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June 23, 2008


Alauar Parrish

All those beautiful hand made cards, they are all so talented. I need to go and practice on my card making skills they put me to shame. Have a great trip and a Very Happy Birthday to your Aunt.



well...nuts!!! i just took all of my pics off of flickr...it seems i was in violation of their policy re: not using flickr as a site for commerce and rather than fix my pics, i just took them off...ah well...what a darling post, i always love to see pictures of the sweet Miss Sugarwings and her adoring flock of cute dogs!!!
have a great time in Florida, i wish you very happy shopping...you seem to have quite the knack for that on your own, so i'm sure my blessings are not needed, but i am sending them anyway!!!

Suzanne Harley

Hi Karla, this post is too cute for words! Love Sugarwings and Twinkle. Have you ever thought of doing a childrens book about them? Have a wonderful time in Florida, Suzanne:)

Alison Gibbs

Have a wonderful trip larla.
Love Twinkle's dress

Rusty Cottage

Well my goodness, aren't you quite the crafty person. So much talent! I am jealous :) I just stumbled upon your blog today. Love, love, love it! It is already on my list of faves. I am on my way to check out your Etsy stuff now. God bless you and enjoy your time away. I am sure you deserve it!
~Anna @ Rusty Cottage


Are your other dorkies camera shy? I almost forgot you had two others! Kids are funny about not dressing dolls. I guess if they have no sense of modesty yet, why should their dolls?


Karkiejo, anybody that would take a tot and a doggie in that dress to a vet is BRAVE beyond words in my book, my sweeeeet cupcake!!! LOL. Just tooooo cute.


I think Twinkle looks LOVELY in the dress! I used to dress my very patient cat in my doll dresses when I was little.
Hope you have a fun and safe trip; talk to you when you get back!! :)



What nice cards for your Aunt--I am sure she was delighted. Being 100 is a great cause to celelbrate!

Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

I saw the video earlier- it's adorable! Sugarwings is looking more and more like a little girl and not a baby! And the dress on twinkles standing in the pool- what a hoot! I crack up everytime I see her posing. She needs an agent!


The video is darn cute and Twinkle cracks me up. So many nice cards. Blogland is wonderful.

Vicki Chrisman

Oh.. as ALWAYS.. TOTAL eye candy!!!!

LiLi M.

As I wrote before; that video it sooo cute, but way too short!! But I am so happy you managed!! I know that will mean that we will see more videos in the future, well I cannot wait! Wishing you a very nice trip to Florida, say 'congrats' to your greataunt from LiLi from the Netherlands and take care of yourselves, so we'll see you back here safe and sound!


Karla, Have a great time visiting your relatives and treasure hunting. That Sugarwings is a hoot....dressed up dog and naked dollbaby. Caroline is going to love all those cards. Have a safe trip and can't wait to see what you find.


Hello Karla! That was a sweet video :) Love the vet visit story!


Wow Karla, the cards are amazing! :)

p.s. Sugarwings looks so cute in her dress! And Twinkle too!


Kathleen Grace

Well who wouldn't love 100 beautiful handmade birthday cards! I hope Aunt Caroline has a wonderful birthday. Twinkle and Sugarwings look so cute all dressed up togeher:>)


Love Twinkle's new dress! Too cute.
I think the table and chairs would be perfect in pink!
Have a great trip.


Aah, how incredibly sweet!!!! Sugarwings and Twinkle are so adorable!! I don't know how you ever get anything done with such cuteness around you because I think I'd constantly be distracted. LOL!! It must be so much fun though to have them around for inspiration and to just make your life happy!!!

Have a wonderful trip!! I hope that your aunt has a super special birthday! I'm sure she's going to feel incredibly special to receive all those gorgeous cards that were made for her! I can't wait to hear about your trip and see your pictures!!



How cute!!! That was so sweet of Jeanne! Have a fun and safe trip! I'm sending something your way so be on the lookout when you get home :)

sandra @7th St. Studio

Awww, that Twinkle is such a good sport!! I think you should paint those chairs too!! It always helps to see things in a photo. Sherwin Williams has some new spray paint colors that are just beautiful...aqua, pink (with a hint of coral) and many more!! I just bought a set of Periwinkle blue metal yard chairs at an estate sale for 4.50 each and everytime I look at them it makes me smile...such a happy color!! Can't wait to see what you do with them!

Raised In Cotton

Sugarwings and Twinks, they are THE cutest pair ever! That dress Twinks had on is the best. Your chairs are perfect too:)


María Elena

Karla, Sugarwings is a lady, never she left the bag.


Sugarwings hair is getting lighter! Must be the warm summer sun. Twinkle's dress is darling! I can picture you all walking into the vet's. The chairs and table would look great in a cheery color. I just repainted a dark wood outdoor table a pretty light blue - looks ten times better and happier!

Karen Young

Karla, That little sweetie gets cuter every day. I just love Twinkles new dress, it's so stylish. I'm sure the vet just loved seeing it.

wish your aunt a very happy birthday and you have a wonderful time away.

