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July 11, 2008



OH MY! What fun you all must have had! I so wish I lived closer to come by & be inspired!
Thanks for sharing!
& the reason I stopped by today was to say 'WOW' I LOVED your spread in my new issue of Somerset Life! CONGRATS!!!


What a fun day! Funny how things always come together and you got to make those cute Oz pages yesterday too! Love the french ad, I copied it to add to my collection!


What fun you girls must have had!!! I love all the beautiful things you created too ~ I love the embossing....I've got to look into that! xxoo, Dawn


It sounds like it was a WONDERFUL and FUN day!!! Love that tag you made with the "M' on it....M for Michele....hee hee!!! Your table setting looks gorgeous, too!!



Karla, what a fun day!!! i love how that embossed paper looks, very pretty:) and that really is a stunner of a hat that Beth is wearing, i would be coveting it also!!!


What a good time we had! I can't wait for our next craft party, I'm off today to get some more embossing plates they have one that looks like sheet music :) I'll remember a bigger bag of marshmallows next time! You'll have to tell me your fav flavor. The orange and chocolate ones I make are pretty darn good! Thanks again Karla for everything!

Beth Leintz

I don't know if this will make your hat envy better or worse, but when I bought the hat, I was going to give it to you. But when I put it on, I looked so pretty (as you can tell from that oh so attractive picture), I had to keep it to wear for a few days. But don't fret, when I pull the flowers, you'll get your share!

Kim V

Looks like such a great day! Loved the creations! Thanks for sharing!

jessi nagy

what a fabulous day!! so fun!!
i want to come and play at karlas house.
tee hee.


Oh it looks like you had fun! I have seen ads for cuddlebugs, but I didn't realize what they did, how cool! Love the gorgeous green glasses you used on your dining table!


Wonderful photos, Karla! It really was the most fun kind of day--being with friends who love paper and tidbits and laughing and sharing! Thanks for your incredible hospitality...hugs, Marilyn:)


Man, I wish I could of been one of the lucky gals sitting around that table - looks like so much FUN! Definitely my idea of a good time! :)



Ok, Karla I'm finally coming out of woodwork! I really had so much fun, I can't thank you enough for including me. You've inspired me to scan more of my stuff and finish those cards I started and start some new projects. I'm in awe of everyone else's scrapbooking talents and must play catch up. Thanks again.


Well, if I wasn't on the west coast I'd be there like a SHOT, my crafting chick. (Ronda recently called me a nattering nuthatch and I'm still wondering what that one is! hah) But anyway, I'm soooo envious that you can all get together like that but looks like you had a glooooorrious fun time, you clever loveys!!!


You look like you were all having such fun! I am totally jealous of your craft space. So large and so beautiful.

I left you a little something on my blog today. Please stop by and check it out. Amy :)

Viv (VivLyn)

It looks like you ladies had a wonderful time! How fun to get all the French goodies! Wish I lived closer so I could drop in and join in the fun!

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

What a fun day! Maybe I can talk my family into moving to Kansas. LOL


You just have so much fun. Do you want to move on my street? There is a house for sale?

Irma's Rose Cottage

What a fun day you all had! Loved the hat. Wished I lived closer.
I have heard of the Cuddlebug, I need to check into that seems like you can do alot with it.

Irma :)

Elaine L.

Wow, I'm impressed with that embossing machine! It would be cool to print out a Christmas letter and then emboss it.


Sadie Lou

How fun was that? Sounds like it was a blast! I really need to organize a craft day like this=sounds wonderful.


Your home is so full of life, friends and happiness! I wish I lived near you. I would love to come by and play too!


it looks like you guys had a fantastic time and what a cute little girl!


Vicki Chrisman

Once agan.. SO JEALOUS!!!


What a fun day you all had! The table looks like creativity is brewing, not messy.



I would've loved to have been there! Glad you all had fun! karen....

Karen Young

Karla, looks like you all had a wonderful time eating and crafting. Love the ad from the magazine. thank you for sharing.



What a great time -- sounds like a grand meeting of spirits! And your table -- as always -- looked absolutely elegant! Nice creations, too. I have to look into those Cuddlebugs! (Please encourage Gwen to have a blog -- she sounds fascinating and fun!)


What a great time! Even the sippy cup matched the decor :) I am close to you, but with gas prices, not close enough :( It does look like a lovely time.


Oh I am so sorry I had to work and miss this crafting day. It sounded like such fun. Your table was so pretty and the personalized tags you made were wonderful. Love the picture of Beth in the hat--she does look a bit protective!


I wish I lived in the area and could come craft with you gals!

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