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June 01, 2008



Looks like so much fun! I can't wait for that issue to come out, I always wondered what happened behind the scenes. :)

fated follies studio

karla, i'm so happy that i won something from one of my favorite blog - yours! thank you so very much. it looks like the photo shoot went well, aside from the curtain thing. are the photos going in a magazine?


fated follies studio

i'm sorry, i guess i missed that romantic country was a magazine. i'm not sure i've ever seen one before.

Dede Warren

Winner! Winner! Chicken dinner... yeah for me!!!
thanks, thanks, thanks!

Karen Young

Karla, it looked like a fun day. But, the ending sounded so very good.


Jessica Canham

Sounds like a lot of work! Question is, would you do it again just to have a picnic there yourself? lol!
Does Romantic Country have a website? I've only seen the magazine once at CVS and thought it was a little pricey at $6.95 for such a skinny magazine. I'm curious to know more about it.


Just found your site, looks like you had a grand time. I love the magazine Romantic Country, it always has beautiful ideas. I also think it is neat that you always do a giveaway. How fun is that? Can't wait to see the fall issue. Thanks for sharing.


what a beautiful "fall" picnic, it's so romantic.


Congrats to the winners!! Wow...what a great behind the scenes peek! Looks great!


Congratulations to Jenny and Dede for their win in the giveaway!!!

The photo shoot looks like it was so much fun to set up!! I don't think I've ever seen that magazine, but now I'm definitely going to have to pick up a copy!!!


Alison Gibbs

Sure Miss Gaudy 'a touch is enough!!! - I don't think so.
Sounds like you had a fun time with the shoot

Joanne Kennedy

Thanks for the sneak peek. I can't wait to find that magazine for sale near me. It looks like there will be at least one beautiful story in there. I know, I know they are all beautiful but yours will be the best I'm sure.



The shoot looks like so much fun... thanks for the sneak peek. I'm excited there will be a card for subscriptions AT LAST to Romantic Country. It is hard to locate here in my area, and I sometimes have had to order it from a local Barnes and Noble..... yay.... Can't wait to see your picnic through the lens next fall.


Oh, you tease!! Everything I can see looks just lovely! Is that an earring placed as a napkin ring holder decoration? I just LIVE to read the next Romantic Country. I SURE do wish they would let us subscribe! Put in a word about that to Fifi!!

Y'all look so cute & happy out in that Kansas field!!!

Big Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Cami @ Heart-Shaped Rock Cottage

I drag stuff around w/ the aid of my riding mower ALL THE TIME! Too funny! Although I've never hung curtains from trees. Eagerly awaiting fall and the fall issue of RH's. How did that Calgon work out for you?!

Elaine L.

It sounds like a truly fun day! I can't wait to see it in the magazine. It's something I'll really look forward to.

Wow, your "give-a-ways" are getting better all the time. Lucky Jenny and Dede!



Hi Karla!

I just saw that you won the Giveaway at A Lovely Thing! I wanted you to know that when my son plugged in the numbers on Random.org, you were second... I know this isn't going to make you do cartwheels, but I did find comfort that you had won another Giveaway!

Congrats to the winners of your Giveaway!

Hugs, KJ


Hi Karla,
Congrats to the winners of your May giveaway. It looked like you had a very busy day, looked like a lot of fun though, I hope that you will post the resulting photos when the mag comes out as I am unable to get Romantic Country over here and I would love to see the end results.
Cheers Linda

Beth Leintz

Wow! Beautiful- I'm not a purple person either but you made it look great!


What fun, what work…
I am looking forward to see all the wonderful magic in the fall issue…


cami @ creating myself

I cannot wait to get that issue! Lovely lace backdrops...thanks for the preview!


everything looks so beautfiul! i'll be excited to see the finished product!


This must have been so much fun. I am anxious to see all of the pictures.

Congratulations to the winners.