Hugs Karen

Jen R

Too cute! Sugarwings and Twinkle! I love all of the cards, they are so beautiful and Creative! Jen R


All of these cards are gorgeous! I'm sure she will love these. Have a good trip!


Lolly Busey

What a great blog and the video was terrific. Your little fairy grandbaby definately has a mind of her own. :-)
I think pink chairs would rock the back of your studio! Anyway, have a great trip and hope Aunt Caroline gets a real kick out of all the cards made for her!


The pictures of Sugarwings and Twinkle are ADORABLE!!! I love the dress on Twinkle!! Enjoy your trip! The cards are all wonderful!


So many wonderful cards for Aunt Caroline -- I'm proud to be included in that company!

As for Ms. Twinkle in her dress -- three cheers! The Marmelade Gypsy is all for animals in garments, because is there any better grin? She looks adorable!

Have a glorious time! (Like the table/chairs but I agree -- some nice deep pink might pizazz it up a bit!)

Heidi Woodruff

SugarWings is so cute! You sure get a lot accomplished while she's there. When grandkids are here I can't seem to do much at all! I love all the cards the ladies created for Caroline. How cool for us to be a part of her birthday celebration! Have a great trip!


Oh my SW and Twinkle are just adorable. Thanks for showing all the cards. I think Caroline will be thrilled (I know I would be)!!! Hope you have a fantastic time!!!


Karla, you are just my kind of girl. You seem to have such a good heart. I mean just having a granddaughter you call Sugarwings and a dog named Twinkle makes me smile.

May I come live with you?

Amy of Bunny Rose Cottage

Karla, this post is so cute, I cant stand it!!! How do you get so much done with such a cute princess and puppy around??? I would be too busy kissing those cheeks all day, lol! Twinkle is darling in her dress as is Sugarwings!!! Her face is so beautiful!

I love all of the wonderful cards everyone made! And this giveaway is perfect for me :) I collect watering cans :) Everything is fabulous!

I hope you have just the best time on your trip! We are leaving Saturday for Mackinaw for a week. I hope i can get some shopping in too :)

Love ya,


Thanks for welcoming me to blogging.

Your site is wonderful!


Sugarwings just gets cuter... and cuter.. and cuter!!!! =)

Summer Kitchen Interiors

Love the new dresses! Enjoy your vacation!

Karla & Karrie

Summer Kitchen Interiors

Love the new dresses! Enjoy your vacation!

Karla & Karrie


Beautiful cards! You are such a talented woman! Darling little girl and doggies by the way!!

Janice Rehmeyer

Oh!!!! Karla, Sugarwings and Twinkles must keep putting a smile on your face. Just adorable they are.
Wishing you a wonderful time on your trip. I will miss your post each day.
Hugs, Janice

Amy P

These cards are all so beautiful, what a wonderful gift for her!

Gail Horowitz

How impressive! The cards are gorgeous!!

Viv (VivLyn)

What a lovely selection of cards! Twinkle and Sugar Wings' new dresses are adorable and so are they!! Have a great trip to Florida and bring back lots of treasures!


Have a wonderful trip, Karla. Best wishes to your sweet aunt.
All the cards are beautiful!


Elaine L.

The cards are absolutely wonderful! What a great idea to celebrate 100 years. Wow! So amazing when I think about living to be 100.

I LOVE the video of Sugarwings. You'll have to do that more often.


Lisa Russell

All of the cards look so lovely! I'm so happy I could contribute to this.


That is such a cute doggie!!
Love to be entered into your drawing. Looks like we enjoy the same things.

Miss Sandy

I would love to see the look on the face of the birthday girl when she receives all these amazing cards! You always have the best ideas! Have a safe and fantastic trip!


These cards are fabulous! I especially liked the card by "Bethany"... it always makes me smile to see a little girl with the same name! I love Twinkle's new dress too. She is too much! You are surrounded by cuteness there!


Hi Karla!
I think your metal table and chairs would look great a pale aqua! I am getting ready to paint an old smoke house that I am turning into MY playhouse,aqua. It seems to be THE color right now!
Have a safe trip and bring us back lots of goodies!


Hi Karla! I'm so happy you like the little notebook I sent you. I so appreciate you and Beth putting together the Birds & Bonnets Swap for all of us. It was certainly a lot of fun! Have a nice trip and I hope your great-auntie has a wonderful birthday!


Beautiful cards! Have a great trip.

Jill Thompson

Your little "fairies" are precious! Love the pictures! Just wanted to share with you that from inspiration from your blog, I finally finished some "blinged" birdhouses and my youngest dd was inspired to do one was well. I know, a day late and a dollar short, but still wanted you to see what your blog inspired. You can see pics on my blog. Thanks for taking time to share the inpiration.



Beautiful cards! your Sugarwings and Twinkles are too cute!


Love how you photograph the cards on top of fabric. Must try! Love your charming home & blog.

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