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June 20, 2008



Karla, your cottage is beautiful!!! Not just the mantle but everything ~ I love the tones that you've used, too. It looks like a peaceful place to me. Love the sweet pup too! xxoo, Dawn

Sheila R

Just love your beautiful house! Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures... gives me inspiration to do a little "using what I have decorating".



What a great, comfy home you have, I could just walk around happily looking at all the details!

Sherry Goodloe

I love your entire home, but I especially LOVE the roses on the stairs!!


I love how you rearranged everything! We do that too. Except sometimes Corey forgets and runs into it in the dark :) Love the sneak peek paragraph can't wait for that issue to come out. Have a great weekend!


wow you have such a beautiful cottage.. looks so comfy and of course very cottagey and your stairs are to die for!..


Irma's Rose Cottage

Love the pics of your bedroom. The mantel headboard is such a great idea. Can't wait to see your article in Romantic Country.

Irma :)

Alauar Parrish

Oh how I am drooling over those pictures. Your home is beautiful. The way you changed every thing is just wonderful, and they fit in any room you put them in, now that is cleaver and smart decorating. Great job!!



Wow, love the new room and all of the rearranging! Also, the start of your article sounds wonderful, can't wait to read about it in the Fall issue of the magazine!

Edie Marie's Attic

Hi Karla!
Your home is sooo gorgeous! I love the mantel as your headboard and the new old chair with the leopard fabric is awesome! Your details in decorating are beautiful Karla!
Hugs, Sherry

María Elena

Karla, wow, beautiful bedroom! I loved the effect antique on the furniture, and the metal pieces: wonderful.

Karen Young

Karla, loved the tour. Your bedroom is lovely and I like how your have given other rooms a whole new look with just switching things around and some touch ups. Fantastic job.



Karla, your sprucing and swapping yielded beautiful results.

Those iron pieces hanging together look great.

And, I guess we do have to let our hubbies have a bit of space in our bedrooms. Just a little bit.


Thanks for sharing more pictures of your gorgeous home! I love the gray-blue walls of your bedroom. We just painted our guest room Behr's Cool Sky. I was inspired by the colors of the Inside Out article in Romantic Homes' March issue.

Amy of Bunny Rose Cottage

Karla, can I move in?? Just kidding! Your home is so beautiful, I could stare at these pictures all say! Just so inviting!

I LOVE the fairy doll!!!



It's all so beautiful! Your blog photos are as wonderful as any magazine I've seen. Can't wait to see your article!


Karla, just found you today I have been looking at your pictures on fickr but to visit your blog is pure joy. Beautiful stuff. Thanks for sharing your bedroom.
Hugs, Diane

Lisa Russell

Oh, I just LOVE everything, and especially the beautiful fairy doll! You are very talented!

Gumbo Lily

I love the idea of "using what you have" to decorate. And your look from so many views is really terrific.



Your home is an absolute delight to view! Love the idea of a mantle for a head board! I must keep my eyes open for one! I have fairies in my secret garden! shhh..:)NG


Hi Karla~ Your house is fabulous!!! Can I come over??? I did see your article and it was great, you paint so pretttyyy!!!!

Elaine L.

I LOVE those metal salvage pieces. ITA about painting the leopard chair. I can't wait to see what you decide to do. I love the glazing you did on the banister.



Everything is gorgeous Karla. I especially love the wall underneath the stairs - that turned out so great and every time I see it, it looks better and better! And the throne - what a find! I spotted it right away and said to myself "Hey! That's a new find!" ...lol



I LOVE the color scheme in your bedroom. You totally amaze me Karla!!!


I love how everything turned out in the redecorate. I am in the process of a redo as well, but having to take my time, due to not enough time.
The throne is great! Go ahead, paint it. Wood is not sacred, and in 50 years it will give someone something to do when it just HAS to be stripped. HA HA!
Have a great trip to FL.!

Rosie's Whimsy

Golly Miss Molly! I so love your decorating style! You do the most fabulous job with every project you touch. You are quite an inspiration!

:-) Rosie

Niesz Vintage Home

Wow! Your home is beautiful!
Love that gorgeous bedroom. I have a mantel headboard, too, and get so many compliments on it.

Lovely...just lovely!

Kimberly :)


I so enjoyed looking at your incredibly beautiful cottage!!! Your style is so fun to look at that I savor every single photo you post! Thank you for sharing the special haven you've created for yourself and your family. It was a real treat!!

I also LOVED reading the first paragraph of your article!! When I was younger, it was my dream to be a magazine writer. Actually, I really wanted to have my OWN magazine, but I decided to go with my other dream of teaching. I'm pretty sure that I've mentioned here before that I am no longer able to work, and haven't worked for the last seven and a half years. Reading your article made my heart beat a little faster and brought a smile to my face. Your writing style is SO similar to mine that it felt like my old passion for writing was reignighted!! All of that from reading one paragraph! You have a special something, my friend!!!

Anyway,thanks again for opening up your home for a tour and for a sneak peek at your article.




I stumbled upon your cottage while surfing for inspiration that will motivate me to finally finish painting my kitchen ceiling. I tore out the old plaster and am painting the (thirsty for paint) exposed beams white and I am losing steam!! Thank you for sharing your creativity and beautiful home-- I will certainly visit again!




Karla, I am going to steal your idea for a headboard. I have an old mantle that I am not using at the present time. My son has moved out, so I will be doing his room just like yours. I love it!!! Love your site.

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