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August 27, 2008


Mary Isabella

I used to make playdough for my children when they were small. All of your creations are beaututiful. I wished I had your creative genius.....Hugs....m.


Love the way the manniquins.... I mean Lucinda and Lou Wanda, turned out. I think I recognize the whiteish fabric from your sofa slipcover?! Sugarwings is adorable and it is so cute that she was involved in her crafts! She will turn out to be just as creative and artistic as her Gramma!

Linda Crispell

Thanks for the comment on my blog. Congratulations on the magazine news!!!
How nice of you to post something about the passing of Tasha Tudor, she will be missed.


Oh, I adore how you did Lucinda up! And how exciting - all the Somerset stuff you have going on. I don't think I'm Somerset material - too hodgepodgy =) Blessings... Polly


What a delightful day you had! You are lucky to have 2 mannequins. I especially like the one done in ivory upholstery. Kisses to the baby.


LOVE the makeover for the two 'girls'....I'm still shopping for one.
I must find that recipe for that playdoh, my grandprincess would love it.

Kim V

Your dress forms are just lovely!!! How fun to have a little one to keep you company while you create...especially one so sweet as her and she loves to create too!
Have a wonderful day!


Congratulations, Karla! I had a feeling your studio would be perfect for the magazine. I can't wait to see it on the newsstands!

Karen Young

love the makeover and how sweet can it get with Sugarwings working along with you.



Lou Wanda and Lucinda both look fabulous!!
And I am impressed with Sugarwings' attention span; my boys were rarely occupied with one thing for more than a few minutes!


It sounds like a great day! Sugarwings is lucky to be exposed to arts and crafts so young. She's quite the protege! I can't wait to see that Somerset book, too.


Congrats to you! Your studio is lovely and will look wonderful among the pages of Where Women Create! My little one is finally getting interested in coloring and painting and spent almost two hours painting my hand-drawn pictures of Wall-E with water colors. By the time he was done his arms and tummy where painted too and when he rinsed off in the bath, the water was a nice dirty brown! I love seeing kids create and hope Sugarwings will always have that artistic streak.


Sugarwings looks like she is having fun playing with and smelling her playdough...how CUTE!!! she sounds like such a good girl Karla:) i love the makeovers you gave your girls, they look very pretty!!! congrats again on getting in that magazine...don't forget to put in a good word for me and mr madison...LOL!!!


Any song and studio that can produce that kind of results must be magic! Love your remodeled girls!


I can't wait to see your room in the magazine, how cool. I love that Sugarwings mells things also, my one son melled too. LOL Ok, I have a question I need answered. How many Yorkies do you have? I'm a dog lover, we lost our mini dachshund 4 years ago at 13. We have since adopted my mutt pack of 3 off of the streets of our city. I do plan someday to go back to little ones though. Have a great weekend.

Jean Eakin

What a good job you did on Lou Wanda. They are beautiful. A big Congratulations to Mrs. Creativity and the feature of your "creative" space. I will look forward to seeing that article too. Sugarwings makes a good crafting buddy. You could tell she was having a ball with you.
You have a great evening.
Jean in Virginia

Cindy (Junque Art)

Sugarwings is so cute and love that she plays in your studio with you! Love the redo of your girls! They turned out great! I have been thinking of redoing my dress form and I think you might have inspired me to do that soon!

Jean Eakin

I loved Lucinda too. Jean in Virginia

Linda and Laura Lilly Cottage

Oh Yeah Karla, your studio so needs to be in that publication...woohoo!! Love the makeover on your girls and am yet again amazed by how much you do!! Kiss noises Linda Lilly Cottage.


Thank you for helping to spread the word about TT day. I can not wait to see what you paint !!! xoxoxo Clarice


What a grand day! You know, you are building memory blocks, one by one for Ms. Sugarwings. I know -- I spent a lot of days with my grandma, and that's where my baking love (and training) began. She's getting the same thing, but with play dough and markers! Lucinda and LouWanda turned out awfully well. Very nice indeed!

Lisa Dear,  You are a terrific homemaker and proud to be one.  Good for you and all those who share

Granddaughters are wonderful fun. I enjoy mine so much and miss them when they are grown up.


My granddaughters are my joy and I love playing games with them. One of my grandaughters is so funny. She makes up games as she goes along. She is four. I have eight all together ages 1-19. Thank you for sharing yours with us.


I love Lou Wanda and Lucinda's new look. I want a vintage dress form so badly! Sugar Wings playing with the playdough reminds me that I need to make some for my 4-year-olds at school. First I have to buy some Kool-Aid!

