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August 19, 2008



I enjoyed the "behind the scenes" look for your photo shoot.
I didn't know that about the tinting of flowers. We have quite a bit of Queen Anne's lace by our woods; I will have to try that!


Everything looks beautiful Karla. How fun to have a photo shoot in your house:)
I've got a Give Away going on, please stop by.

Heidi Woodruff

I didn't know about tinting the Queen Anne's Lace, either! I think we still have plenty here. No chiggers, either! I hope I remember this in the morning!

Loved all your special touches for the article! I'll never tell... :)



I wish you lived close enough to me to help me decorate. Your ideas are so cute and your house is so pretty. I just feel like mine is full of junk. What do you do with all your "junk" and SugarWing's toys??
Please take pix of the flowers after they suck on the blue dye.... I remember doing that with white carnations...

suzanne Harley

Karla, everything is just soooo cute! You really have a good eye for creating lovely vignettes! Suzanne.


Emily Dickinson had calling cards like these!


Karla, i love that idea for tinting the queen anne's lace...i have tons of it across the street by my mailbox and i want to try that, unfortunately my nose will not like me if i do, it makes my allergies go bonkers...nuts...i will never look at magazine pics the same again, i will always wonder what was brought in so "set the stage", i never thought about that before...i love the little touches you added to your room to make it extra pretty!!!

Beth Leintz

If you ever get busted for stealing weeds from an abandoned business, you know you can call me to bail you out.

Heck, if you ever get busted for SMOKING weed, you can call me.

Have fun- I love the little bottles for the mantle- WHERE did you hid Rich's chair?


Beautiful! That blue is my fave color. :)


Enjoy your day, Karla. Everything looks elegant and ready. I'll look forward to the publication.

jessi nagy

hey sweetie,
how exciting.
it is going to be fabulous!!!
awesome giveaway, as usual.
take lots of pics.

Susan M. Hickam

Very good post! I had forgotten about the food coloring trick. I think the bottles look great(not to mention everything else!) I know the shoot will go great.


Hi Karla!! Seeing pics of your lovely home always inspires me! Hope the photo shoot went well and your summer is going wonderfully as well. Can't wait to meet you at Silver Bella this year!! Hugs, Jana


I hope you got some good "couch rest", Karla. You HAVE been burning the candle at both ends girl. Slow down a little. You are making the rest of us look bad. Hee Hee

Tomorrow set that tray up for yourself, get a good book or mag and linger in the bed for a couple of hours. You deserve it, Karla.


You are just so creative. I think of my cousin, Ann, when I read your blog. I used to meet her sometimes on a Sunday morning at a flea market. She had an eye for "junque" and could turn it all into beautiful display pieces for her home. Love your 50's Housewife Pack ... maybe if I dressed the part when I cleaned my home, I could raise my score from that MINUS 17 that I got on the quiz ... lol (doubtful)

Kathy in Chicago

Karla, you make me laugh!! Love the nails sticking out of the wall - poof! All covered up. The same with the baskets "for linens". I've read these magazines for years and never once thought anything was written "off the cuff"!! You are a dandy, you are! Love Beth's comments too. What a great way to start the day. I'm still chuckling....



What a wonderful eye you have! I just love how you solved your "problem" areas. Those are the things that will make your photo shoot special. Beautiful! You can come help me at my house anytime!

Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

The room will look fabulous! It IS all about staging isn't it?(of course besides the beautiful decor you have) but when looking at magazines you have to KNOW the people really don't live like that! I love the food color idea...never thought of that! And by the way...I FAILED the housewife test miserably! But my father in law recently told my husband "Robin is a good home maker"! uh...you should have seen the look on my face!

Stacey @ The Blessed Nest

Looks so beautiful! It's the little things that "make" a room. I'm definitely going to have to "steal" your lace & pin idea on the lampshade! :)
Blessings, Stacey

Sheila R

Everything looks so perfect! Thanks for the sneak peek!

Gumbo Lily

I'm so glad you are honest about what your room REALLY looks like. I feel better now.



Can you come to Texas and help me redecorate or decorate. You get more projects done in a day than I do in a year! you are amazing! your home is beautiful. Can't wait to see the article after reading about all of the behind the scene actions.


Thanks for showing us the behind the scenes secrets. I always look at rooms in magazines and think to myself, "oh they do not use those stacked suitcases for extra storage!" Hah, I'm right again:>) I'm sure seeing what you can do to a room will be fun as always though. You do have great ideas for foofing things up!


Enjoyed the quick peek of the photo shoot preparations. Love those picnic baskets!


Julie B.

Or knock the cobwebs from the rafters! Loved the behind the scenes look of your photo shoot; your room looks absolutely stunning! Aprons and the 50's; I like it! Reminds me of my mom and grandmothers baking in the kitchen! Thanks for the great giveaway Karla!

Mrs. Kwitty

Tricky tricky!! I love to hear the secrets! I'm sure your bedroom is lovely, just like the rest of your home. How exciting it must be to have photographers coming over to record it all! Sigh, I am so boring! LOL
Smiles, Karen


What fun to get the behind the scenes scoop on the photo shoot.

I never thought of coloring Queen Anne' Lace. We used to do that with white carnations tho.

Your giveaway package looks great. I love the broach.


