You're very happy!" I pointed out your name and she said, "I never knew anyone who was in a magazine before!" This isn't my first Karla piece in print, but delighted to add it! (Plus the rest of the mag is pretty good, too!)

a home far away

What a wonderful blog you have!
I am a swedish woman living in Singapore feel free to visit:-)


Alauar Parrish

Oh how cute you little fairies are, you do such a great job on them. I hope you have a wonderful time on Vacation. Take time out to slow down and relax. And eat a large piece of birthday cake. yummy!!!!!!!


Gumbo Lily

I hope one of your brothers doesn't get "Tootsie Twinkle Tulip Fairy's" note on his fairy bottle.

Cute idea. Have a happy trip!


Have a safe and magical trip, Karla... the fairy jars are precious! I hope to see pictures of Caroline when you present her with all of her cards!

It was an honor to participate and create a special card for such a special Lady!



Love the little bottles you made, very cute! Have a wonderful time on your trip! Love your blog!

I'm having a giveaway at my blog to celebrate the opening of my boutique!


Joanne  Kennedy

Have a fun and safe trip! Those bottles are darling. I love the bag for the cards too. Take lots of pictures so we can join in the fun.

See you when you get home.


These are so cute and pretty! They will love them. And I hope you are having a good time!!! Thank you also for participating in the Kokeshi show at the last minute!!! Everyone loves your fairy :) See you when you get back ;)


Bottle fairies? they are really cool. I can't help but wonder how you get the fairy in the bottle. It must be like ship-building....

Debb George

Love your fairy's in a bottle they all so cute and your granddagther is cute in her pink dress.


OH My!! The fairy bottle are too cute!! Im sure anyone who gets them as a gift will love them!! You are super talented!! Oh and the Glitter all over your bed!! EEKKSS!!! Well at least there will be a lovely shimmer to the linen!!
Have a great weekend!!


I hope you have a fun, glittery trip! Please enter me in the giveaway!
karen b....


I love the bottles you made! They came out so cute!!

I'm sorry that you messed up your manicure, but am so glad that you decided NOT to sleep on the glitter! Although, if you did decide to sleep on it, just think how sparkly you would be for your trip! :-)

I hope you have a safe trip, but even more, I hope you have a fabulous visit!!


Barbara Burkard

sweet sweet sweet!!!



I LOVE the bottle fairies. What a great idea, and so cute!
Enjoy your celebration!


Well hope you're having fun on your trip! I've missed SugarWings!

“Personality is the glitter that sends your little gleam across the footlights and the orchestra pit into that big black space where the audience is.” - Mae West


Cami @ Heart-Shaped Rock Cottage

I could have used DE Delight Fairy back last Dec. Have a lovely trip! Love your fairy bottles!

Debb George

Karla ,
I love the little girl in the bottlewhere did you gets thisimages?
Thanks debb


Oh I love your bottle faries.



Ah, what we'll do for art--even forsake our nails!


Love the bottle fairies and your glossary... How fun was that!!!
I found many of your emails in my JUNK MAIL. GRRRRrrrrr. I had no idea that my provider was junking my emails. I've got a new e addy now but can't get typepad to switch it.
I received a bottle fairy that is so cute from my cowboy swap partner, I've got to get some pics blogged.


I just stumbled onto your blog...I love your bottle fairies! have a great trip!



I just stumbled onto your blog...I love your bottle fairies! have a great trip!


mary ellen

OOOO, first time here, will be coming back.....I love your cottage.....love your blog.......love the fairies in the bottle.......man I love everything today!!!!!!

Edie Marie's Attic

Hi Karla!
Please enter me in your Garage Sale Giveaway!
I love all the fabulous cards you collected for Aunt Caroline, how wonderful!!
Hugs, Sherry

Edie Marie's Attic

AND love the darling fairies in the bottles! What a fabulous creative mind you have Karla!
Hugs, Sherry


Those are just darling!!! Your fairy bottles are lovely - perhaps you'll leave a trail of glitter on your travels! Karla's new calling card.... GLITTER! =)


Karla, tjose are the cutest little jars I have ever seen and I just adore all of the names on your list :)

Have a safe trip!


Mary Isabella

I love the Fairy Bottles. They are awesome...Mary

Lolly Busey

Your bottle fairies are fantastic! Hope you are having a wonderful time on your trip!

Vicki Chrisman

Your jars are just DARLING Karla!.. I started working on some a while back..but CHA work is stopping me from getting back to them...(but soon).


Have a wonderful trip! Please enter me in the giveaway! karen b....


Aw, those fairies are so beautiful! Adorable!

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