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August 16, 2008


Elaine L.

You are ALWAYS so resourceful!

The book looks like it turned out to be beautiful.

Oh, oh, do ya think the terrible, I mean, terrific 2's are around the corner?


two crazy crafters

Wow! Brownies And cheesecake! Wish I'd been invited. Looks like a wonderful time was had by all and it looked beautiful. Have a nice weekend! Twyla

Susan M. Hickam

Don't worry! Even little fairy girls have off days. Love all the beautiful decorations! Lots of fun to read today. I hope your weekend goes well!


Looks gorgeous. Your friend must have felt showered with good wishes. Hope Sugarwings perks up! Two can be, well, you know.


You are so sweet!!! Who goes to all this work for someone? I don't know anyone here like you! I'm sure it was wonderful! I saw your article in the magazine too... I giggled to myself in the grocery yesterday when I picked up the copy, opened it and saw your name! I wanted to turn to the others around me and say "I know her!!! She's awesome!" Don't worry about Sugarwings. Girls get moody sometimes... I just realized you had sons and didn't experience this! Just set boundaries for her behavior and if she crosses them, give consequences that she knows will happen. And be consistent. I got through it easily enough doing that. Caroline is a sweetheart. Now we're dealing with the whole grumpy prepuberty stage and here I go again... doing the same things as when she was little!!! Big hugs!

Beth Leintz

Wow that's the best picture you've ever taken of me!

You should write a book on giving parties- you always have so many extra little touches that make them special- like the way you decorate the table, or use a crib for presents or give everyone a "guest gift"

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

What wonderful ideas for a baby shower. I will have to remember them when I have my next baby shower. I especially like the crib filled with gifts. And what a sweet little gift from Beth! Happy Birthday to Sweet Sugarwings tomorrow! I hope she enjoys her day!

Mary Isabella

Happy Birthday to Sugarwings!!! I know your day was filled with so many beautiful special things. I bet you had lots of cake and ice cream and fun presents.
You did such a beutiful job with the party. The way you used what you had at hand was so inspiring to us. It was stunning. Have a great weekend....Mary


How pretty your tabletop looks! What beautiful details!! Hope your little sweetie feels better for her b-day!!


I just found your blog via your etsy shop and I wanted to say how lovely your blog is. I love your baby shower decorations!


Jo-Anne Coletti

Your baby shower looks magically! I love your ideas with the baby cradle, very inspiring!
Your home looks beautiful!
Thanks sweetly for your nice comment today!
Warmest Blessings,

Brenda Kula

Well, maybe it's the Terrible Twos! She's due! Oh, everything looks so beautiful. Simple is always best. And when it's you, we all know it was simple for you, but it wouldn't be for us! By the way, please show your creative space on my "Where Bloggers Create" tour a week from tomorrow. Info on my blog! We'd all LOVE to see your creative space!


Your home is the perfect one for a baby shower (a girl :) That book was a really sweet gift. I love how it turned out Karla.


Sprinkle extra fairy dust on Sugarwings, and she will be fine.

The shower looks wonderful. I know the expectant mother must have loved everything.


So pretty! Karla tell us ... how do we make your herbal punch???

Alison Gibbs

Oh no babysitting grumpy babies is not fun. Last week while doing my regular babysit of 10month old Riley I also babysat sick 4 year old Chloe - that was a challenge!!LOL
Love the look of the babyshower.


Wow, your table arrangement is so awesome. I love all your special touches that aren't "the usual" for a baby shower. You are so inspiring!


oh my I love the way you pull a party together and use what you have to decorate with !I have to tell you , you are so inspiring!

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage

Karla, everything looks just beautiful!! Makes me want to have another baby! But I am sure it would be another boy, lol! You are so multitalented and now you can add party planner/decorator to the list! I just love all of your little details. The crib was a wonderful idea for gifts!

I too hope Sugarwings is back to herself tomorrow too :) I hope it isnt those terrible two's sneaking in.

Big Hugs,

Kerryanne English

Happy birthday to Sugarwings - hope she is back to her old self today. She is way too cute to be 'grumpy'.

As usual you pulled it all together with ease - inspirational as always. Pop on by, I have given you an award.


What a beautiful party! I love how you used the cradle and baby crib! I swear when my Joshua turned two in June someone flipped a switch and my sweeet baby is now harder to find! He also developed a shrill little yell/scream that is most unpleasant! I am hoping it is a phase too, and won't last the whole year! Hope you have a wonderful party!


Hi Karla,

I am so amazed at how easily you can put a pretty party together. No one sets a table like you :)


Carrie West

Happy Birthday Sugarwings!!!!!!!!!
I'm a sucker for birds and chandeliers and I've spied both together!!! OOOO, heaven!

Edie Marie's Attic

What a darling baby shower! And you put it together with such ease. You're just amazing Karla!!
Happy birthday to sweet little Sugar Wings!
Hugs, Sherry

Heather~ Pretty Petals

Karla... you are such a great hostess. I love the cute touches you made for the shower. LOVE that cute photo of twinkle with beth. adorable!! xoxo


She doesn't look "grumpy"; she looks ready to heeeEEElllpppp ya, grandma chick!


Totally enchanting -- every detail a delight! You should take this one to a magazine, too, my friend!

Amy P

Looks so fun and pink! What a good time :)

Gumbo Lily

Beautiful shower! What a blessing for your friend.



Gorgeous looking baby shower, love Beth's little teeny blankie!! Rachaelxo

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