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August 30, 2008


Karen Youngk

Karla, Great finds, even in the heat. I looks like it was well worth it. I love the album, it is a fantatic treasure. I love it so much when you and Beth share your days at Flea markets and auctions. It's almost as good as being there.

Hugs Karen

Beth Leintz

Oh I'm so glad you put pearls on The Lady of the Begonias- that was how I imagined her being "dressed"


Wow ... great flea marketing! Thanks for sharing your pics of the haul.


One word - HYDRATE!!

I, too love when you show your flea market finds. Secretly, I'm extreeeeeeemely envious, but I do love to see what you've bought. And I agree with Beth. You are a one woman flower hat shortage! - Kathy


Man what a haul! Love the photo album, and especially the pages the photos go in!! I can see a wonderful "Karla Creation" in the future! Thursday was the hottest day in 2008 in Topeka!


Wow Karla...love your flea market finds. I moved to Nebraska from California a couple years ago and have only found a couple good flea markets...a far cry from the CA markets like the Rose Bowl and Santa Monica. I don't think flea markets are big thing here in Nebraska...Hmmmm...I might have to try to change that.

Brenda Kula

You sure came up with some goodies, despite the weather! That is what it is like here much of the time; so hard to breathe in this muggy weather. That pink cabinet is to die for. So is the album with the photos. Since I don't have relatives (except for my kids; haven't been able to locate others), I've decided to buy "relatives" at the antique malls and I'll group them and pass them off as a joke!


Wow, despite the weather, you guys made quite the haul! Can Kim and I fly back one day and you fleaing with you and Beth? You always seem to find the greatest treasures!


Sweet Karla, as a nurse, do I have to give you the lecture on The Importance of Staying Hydrated???? How can you take care of your family and Adoring Public (that would include me) if you don't take care of you??? Okay, enough chiding!!! But you surely got a lot of treasures! What fun! And one more thing, what is Silver Bella? I am thinking it must be the mother of all things foofy, but I'm not quite sure how... Your friend, Bobbi


Wow! At least you got some wonderful goodies! I do that, I am not good in the heat but I will push myself and will pay for it later!
You really found some beauties and so many for $1!!! Just in awe!


My goodness Woman, you've got enough there to open your own shop! I LOVE the album... Thanks for sharing :D

Analise at Sugar*Sugar

WOW KARLA! You made out like a bandit! Such awesome finds!!

I hear you about that stinky weather, it was 106 here yesterday! Buuut, we don't have that yukky humidity. I feel for ya!

Good on ya' for braving that heat! It looks like it was well worth the sweat!


Gumbo Lily

Whoa Karla!
You girls just don't know when to quit, do you? You need a water girl behind you keeping you hydrated all day long! Perhaps you can pay her in hats?


Heather~ Pretty Petals

oh my gosh! what a gorgeous selection of HATS karla!!! I am officially jealous of you... haha. I am laughing at the whole "you have created your own shortage"...lol!!

LOvin that pink cabinet! JUST so sweet. GLad to hear you you had fun and by the looks of it you made out like a bandit. xoxo Heather


Beautiful finds! I think you need to foof up an old-fashioned canteen bottle to carry with you on such dehydrating trips! ;)


Oh I want to weep over those hats, I have bought some recently, think I will post about it soon so you can gasp/gag over what I paid for some of them!!!! That's some haul of goodies you got there. I did see Beth's lady on her post, I like her!!! Sorry your day out made you sick, too much sun, not enough liquid . . . glad you are better! Rachaelxo


Great finds!!!

