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August 24, 2008


nola, of the alamo north

This is my first visit, but I am bookmarking your blog, I'll be back after the tour to see more. I am blown away by your little aqua hutch, it is fantastic; you are a very talented lady! Thanks for the tour.

Brenda Kula

Everything is so colorful and awe-inspiring! I was just ooohing and aaahing my way through every single photo. And done so well, no matter what you say! Sugarwings must just love to come see you and have her own space to be creative in. Maybe you should do an article (if you haven't already) on creating spaces for little ones to create! Love that hutch, and everything else for that matter. Thank you so much for participating!

Lori Avery

Ohhh my goodness !!! what inspirtion every photo is ! I love love your creative space ~ it is yummy !


Your photos are gorgeous! I'll have to check out your shop later :)

Keep on creating!

Beth Leintz

Sugarwings little studio is darling- what a cute idea.


You're crazy! LOL Those pictures are wonderfully creative and I wish I had your eye. I loved looking at every last detail. Thank you for sharing your space :)



I LOVE what you did with the hand. It is beautiful. I am losing the use of my left hand to a disease called Dupuytren's Contracture. I am a great admirer of all hands now :)


What a wonderful studio in progress. I'm wide-eyed at how you have transformed the hutch. And I love your roses background. What a pretty blog!


tee hee on the photo ops Karla:) almost every picture i ever post on my blog or etsy is taken on my porch...that has the best lighting i can find and usually all of my backrounds are the same...LOL...i have been wanting to accumulate a box of props to keep out there so all of my pics don't look the same...it is on my to do list with about a million other things...your glitter hutch is darling...all of my glitter resides in an old nasty shoe box...pathetic...your boot is really cute, love that idea...your goodies from Robin are SO delightful...i knew she was going to send that apron for Sugarwings...isn't it just darling?...i want to see a pic of her wearing it soon...love your gifts from Carol too, i went over to visit her and everything you said is true, her blog is so very pretty...Beth is a good friend to you, the flowered china is lovely:) GEEZ!!! is this a comment or a mini blog post...i think i am done now...LOL...


I love the repair on the ceramic hand. It's just darling with the paper on it!

Diane ( Crafty Passions)

Love the goodies, wow your a lucky lady!
I realy like your litte redo at the top of the post its adorable!
The repair on the hand is just wonderful!
Your pictures are wonderful!


Your creative areas and talents---so wonderful. I agree, your photos were terrific---I so enjoyed your tour! Dana

Kerryanne English

Your studio looks very pretty and inspiring and I especailly love Sugarwings little mini studio - too cute!!
Thanks for the tour.

Jean Eakin

I love your studio, I love the little hutch, and the way you transformed it. It is too cute. Your goodies are wonderful.You did great on salvaging the hand. You have lots of patience evidently. You have a wonderful week, Karla.
Jean in virginia


She will love her little studio it is wonderful! The little hutch is so cute what a good place to store all of that glitter! The holidays are coming too fast aren't they!

Susan M. Hickam

I love how the hutch turned out and the wonderful folding screen. Sugarwings is a lucky little girl to have such a creative and fun Grandma- hope you enjoyed the street festival.

Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

That hutch is sooo cute! My first thought was it was cute for Sugarwings..but I think you deserve it for your glitter stash....especially since your transformed a little corner just for her! How adorable is that? Glad you liked all the goodies...and I'm so bummed about the hand! But you did a fabulous job in the recovery! Everyone is right...your pictures are beautiful.....even if you don't have a rebel! ;>


Your little studio area for Sugarwings is so sweet. I never would have guessed that your hutch used to look so...ugly! It's beautiful now.


ooo the pretty pretties! You have quite the eye girl!


Hi Karla, It is so fun to see where we all create & blog!....& you are no exception!!!...Such pretty colors & such pretty pieces that you have made or redone!!!....Heidi XO


Cute, cute Sugarwings studio--I love that idea! I also like the way you fixed the ceramic hand--it looks great!

Stacey Newton

Love what you did with the hand- I have seen the ceramic ones at TJ Maxx/Home Goods. They have that same form which is repro of an original vintage design.


Wow!!!!!! What an adorable post. The hutch and the room screen...absolutely one of the cutest things I think I have seen. Great job on your projects. I bet your mind works a 100 miles an hour. Do you make lists for yourself to remember everything? I love all the work in progress!
Have a lovely day!


That hutch is so darling!!!


How absolutely lovely to start off my Monday! Thank you for sharing all the beautiful things. Makes me want to get to work. Have a wonderful morning. Blessings... Polly


I love that little suitcase for Sugarwings AND what was inside! I'll bet she loved it.
Also loved what you did with the broken hand and how you think of it waving...

Linda Crispell

Perhaps the coolest tape dispenser ever!


I really love how your glitter hutch came out. How fun! Your studio is coming along nicely. I think it's time for me to go *junkin* again.

Joanna {sweet finds}

Karla, you room looks so sweet & girlie. I am so wanting to create my own little shabby place. I love the way the blue hutch turned out. xoxo, Joanna

Stacey @ The Blessed Nest

I Love the screen for Sugarwings--how cute is that! And the hand you decoupaged looks like it was meant to be that way--so creative, it's fantastique! :)



Okay, Karla. It's time to break down and go purchase the camera. I think you want it bad enough. ;-)


You are officially the coolest!


WOW Karla, you hit the jackpot with goodness! What wonderful gifts you received. Loved them all. Loved that "K" you're hanging from your chandelier and what a clever way to fix the hand. Love your halloween witches boot! Have a great day,



Your studio re-do looks great, and you Bella girls really know pretty when you see it!


Love the screen and what you did with it !!!! Clarice


I get side tracked as well. Wonderful little Sugerwings studio. Happy bella making.

Maija Lepore

It's all so lovely, Karla!


I have no idea how I found your blog, oh my, what a gift!!! I love everything. I am so glad that I dont need alot of sleep, because I will be going through all of your archives tonight. You are very talented. Tammy

Michelle Rosborough

Love the Carebear paper


love, love, love your tape dispenser! i'm a little embarrassed to go through all your beautiful photos and the thing my eyes and mind kept going back to was your tape! of course, it's all fun and beautiful but today i covet your tape.

Cathline Johnson

Fairybaby Sugarwings is so lucky to have a GrandFairy like you! Her mini-studio is precious!

Kim V

Oh my such wonderful things to look at and read about! I'm so glad you reconstructed the hand...I thought it came that way before I read it and I thought "I love that!" What a sweet friend you have! I am sooo enjoying looking at all your swap gifts!


It is amazing what a visit here can do for me. I cannot put it in words/ Thank you Karla.


Sugarwing's baby studio is the best thing!! Rachaelxo


I am always amazed at how creative people are. Smart thinking on the hand. I would never have thought to do what you did. I am going to tuck that smart idea away. You never know when it might come in handy...pun intended. LOL! Great job on your studio. I really like your blog and if you don't mind I will be back for another look see from time to time.

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