Michelle Rosborough

cute apron

Joanna {sweet finds}

Your photos are lovely. Thanks for sharing. You have some wonderful ideas. Hope the photo shoot goes well. :) xoxo, Joanna


Very cute! We used to put babys breath in food coloring when we were kids. My mom had big bushes of babys breath in her gardens. Love the picnic baskets stacked in the corner, so cute and what a wonderful idea to use them to store your linens! Can't wait to see the pictures in the magazines! (Bet the cop who stopped behind you wondered just what you were going to do with those weeds!!!)

Brenda Kula

I am so in love with what you did with that lampshade! And so seemingly simple! I wish I had your creative flow, and could just tie something like that around something and have it looks so beautiful. I didn't know that about the food coloring either: Excellent tip! I eat up everything you post on this blog!

Judy Rawnsley

I haven't dyed Queen Annes Lace in years, I think Ill go out and find some! My hubby was just saying he's going to find some to dig up and move into the yard. I knew there was a reason I keep him around!
Love the pin on the lampshade...I'm going to do just that with the dragonfly I purchased from you. He's on a perfume bottle now just waiting.


It is going to be gorgeous!
I love all the vintage lace!


It is going to look great in the pictures. Hmm some hubby might be happy to come home to find their wife wearing that apron, some heels, and those earings. Of course if you really wanted to make him happy you won't have anything on to pin the brooch too. LOL Have a great week!

Viv (VivLyn)

Everything looks lovely!! Can't wait to see the pictures! I never knew that about food coloring and Queen Anne's Lace...I haven't seen it for years. I love that weed!

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage

Karla, this post was so much fun to read! I love hearing the little tricks you do for photo shoots, so cool!! Queen Anne's Lace makes me feel so happy. We have tons in the woods and ditch at my house. I have a bouquet of it on my garden table right now :)

Love ya,


Well, now all my remaining illusions have been shattered...the Magazine People really don't have Perfect Houses and Perfect Lives and Perfect Closets and Perfect Meals and...well, I'm going to have to get some chocolate and rethink all I held dear...SIGH...Your Sadly Disillusioned Friend, Bobbi...

Alison Gibbs

Karla what a fun post.
Oh it is tiring looking after little ones.
I am off to pick up sweet 10 month old Riley for my babysitting gig!
Loved reading about you getting ready for the shoot


Too funny about the police car in the parking lot! You can just imagine what the officer was thinking. lol!

Grace P

when can I move in? LOL! Lovely as usual. You inspire me, I really enjoy reading your blog. Hugs Grace


What great last minute touches you added. I love the color of your window treatments. I had forgotten about that trick of putting food coloring in water for flowers to "suck up". Interesting. The story of picking the weeds was interesting. I had about forgotten about chiggers. We don't have them here. I remember them in Oklahoma though.

Joanne Kennedy

What is the photo shoot for? Did I miss something? Everything is going to be so beautiful! You have a great way to adding just the right touch to make something ordinary turn into something magical.



Adorable kit! Good luck with the photo shoot. I know it will be uber wonderful!


You have such a great sense of style, Karla.


I love the Vintage lace and lampshade. You definitely have a good eye. You have helped
motive me to get on my bedroom and add all those special touches.. Thanks!


Can't wait to try your flower coloring idea!

Jean Eakin

I always pick up so much great info from your blog, Karla. I love, love, love the lampshade and the way you hid the nails with the lace runner. You can never have too much lace in a room, can you? It will be beautiful for the photo shoot.
Your giveaway is going to be great too. My daughter came in this weekend and she loved my goodies from you in the hanky. Get some rest and enjoy tomorrow.
Jean in Virginia


I spent the evening enjoying every post of your blog. You are a very talented lady.
There were so many pretty things to look at. I will come back again to make sure I didn't miss any.
Can't wait to see your photo shoot pictures or buy the magazine,whichever comes first.

Barbara @ Southern Lady's Vintage

How exciting!! Can't wait to see you in the magazines again!! Keep us posted!! Everything looks awesome!


Cute apron!....and that little 'gran baby of yours is so beautiful!


I am utterly amazed at your creativity with little things! I love it! Your give away theme is just the sweetest! The lace and rhinestone shoe clip on the lampshade made me catch my breath. What an incredible idea.

Elaine L.

I especially love what you did with the lamp shade and love the color of the lace.



Good luck with the shoot Karla! Everything looks fabulous...nice touches!!!!


Great photos and so many pretty things. I love your basket collection too. Nice visit.


You are so talented and clever.Not to mention the great photos you shared with us! The apron is just my color. But surly I would never be on my knees. That would upset my visiting dust bunnies! You're the greatest! Hugs, Terri


I'm headed to the lake this weekend -- Queen Anne's Lace is a must! It's fun to step behind the scenes with you!


I have been so busy lately that I haven't been by here. I have missed you. You always have so many pretty things to see and dream about. I guess I need a bit of your creativity.I better get myself here every day and maybe some will rub off.


You have an amazing blog. I'm overwhelmed with your wonderful ideas. I will be back for more visits. Your photography is very good. I could learn a lot from watching how you do it. I found you through Charlotte. Have a blessed day.


Oh my gosh, your pictures are gorgeous!! I just found you today in a seach for beautiful buttons. lol

I added you to my favorites so I can come back.


I really liked the lace and shoe clip around the lamp...so much I tried it on one of my own bedroom lamps. Looks great. I'll blog it next week. Thanks for the idea.

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