Sheila R

Love what you did with the dress forms. Congrats on being the magazine news! Can't wait to see the article!

Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

Oh that picture makes me so happy! I just melted! I called my WHOLE family over to see! She is adorable! I can just hear her saying "mell this!" I TOLD you she would stay busy forever! Good thing you mixed up the activity with markers and paints too! Love the makeovers! I want to jazz up my dress form too....one of these days!

Viv (VivLyn)

Lucinda and Lou Wanda turned out beautiful and I love your prom dress on Lou Wanda! They both look lovely! Your little pooch is a real cutie, too, along with Sugarwings!


I love all of those mannequins, I have been looking for one recently. Thee are lovely, but your studio always looks like fun. Congratulations on being in the new magazine. I love the idea, I have the book and I can't wait to see all the studios in the magazine. Karen

Elaine L.

First off, I want to tell you that Sugarwings has a remarkable attention span for a two year old. Believe me I know. I'm around lots of three and four year olds everyday.

I love what you did with the dress forms. What kind of glue did you use to glue on the fabric. The lace around the neck of the second form is beautiful. You get the best stuff in the midwest. I'm jealous!

I want to make a cake stand and was wondering what kind of glue you would advise that I use. I would be gluing a plate to a glass candle stick.



Good Morning Dear Karla! The photo of SugarWings is remarkable, she looks like a little girl, rather than the baby girl we know. You should have posted a later photo! It's funny how fast the changes happen. The Baby (I still call her that) will be 33 in a week, I still remember playing with her like you do with SugarWings. PlayDoh was the best!


I think Sugarwings has the right idea. If we all ended up in our panties, with paint and stickers on we might accomplish some creativity too.lol.

I have made the kool-aid playdough in the past. It is wonderful. I love to mell it too.

Lou Wanda and Lucinda's makeovers are fabulous. The prom dress does look perfect on Lou Wanda. I'm glad you did not paint over your original floral painting.

Congrats on your Somerset selection. I have tried giving magazines for a while. But I just cannot quit their publications. I can't wait to see your "spread". Of course "we" have already seen all the best shots already.

Grace P

Playdough kept her that busy that you got so much done? wow! Great for you. Your dress froms are so cute I hope to find a great one one day hopefully this weekend. Hugs Grace


There is something about playdough....it keeps Bethany busy for hours too! I love how you decorated your manniquins they are perfect! Glad to see you got some things done I have not. :)

Jen R Sanctuary arts at home

The dress forms look great! I can't believe how did sugarwings is getting! They grow so fast! Jen r


You have been a busy productive women! I just think it's FABULOUS that sugarwings love to create in the studio with you. So special! Your dress forms are GORGEOUS, and Im SUPER THRILLED that your studio is going to be featured. Why wouldn't it?? It's an AMAZING and INSPIRING room full of the most WONDERFUL lovelies and pretties! Glad you enjoyed the cupcake song. I swear I cant get it out of my head! LOL!!! XOXO


I see your days aren't long enough! That baby girl is gonna be so smart and a talented adult like you! My boys and I love the cuppy cake song too.


I'm excited about you being featured in the new publication. Be sure to let us know when it is released.

I love the prom dress - it looks great!


Oh my! So much beauty in one post! You are so clever- I love all the pretties. Your new desk chair is pure genius! I sure hope you pick my name for the giveaway- I can only imagine how awesome it is.

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Now, you've got me singing that cuppycake song too! I haven't heard it in years! I love those cupcake tags you made too and your dress forms turned out beautiful!

Pam Schroeder

I get a kick out of your escapades with Sugarwings. I feel like I know her. I taught 3-6 year olds for alot of years - I know how they think!! I'm watching my own fairy grandbaby today since her babysitter is without water - we will cut, draw, read, water plants, find frogs, and lots of other stuff - then there's the blessed nap time!! Thanks for your blogs - I love reading them. PAM

Lee W

I love all your pretty things. Your tribute to Tasha is wonderful.


Hi Karla! My very first time visiting your blog and I love it! Tasha Tudor is one of my favorite artists and your tribute is so sweet. I love the way you dressed up your ladies (dress forms). I would love to add you to my blog, with your permission. Take care and keep up all the great work and congrats on being in the new book!
The Polka Dot Rose


Hi Karla...

I love your dress forms...and I have a question. Are you dress forms hard and solid or soft and supple? Mine is made of a foam rubber, covered in a tight fitting garment. Just curious.


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