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June 03, 2008



A little artist in the making! You have much more red than you realized I bet. Margot chases after our resident bunny as well!

Sara Duckett

Thank you for playing Karla! I LOVE that first picture!


you found some great reds Karla!!! i am giggling over the {?} air compressor because at first the only reds i thought i would be able to find for today all had the craftsman label...well, then i looked a little harder thank goodness...LOL...i love that picture of Miss Sugarwings concentrating very hard over her painting:)


Great pics for Sadie's I Saw Red challenge! Love Miss Sugarwings deep in concentration on her painting. She must must have a little artist in her since she can stay engrossed for that long. Oh and I just love your Yorkies...the one on the chair reminds me of our Candy.

Karen Young

Karla, poor Twinks, you know he couldn't help chasing the bunny. What's a puppy to do???

I loved your bits of red Great shots.



Hi Karla,
I found you through Carol's blog. You have a very pretty blog as well.
I am also doing the red thing this week.
I love the cement bird. The baby of course!!!
Visit me sometime,


Your first picture is my favorite too. I love that unique planter!


They do think they are always right and it continues . . . she is just so sweet looking. I do adore the supermodel fur child though as I keep telling you!

Jessica Canham

Great photos! I'm not into the orange-reds either, but I do love my red espadrilles. I love to see kids into art, too, and I hope she always has that much enthusiasm for it.


oh love the shabby rose borders and love seeing all your red finds
such a wonderful blog you have for sure

Amy P

Poor Twinkle, first the burrs then to be mistaken for a Dash???? Goodness!

Anyway, I wanted to let you know there's a little something for you on my blog :)


Your paintings are so pretty! I love all the flowers and outdoor garden decor~ I will be sharing my RED tommarow!

Jen R

Great pics fot thr red challenge!!! I love it when they get lost in thier work for a while. It looks like she had a great time ;) Jen R

bs honey

Hey there. I'm a country girl, well I used to be. Anyway, I've always called those little burrs that poor Twinks brought home on him...Hitch Hikers..'cause that is what they do, all the way home with you.
Isn't is nice to build wonderful memories with that beautiful granddaughter of your's.
Blessings & Hugs,

Joanne Kennedy

Oh I love the posts where you look around your house for different colors. It seems like there is always more things then you thought there would be.

I love your chippy red bird!

Your puppies are SO cute! I hope you got your little guy all fixed up and back to his sweet pretty self.


Lili M.

Hi Karla! I have been looking for red on ruby tuesday too! Now I read here the blog is called Sadie Olive and not the lady oh well there are worse things in this world. That picture of Sugarwings is soooo good. You managed again to capture such a beautiful moment. I wonder what she has been making or do you deliberately hold that behind because she's (almost) better than you? LOL
Of course she disagrees with you. Me and my mum, me and my daughter, me and my granny we always are/were having disagreements, alsmost like a second nature, The germans have a lovely saying Was sich liebt das neckt sich (hope I spell it right) don't know if you remember any german at all but otherwise for the other readers: when you love somebody you will always have little fights. Have a nice day Karla!

Sheila R

I gives me great pleasure to see you "crafting" with you granddaughter! I remember sitting at my grandmother's side and learning how to crochet. She was so patient with me. We talked and laughed. Those are the special times that I remember so fondly. I just know Sugar Wings will too!

Beth Leintz

I can't believe you could keep Leelee occupied for an hour with paints- that is incredible- what a great picture- did you let her use your good brushes?

Niesz Vintage Home

Love your bits of red!
Red flowers in the garden are about all I would have to show. (well, maybe a fabric or two).

Your poor puppy. :(
I hope all the burrs came out easily for you.
Kimberly :)

Oh! And I loved, loved the outdoor picnic photos! The lace curtains and beautifully draped chairs made for stunning setting.

Amy of Bunny Rose Cottage

What a beautiful post Karla! I love your red touches here and there! I dont have any red in my house other than Chad's 20 red tee shirts! It is his favorite color. Where did you get that cool chippy char? I love that!!!!