Amy of Bunny Rose Cottage

Hi Karla!
Congratulations to the winners!!
I cannot wait to see your feature in Romantic Country! It is so funny, because when you look at a magazine, everything seems so perfect, you would never think a thing could go wrong, lol! I just know it will be beautiful! And Sugarwings will love knowing that she helped create those beautiful picturea!



What fun to get a behind the scenes look....it's amazing the amount of work involved. I'll be sure to look for this issue. Linda

Dede Warren

Oh Karla you crack me up! I can just picture it all, isn't it the learning lessons while doing something that make it all fun?! Sounds like a good time, both with the photo shoot, and this evening with the wine, a good book, and the jacuzzi!



looks like you had great fun Karla :) congrats to the winners xxx


Sounds and looks like you had fun! I can't wait to see the pictures in the fall magazine. Hopefully by then, I will have a subscription of my own so I don't have to chase it down at the book store!!


It truly is so much fun to see what you are up to!


What fun to look behind the scenes - we never know what's gone on before and after those beautiful magazine spreads.

Congratulations to your winners!



Congrats to Jenny and Dede!
The photo shoot looks like a good one, but, they always are. I can't wait to see it in print! I love Carol and her blog as well. How fun would it be to work with the two of you all day?!!!
Have a great week!


Ahhh, it's already looking so good! Can hardly wait to see that issue of Romantic Country!




How fun! There is a whole world behind the scenes, isn't there? And illusion is everything! Well, it looked absolutely gorgeous and like great fun! So glad all systems were go!

Barbara Burkard

....hasn't time told you that CALGON lies? been there tried it..and you don't go ANYPLACE!

....I'm enjoying the visuals of the shoot...thanks for sharing...I sent off Aunt carolines card to you today...hope you enjoy it!


Mary Isabella

Everything looks so beautiful. I know lots of hard work went into all of this. You deserve to put your feet up with that good book...Smiles...mary


It all looks so glamorous in the magazines but I can see it's a lot of work--especially on a steamy day like yesterday! Thanks for sharing some behind-the-scenes with us...looking forward to seeing the results in the fall!


How COOL is this Karla! So neat seeing behind the scenes like this!


Pam Schroeder

It takes so much work to look so grand! You guys are blessed to have such a creative streak! I love the little flower holders - good idea! I'd like to be at the party around that table!

Edie Marie's Attic

Hi Karla!
I can hardly wait to see everything you do for the magazine shoot! How exciting!! Have fun!
Hugs, Sherry

Sheila R

Thanks for sharing your story on what goes on behind the scenes! It looked like a lot of fun.

Alicia ~ time worn style

FANTASTIC!! wish we didnt have to wait so long for the USA magazines to get out here in Australia :0(
Alicia ~ time worn style


You are such a slacker. Always off relaxing. j/k!!

Seriously, the photo shoot looks amazing! Thanks for giving us the inside scoop. It's nice to have friends who are so well connected, lol!!


Wow, that is so amazing all the work that goes into a photo shoot. Thanks for sharing all that beautiful and hard work with the rest of us in blog-land.


Hi Karla,

Thank you so much for sharing these neat behind the scenes glimpses! Can't wait to see the magazine :)



Wow..I'm so envious. I hope to have a day like this! I loved the Antique curtains in the trees. Too bad that didn't make the cut. You have the best job in the world!

Theresa/Garden Antqs Vintage

What an awesome shoot!! Carol is the sweetest and seems to have the best stash. Can't wait to see the issue.



Thanks so much for the behind-the-scenes peek! Can't wait to see the finished product on the fall issue... looks like a thoroughly fun, exhausting, exhilarating day!


Yay to Jenny and Dede! woo hoo!

cindy~My Romantic Home

I can't wait to see it. I know how much work that all is!

Holly Abston

It looks like great fun, Karla! Whenever I come to your blog, I always get myself comfy because I KNOW I'm going to be here a while trying to take in all of it, you're fascinating! xo Holly

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