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August 20, 2008


Brenda Kula

Your package is indeed absolutely beautiful. Glad you took a photo before you opened it! And your home is just gorgeous, with all your pretties!

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage

Hi Karla! Your room is gorgeous, so inviting! And it looks like it belongs in a magazine :) LOVE everything! The Queen Anne's Lace looks gorgeous!! I am going to do that for sure!

LOVE the pretty pink wrapping! So pretty, I wouldnt want to open it, lol!



If you can't find a good flower when showing kids hoe that little science project works, you can use celery.
Anyway, beautiful all the way around as usual, even with the furniture and rug out of place!


I loved reading the behind-the-scenes of a photo shoot in this post and the one before it! I just know the photos are going to gorgeous!
My mother loved putting daisys in a jar of food coloring--thanks for the memories:)


What a pretty photo shoot! Thanks for sharing the secrets though, I am oddly comforted knowing they have to wreck a house to create the pretty pictures! I love that you get to meet all those great girls. You and Natasha are two of my very favorite bloogy friends and I love thinking of the two of you hanging out!


Well, as always, absolutely enchanting! Love your headboard -- is it a mantle? The tinted flowers -- wonderful idea -- I had forgotten that from long ago! And your gift from Andrea -- wow! Beautiful kits, too. Oh, Karla -- everything in this post just grabs me!

Analise at Sugar*Sugar

Oh My GOODNESS Karla~ your bedroom is utterly amazing... So glad everything worked out for the photo shoot! :0)

Andrea is just the best isn't she? Everything she touches looks absolutely incredible!



Your room looked wonderful, so inviting! I just love that shade of blue on the walls and the flowers you dyed look fantastic. It looks like a great retreat.


Karla, your bedroom is just so beautiful...i love all the doo dads you have to pretty it up, i am really taken by the birds in the jars on that lovely silver tray...what a great look...the queen annes lace really picked up the blue, it looks pretty...SO jealous of your goodies from Andrea...WOW!!! what a sweet little bounty of goodness!!!


So glad to hear that the photo shoot went well. I love the mantel headboard and all the pretties in your room.
All the talk of Silver Bella is so much fun, even though I won't be there. But I love hearing about it.


Viv (VivLyn)

Your bedroom looked so inviting and romantic! What a lot of treasures from Andrea!!! Love her packaging!!

Heather~ Pretty Petals

Karla I ADORE your bedroom and I can't wait to see it for myself when I come to visit. (so don't be changing it before then...hehe)I can't wait to see the article!

Andrea's presents for the swap are INCREDIBLE! I can't wait to see the inside. xoxo Heather


Karla, your room looks positively beautiful.

I don't know if I could have opened that beautiful package. I believe I would still be gazing upon it.


Hah, I thought that's what they did, honey! Put all the pretty furniture up front and hide the rest. I made a blog post a few days ago that is about that very thing. It's scheduled to come on line at midnight tonight so ya might wanna read it, my sweet chickadee! It's an "Ode to Photographers and Stylists"....(she says laughingly). ;-) But I truly do have that post coming up tomorrow.
Smoochies for Sugarwings,


You bedroom is divine! I love that built-in!!! Blue is my favorite tint to dye the Queen Anne's Lace as well, Wilton has a sky blue that gave a different hue...

Charmed as always by your shabby chic-ness!

Susan M. Hickam

Great to hear that even the most charming places in magazines have a real side to them to(the clutter like piles of books and such) I would be unable to sleep at night if I didn't have some books near me. Your room looks amazing-love the ceiling!


What have I told you! A bed and breakfast honeymoon or anniversary suite, I can see it now. It looks wonderful!


Your bedroom looked SO dreamy and romantic! STUNNIG! Photo shoots are NOT what they seem. Yes! The house is always in disary afterwards. LOL!!!
I am GIDDY over Andrea's beautiful packaging! You will BUST a gut when you see my packaging. Let's put it this way it's no where as beautiful as Andreas. You'll see soon! ;) XOXO

Kim Caldwell

OMG, I am seriously squealing with delight looking at those boxes from Andrea. What a bunch of fabulous goodies await us. Your home is gorgeous -- I am ready to move in!!

Hugs, Kim


Karla, you never cease to amaze me. Your bedroom looks heavenly. I love the idea for the Queen Anne's lace too. :)



Your home looks amazing and you deserve a restful time now!


I love your bedroom it is so pretty with the flowers sitting on the mantel and the queen anne lace is so pretty! I need to do that with bethany she would love to see that change colors!


Everything looks so pretty, I just love looking at how you display things...
Please tell me when this is in the magazine..

Raised In Cotton

OMG Karla, how beautiful is your bedroom and Andrea's packages-sigh, heaven!



How beautiful your bedroom looks, Karla! Be sure to let us know when the article will be published. It'll be fun to know about some of the 'behind the scenes' activity! Wow, this is really like 3 posts in one, with your Etsy packets and then the Silver Bella swap part too -- all so beautiful! Always a treat to keep up with your blog.
Jane - Jacksonville


Your bedroom is beautiful. I especially like the built-in! I love the idea of recycling envelopes. I even save the junk mail "return" envelopes for my children at school to use in the writing lab. They love to "write" notes for friends and family.

