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August 25, 2008



Congratulations on finishing your cleaning-and-organization project! I know how daunting that can be and it looks just lovely! Of course, you've had some extra lovelies to include, thanks to your Silver Bella swap! I think I love the beautiful packaging as much as the pretties within!

jillian haupt

Wow! How beautiful. Love what you did to your studio. The little faerie painting is so sweet too!

Diane ( Crafty Passions)

Love love love your studio I WISH!!!!!!!!!
Very pretty you lucky girl!


Seeing your studio makes me want to go shopping ... in the studio! Soooo much cool stuff!

Jean Eakin

Your studio is amazing. A great job you did in organizing it. What I love is that is not just organized but it is done in such a way that it is so beautiful to look at. Give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done. I love the hats in the buffet by the way. Have a great day.
Jean in Virginia


I have never seen a more beautiful and INSPIRING studio ever! I want to come and play sooo bad! hee! hee! Sooo *tickled* you love your goodies. Isnt the girlie bell and doll just super sweet? The pre-bella swap goodies are SO YUMMY!!!! What a gorgeous photos! I cant wait to receive my treasures! Oh, and sugarwings is one lucky little girl to have such a wonderful grandma as you!!!! ;) XOXO

Kathleen Grace

The studio looks great! oh to have such a sunny and spacious place to create.

Amy P

It looks fabulous! I think you need to paint the tv pink, it stands out in the corner lol! Not to give you any ideas ;) hehe

Janice Rehmeyer

Hi Karla,
Your room looks so pretty. I love how organized it it. The colors in the room looks so fresh and clean.
Hope you are having a wonderful time with Sugarwings.


That is one impressive before and after!


Looks great Karla!!!

Brenda Kula

Karla, I am so envious of your space I'm beside myself! How on earth did you end up with that much space? Is it part of your house? I so wish I could leave more things out, but the Yorkies would in no time shred my pretty things! Can't even have old picnic baskets down. They ate one of those too! Oh, Sugarwings will love her space. Just where is it in the scheme of things again? Maybe you showed and I forget where in there it is... I want to picture her there working with her grandma.

Karen Young

Karla, your studio is looking wonderful. I love all the goodies that a arriving for you pre-bella swap.



Sigh! I am in awe (and jelous) of your lovely space. I have my things stuffed in nooks and cranies all over the house and when I want something I can never remember where I put it, so I have to tear everything apart and usually its in the last place I look! So lovely!

Tina Blume

Hi Karla
What a lot of space you have in your studio. I have to work in my livingroom, (I live in a small flat) and I am very unorganised. But that forces me to clean up relatively often, and then I find things that I forgot that I had. Also when things are lying around I sometimes see unusual combinations of paper that I would never have found out using myself. Like the papers combine themselves! happy working..Tina


Wowser Karla! Those swap packages are to die for! I feel so unworthy! Love the studio too, and jealous of that fabulous millinery colection of yours! Oh la la!
xoxo, Tiffany

Linda and Laura Lilly Cottage

Oh my goodness, I absolutely love all your photos of your swap goodies.....so jealous, must get over it, but I have to say that the photo with the 'crooked candlesticks' is the most beautiful photo!!! It looks like a magazine picture and too pretty to be a studio....I want to move in, or at least come and play for a day, i don't think I would be getting much done though, there would be too many pretties to look at!! Thanks so much for sharing, have a wonderful pretty day kiss noises Linda Lilly Cottage


I think you did a great clean-up job! You almost have me inspired to do some cleaning of my own. Almost. I need a little bit more of a nudge. And a maid.


Your studio is so pretty!


oh MY!!! i want to dive head first onto that table and then frolic in your drawers of millinery...i am SWOONing over here...how wonderful all the goodies you are receiving!!! your studio looks gorgeous, you are sure to make that book:)

Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

I zoomed right in on that cabinet full of blooms immediately and DIDN'T even notice the crooked candles! You should not have pointed it out! Wow! What an amazing space.....I wouldn't know which way to turn first! Lots of inspiration going on there!


I am so glad that I'm not the only one who works on card tables!!! I was feeling sorry for myself. Your studio is just so cheerful and beautiful! No wonder you're always there creating things! It's so inspiring. I've been trying to clean up mine but it looks like a tornado hit and the trashmen hate me now because I loaded up the cans with tons of workbooks and teacher guides that no one wants. Oh well. It feels good to reclaim some shelf space. Thanks for the inspiring photos!!!


You did it again, Karla. The studio looks BEAUTIFUL. Another "Karla" work of art. I thought the "crooked candle" picture was a magazine picture too.

Show us what Sugarwings creates. We want to know too. I bet it will be every bit as special as Grandma Karkie's creations.


Your studio is so wonderful! I need to clean out my room and get something going. Take Care


My eyes are popping out of my head! All this prettyness... ahhh... it's almost too much for me to handle. Thanks for popping by my blog. How about this? You can come and play in my mom's garden and I want to visit your studio!

Thanks for sharing all these amazing photos.