SO cute that Sugarwings thinks the dog painting is Twinkle!!!! I have had MANY arguments very similar with my five boys, lol!! The dog painting is gorgeous!! It looks just like him!



Love the 'hide & seek' reds you've found, Karla! Hope you got all the burrs off poor Twinkle...
Thanks for dropping by my blog & entering the giveaway-- much appreciated!


Love the 'hide & seek' reds you've found, Karla! Hope you got all the burrs off poor Twinkle...
Thanks for dropping by my blog & entering the giveaway-- much appreciated!

cami @ creating myself

Twinkle looks highly pleased w/ herself! ;o)

María Elena

Although one don't wish, there's always something red at home.


Your little spots of red brightened our day.

I feel certain Sugarwings has many delights in store for you.

susans at black eyed susans kitchen

Karla, That baby always makes me smile and or giggle. She is such a cutie. I will be looking in on the reds..we also have our flower garden in shades of lavenders and pinks, but there is a peonie in the backyard that is scarlet and may be ready to open. Susan

Miss Rhea

Surgarwings is such a good little artist and takes after her Fairy Grandmother. :) Lovely garden pics. I have an old iron chair like that. It was my great Aunt's. :) Looks wonderful in your garden. :)


Wonderful celebrate red post! I just got my panels in the mail yesterday, so lovely. Thanks for all your hard work putting these together. Karen


Your beginning painting is adorable, and I can see how sugarwings thought it was twinkle! Once they start arguing though, they don't stop... no matter how old they get!? And how precious to see her so deep into her art project! She is going to grow up to be a wonderful artist just like her grammy! Love the bits of read you shared!


Karla - I always love reading your posts! Yes, 2 yr olds are ALWAYS right! My 2 yr old would totally agree with that.
Thanks again for all the work and time you and Beth put into the Vintage Workshop swap! I got mine yesterday and one of my favs just happened to be in there! SOOOO made my day! I smile everytime I walk by it.
Thank you!!!

Mary Isabella

Everything is so pretty and red.I love it all. She really has a high attention level(2 hours) that is awesome!!!! Have a great day....Mary


Does she move her lips around as she works so intently? I know a little one who did that. So cool...Happy Wednesday to you.


What lovely colors! And you're right -- two hours is a significant portion of Sugarwings life so far -- when you break down the hours she's lived compared to us! Golly, you almost freaked me out -- I was looking at the pictures before reading the text and first I saw SugarWings drawing and then the beautiful dogs and I thought, "Holy Cow! She's a prodigy!" Maybe she is, but I confess I was relieved to see it was your enchanting art that was looking back at me!


Love the little artist!


I love your watercolors! And little one painting is just too precious.
Have a great day~

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Oh my gosh, Karla! Is Sugarwings a "mini-you" or what?!

Heather~ Pretty Petals

oh my gosh, just LOOK at how INTO her artwork she is! What a sweet baby she is.

Lovin your red and poor baby twinks, look at those burrs! eek!


Elaine L.

Two hours is an amazing amount of time for a two year old to stay busy. I think she's a budding artist.



Love all of your red…

Look at that sweet little hand of Sugarwing’s, holding that brush with such concentration…
Too cute…



I love that chair/planter1 And your dogs are so sweet! thanks for coming to my porch party! hope to see you again. :) xoxo, Joanna


Oh I can see it now....she is going to be just like her Grammy!!! And that, as Martha would say, is a good thing!!

Big Hugs,
Angelic Accents


My favorite pic is of Sugarwings, of course!! She's such a doll, and you're right, that was AWESOME that she was able to stay on task for so long! I think it's so wonderful and so special that the two of you share such a close bond and that you dicuss your art work together! What special memories you're building for her.

Twinkle is such a cutie, but I won't tell my mom why he looked the way he looked. My mom is way too much of a bunny fan!! :-)

Thanks for sharing your RED pics with us!!


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