Gumbo Lily

Such a pretty bedroom, but I'm glad there was a clutter closet somewhere in the house when all the photos were snapped. I'm relieved that you don't live this way ALL the time.


Elaine L.

I had forgotten about that beautiful bedroom ceiling. I think I like that the best.

Those gifts from Andrea are amazing!



Glad everything turned out well for the photo shoot and the birthday girl. Happy Thursday Karla.



I just kept looking and looking at every detail in your bedroom--what a gorgeous room!

Sheila R

Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures of your home. I love your goodeis that you received from Andrea - can't wait to see all the goodies you get!


Your bedroom is really beautiful and inviting. I can't wait to see the article.

I've never tried to tint flowers but that would be a good lesson for the grandchildren.


Sandra Lujan

what a beautiful room!
cant wait to see more,

Karen Young

Lovely eye candy and the Queen Annes Lace turned out great.


Jean Eakin

Your bedroom is gorgeous and a beautiful place to relax in. Your package was so pretty and creative. You ladies amaze me so many times with your abilities. I can't wait to see the magazine article, and tell my friends I "know" the brilliant Karla.
Have a wonderful day.
Jean in Virginia

Grace P

georgeous home you have. what a fabulous package you got wowee all you Silver Bella girls are so talented and sweet! Hugs Grace

two crazy crafters

What a beautiful bedroom! I love the soft colors. I want to linger there too! Twyla

Heidi Woodruff

The spread will turn out lovely! Loved all the photos you did show, even the behind the lenses! What a fun Pre-Silver-Bella swap!


Hi Karla! Goody!! Another photo shoot! Your bedroom looks divine! I've missed visiting with you lately ~ glanced quickly at some of your other posts & must say, I adore the little books & all the paintings you are doing of Sugarwings & Twinkle!!

Big Tx Hugs,
Angelic Accents


So very, very romantic.. LOVE your bedroom. Everything is so pretty to look at on your blog!!! :o)


Your bedroom is just divine!! Love all the little artful touches you foofed it with for the shoot - looks fabulous!

Love Queen Anne's Lace too! Some people don't, but I do. And we have a ton of it around here. Think this will be a fun project to do with the munchkins. Time to fit in a few more summer activities before school starts :)


You have such a beautiful home, Karla! What a great idea making your Queen Anne's Lace pale blue! I think I just may need to try that idea... we have a FIELD of them growing at hubby's shop and I can just imagine a vase full of pastel-multi-colored posies!

How exciting that Silver Bella is just around the corner!


Beautiful room! Can't wait to visit these Bella blogs! I'm new to SilverBella this year and am really excited that I will be there with all you Bella "stars"!


Absolutely gorgeous! I'm so glad that I don't have to foof up my house right now =) No kitchen cabinets and the school books are starting to overflow. But your photos are just stunning!

Halloween?? I'm so not ready. I noticed however that some leaves were falling today. Have a lovely evening. Blessings... Polly

Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

oh the room just looks beautiful! I love the color in the Queen Anns lace! The packages are beautiful! I sent yours out FINALLY today....I think it's on a slow boat to China though! Make a note to yourself....don't swap with me because I'm the worst procrastinator!

Barbara @ Southern Lady's Vintage

I can't wait to see the article in print! Beautiful job Karla! As always!

Teresa Sheeley

So many beautiful things, good gracious I am in love with your blog.



so very pretty! Your house is darling! love the blue queen annes lace especially in bouquets ~ Those packages are so pretty..I just love andrea's shop!

Andrea S.

Ok, I want to move into your house. Your bedroom is GORGEOUS!!! Please tell me you had to move piles of laundry before the photo shoot....I would feel so much better!
I'm glad you liked your hostess gift goodies! It was fun, and I can't wait to get everyone's packages! Thanks for hosting the swap!

Debbie Walker

Your bedroom looks so beautiful! Can't wait to see the full spread. Lovely, lovely lovely!!! Thanks for sharing.

Sandra at 7th St. Studio

How incredible those photos look!! It makes me want to stay home today and decorate!!! And those packages from Andrea are fabulous, what fun to see such lovely pictures and how exciting for you that your home and article will appear in a magazine!!! Love to read your blog and see your pics...so inspiring and encouraging!!!


I love your decorating skills. Which I had half of them. What a lot of work for the photo shoot but it looks fabulous. Looks like you received lots of goodies too


Everything is beautiful as always. You are such a busy girl, it's hard to kep up with you!
Hugs, Rhondi

Ele at A bit of Pink Heaven

You are teasing me again with your pre-Bella pictures! Your bedroom is GORGEOUS. I am actually redoing my living room and the colors look similar. You are just so talented and even though, I'm not going to Silver Bella, or am involved in a photo shoot, I get to live virtually through bloggers like you! The blue flowers are so dainty and beautiful. What a grand idea!

jenny fowler

your home is so pretty! even your night time photos look great. your swap goodies are yummy. and you'll many more coming it looks like.


In what magazine will this beautiful bedroom be? I adored your beautiful, romantic room.


You. Got. Talent.

Okay, I can't let that stay.

You. Have. Talent.

Better...(and true).



I love the picnic baskets stacked up! I have a few unpainted and it gave me a great idea! Thanks!


Your blog is so lovely...I just did a post about my studio re-organization...Come and visit if you have time!...Katie

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