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June 22, 2008



The few times I have dyed stuff it seems like baking it out in the sun helps "set" it. Love all the pretties! I didn't see our cards on flickr but I'll look again and upload a pic if it's not on there. :) Have fun in Florida we can't wait to see you when you get back :)

Kathleen Grace

Oh good! I am so glad that the card got to you in time to take to your Aunt Caroline!:>) You get more done in a week than I do in a month! Have fun in Florida!


Thanks for stopping by to visit me. Although my vocabulary may have something to do with my mental acuity, menopause has certainly taken its toll of vocabulary retrieval. It took me three days to think of the word "smoldering"; I didn't need the word for anything, I just couldn't think of it for the life of me.

Alauar Parrish

Love the Poll out front of the store you did, you are at great artists. The little fairies are so cute have a great trip and in joy.


Brenda Kula

Oh my word! You are one talented lady! I'm so happy you left a comment on my blog so I had a way of finding you! By the way, I'm 51. To me the worst part is men-o-pause. Aside from that, it's not bad. Well, the waist-that-went-away, that's kind of bad, I guess. And then there's the squinting at everything and having to make your fonts so big so YOU can read it while writing... Oh well, that's life. Better than the alternative, huh! Anyway, I've bookmarked you and I'll be back!


Karla, you have been one busy lady. The pole painting looks great; it should attract a lot of customers.

I looked at all of the cards for Aunt Caroline. They are just awesome.

Amy of Bunny Rose Cottage

Karla, you are so amazing! Everything you creat is so beautiful! I LOVE your fairies and will have to have one to represent my secret garden :)

We are going on vacation starting Saturday :) I hope you have a fabulous time and a safe trip!



Wow... if I'm gone I miss so much! I think your pole turned out perfectly! That looks so great. I could see you doing that all around the city! I love the compote you found too. I think this summer I'm going to start hitting all the second-hand shops and flea markets I can find. Everyone is pinching pennies these days so I hope I find something. Have a great time in Florida! I miss it already. Siesta Keys is a perfect beach...you were right! I didn't make a card for your Aunt but send her a hug from me and tell her there's a little Caroline here who is honored to share her name!! Thank you so much for submitting a doll to my show too!! I love it and I can't wait for everyone to see it on Wednesday!! Take care! xoxo Bethany

Karen Young

Karla, you have been busy...took a look at all the cards and they are just wonderful. Your aunt will be surprised. Your altered sandals look great and comfy.


Linda and Laura Lilly Cottage

Oh I love the pole you painted, surely that will be a drawcard to that shop, I am sure I would go that way just to look at the beautiful pole!!! Have a magical day, kiss noises Linda Lilly Cottage.


When do you sleep? Do you sleep? You are an inspiration!


I love your yard sale finds. I find that I am being more selective also in my hunt for treasures. But maybe that's a good thing. xoxo, Joanna

Mary Isabella

I loved your finds and the shoes look really great....Mary

Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

The pole is beautiful! That will certainly draw people in to the shop! Have a terrific time in Florida. I looked at all the cards on flickr, they are wonderful!


Hi Beth,
Wow you have been busy lately, love what you did with the pole.
Cheers Linda

Cathy Scalise

I absolutely adore this last photo with the fairy on top of the bottle. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!



What a super blog you have! I've been so enjoying it! Your kitten is adorable & I love the fairies too.



I'm not sure how you pull it all off, but wow! Love the pole, by the way. The pink is perfect. And that scoop was definitely a blast from my past! I'll check out the cards -- enjoy your Florida sojourn in your snappy new sandals!


Well you certainly made those shoes fabulous and oh so you! I know what you mean about losing mojo - maybe it is the summer - I just want to be outside and not in my basement craft room!


Loving those sandal charms Karla!
xo natalea

Judy Rawnsley

LOVE the dyed shoes and how you decorated them. I'm off to rummage thru my closet and see what I can find!!!


wow! what a great post! Safe travels and have fun visiting your great aunt C.


Just thought I'd pop in and wave you on your way to Florida and Aunt Caroline's Birthday bash and your vacation. Have an AWESOME time. Happy happies.


Karla, I absolutely love your handpaintings, especially your gorgeous roses. Your stairs are just beautiful.


I love how you dyed the rose! It came out so pretty!

I also think it's so sweet that you make a special effort to create a work of art when packaging the treasures you're mailing to your customers/friends. I know from receiving something recently from Etsy, my first time buying from them, that it was SUCH a special surprise to see how pretty it was wrapped. I'm sure the recipients of your packages really appreciate the extra effort you put into the packaging process.

I also think the pole you painted in front of the store is gorgeous! What kind of store was it? I definitely like the pink more than I think I would've liked the red......but I'm a pink fanatic!!!

I love the doll you have in the last picture!! She's darling!!

Have fun on your trip!!


Lolly Busey

I would never have thought to dye the shoes - you are seriously a creative genius!! :-)

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