Jean Eakin

Karla I hope you are feeling better. You did it again, What great finds at the flea market. There will soon be nothing but flowerless hats in the USA. You got some great ones though. I got a couple this weekend at yardsales, but not as pretty as yours. I'm glad your trip was good in spite of the heat. I hat humidity and am so looking forward to cooler weather. Have a good rest of the weekend.
Jean in Virginia

Miss Rhea

There is not ONE stinkin' hat in all of Vegas, I swear I have looked, someone sent them all to Kansas !! lol !! I would brave the heat and a bit of fire for that stash. But not the Port a Potty, You couldn't give me enough pink vintage millinery for that, No sirreee Bob !! lol !! :)

Joy @ Cupids Charm

Hi Karla! WOW...OH WOW!!! What a wonderful eye you have for finding beauty! You found some wonderful treasures and I am so glad that YOU found them because I know that you will honor them in a way that they deserve. What treasures!!! Have a wonderful weekend! :) ~ xoxo ~ Joy

Isabel ~ Maison Douce

So... that's where all the hats are!!!!! Great finds!! Love the pink cabinet!


You always find the best goodies. I really love the Dorky. He's mighty cute.

LiLi M.

Hi Karla! What a haul!! It must have been like delivering a baby...with the result in your hand, you forget the hard work before easily :-D!
You could use that bottle thing, that urn for potpourri. The smell of the leaves and flowers can easily escape out of the bottle.
Have a great sunday!


What a HAUL! Good for you! I love all the things you showed, but that scrapbook is WONDERFUL!


Fabulous day, fabulous finds. I would have been a sucker for that album, too. And the ornaments... I can't find good hats around here to save my soul! Must be looking in the wrong spots!


You and Beth always find the best stuff! I think the sales in the Midwest are just better than out here! Don't worry - the heat will be gone before you know it and then we will wish it was back!


You did it again!! Such goodies!! Love the pearls too. Laurie


Hi Karla,

What great finds! I think it was well worth the melting :)



Hi Karla,
Hope you are well?

We have had a rough time here of late. Our beloved little Yorkie Tilly has passed away, we are all so sad, I know you will understand and your's is the first blog I thought to come to.
Ive put a little post on mine with some pictures.
Take care


Oh Karla,
Thank you so much for your comment.
I cant sleep it's midnight here and I'd give anything for a hug with her.
Just knew you'd understand.
x x x

Pinkie Denise

Hello Karla,
Wow, what wonderful finds. I love the hats and flowers and the pink dolly trunk and cupboard...I think it was worth putting up with the heat for such treasures thanks for sharing Pinkie


I have enjoyed reading your blog, well not just enjoy, I love reading your blog so you've been tagged on my blog. ;)


Just dropped by to wish you a HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SEPTEMBER, it's 10:20pm here and relaxing after an afternoon and evening at church and the big chili cook off and new this year pie contest -we had some firemen and policemen judge the contests this time (food service didn't win this year). finishing the two papers I started earlier today and then I think I'll try and finish watching the sound of music before i go to bed...glad you had fun with the goody buying even though you were melting away. Joy joy to you Karla.


what pretty things to look at! love it all. my favorites.... the christmas bulbs and the little dog.

Kerryanne English

Oh Karla that is too funny....
Sounds to me like you got yourself a dose of heatstroke/dehydration, laid up the next day feeling lousy and you say "it was a ton of fun".
Now that's dedication to treasure hunting at it best - go girl, you rock!!

Barbara Burkard

SWEET FINDS!!! HAPPY LABOR DAY! (i'm thinking this day is NOT for laboring..so we'll be taking it easy!)



wow karla, what wonderful goodies, are those vintage christmas baubles at the top????

Linda Richter

WOW...great stuff, Karla! I need to go junking very badly...I can't wait til Round Top!!! I may have to go out sooner.


You need to be in charge of "hat" decorating the antique hall tree we have in the foyer. You find such amazing things.


Karla, what a haul indeed!!! 18 hats!!! i thought by now you had bought up all the hats in your area:) your title as hat whisperer remains unchallenged for another day...the photos are wonderful, and the mats they are on are just gorgoeus...i have never seen them with color like that, great find indeed...i love the girl that you were gifted by Beth!!!

Tina Blume

Hi Karla
I cant't believe the stuff you find at fleamarkets. There is nothing even close to that on this side of the pond (Denmark) If I am really lucky I find some old maps, photos and maybe some ribbon. That about it. Maybe it is even worth it to take a trip to the States to just do some fleamarkets?

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