Take care,


Wow those are some awesome swap goodies! Love how clean your studio looks! Have fun with sugarwings. :)


Your studio looks gorgeous, and soooo organized. Your swap looks like so much fun too. Karen


What a beautiful creative workspace you have, Karla! It looks wonderful with so much inspiration all over. Just lovely. Gosh, those swap packages look so beautiful too! Thanks for sharing a bit of the Silver Bella magic with us.
Jane - Jacksonville

p.s. Just as we were starting to dry out here, it poured again today! Maybe Fay has some little children following in her path?!


You've been working hard! It looks great with lots of fun stuff to inspire.


What a great place to be creative!


Your crafty room is so pretty karla! I have stuff everywhere can you come over and help me!!!!xoxoAndrea


You are making me absolutely green with envy, what a swap! The studio looks great, I love the hats in the cupboard! have fun with Sugarwings!


Karla, your studio is just magical! It must be an amazing feeling to be able to create in such a beautiful area. I love the hats in the buffet...so feminine!! What a sweet space for your little Sugarwings to create with you. You are such a wonderful grandmother to make all those memories for her.
Hugs, Sherry


beautiful!!! the pictures make me want to go create something! -anything! -maybe a fairy-thing! i didn't notice any droopy candles, just inspiration. love the little fairy rescued from her captivity and free to fly...


The things that make you go ahhh. I love the photo of you corner with your painted column & white server... so pretty..and your walls beautiful... This was my first time visiting you... I will be back soon.
xoxo Laura

My Shabby Roses

What wonderful eye candy! I enjoyed looking at all your fun pictures of your studio and home. Thanks so much for sharing!


So pretty! Inspiring and sure to be a great area to get CREATIVE!


Jennifer Grey

What a beautiful abundance of pretties. And I love your new studio!



Karla, I just told Heather (Pretty Petals) this morning that you ladies are going to have amassed the most coveted stash of lovely treasures for Silver Bella!!!


Good thing you're in Where Women/Blogger's create--these pictures alone are making me drool with envy. What a delicious workspace!


What fun you will have with all the swap lovelies for sure! As always I am so jealous of your creative space and talents. Have a wonderful week.


It must feel so good to be finished. I can see many more beautiful creations on the horizon.


Your studio is beautiful! If only I could live in it.....

Cathline Johnson

The studio is magnifiwondertastic! I couldn't think of a word that does it justice-so I made up one! The box from Jennifer, with the clowns, dolls, etc., immediately put a smile on my face- what a package!

Carrie West

Hello, is this Heaven????

Trying to get my jaw off of the ground.
Pardon me while I work on doing just that!!!

Kim V

Your studio is a dream! I love it! Your swap looks amazing...I bet that is a lot of fun! The things you all find to swap is incredible. I am always on the hunt and rarely ever find such great things! Hope you have a wonderful day! Oh and please enter me in your wonderful giveaway! I have always loved pearls!

Suzie Button

What a wonderful plethera of items to craft with! I love how you have your millerny flowers in the cupboard with a light on so you can see them so clearly and beautifully! Thanks for hosting giveaways!


How very nice! Love all the pink.

annie from San Diego

how delish.....how delightful....how inspiring!!!! Thanks for the peek. Annie


It's so cool to have a space that inspires you. I love the way the flowers are showcased in the glass front cabinet.

two crazy crafters

Wow, I'm envious of your studio! It looks so inviting. I think I could walk right in and play for hours. Sugarwing is lucky too! Have a nice week. Twyla


Hi Karla
Your studio looks great!
Hugs, Rhondi


Love your studio~


Your space is oh, so lovely!! I am sure that your hard work will pay off in MUCH INSPIRATION!! Thank you for sharing! *hugs* Debbie


Hi, Karla! Thanks for stopping by my place! :o) Your blog is beautiful...and so is your studio...AH, that's my dream studio *SIGH* Sooo many pretties you received. Your Etsy shop is packed with gorgeous things--love your style! Happy Days ((HUGS))


nice clean up job! I like the sound of hat plucking!!! Rachaelxo


I am jealous of your studio karla lol, it looks fab all tidy and pretty (esp the pink table cloths) xxx

Mo...Mo Cottage

All I can say is WOW!!!!! You did a great job getting things in order....Well Done !!!!
Mo :-)

Isabel ~ Maison Douce

Wow, your studio is simply delightful!! For now, I am relegated to the kitchen table...


What a great studio...and with all your goodies on display...that's non-stop inspiration. Just love it!


WOW! All those pretties look better than
Christmas morning!!!!

M ^..^


Waouh ! I love all of your photos ! Beautiful goodies ! So lovely studio ! I love everything !!! Have a lovely day :)


Your studio is gorgeous. Oh my, my all the pretty things you have in there.

I see there are a lot of people that do swaps on blogs. I would love to get involved with that.

Is there a chat place to read about all those swaps?

Cindy Roberts

Your space is so charming and PINK! Love it!

Christine Tracy

Am I too late to get in the drawing for the give-away? I ran across your blog this morning and love it! I love your studio!
Chris in Sacramento

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