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August 22, 2008



Very tidy and neat! I'm envious.


Karla, You are so bad. :) Great job on stocking your shop. I guess I'm kind of lucky...my husband takes my photos for me. Keep up the plucking and you should be done by November. :)

Karen Young

Karla, you did a great job of tidying up. Looks great. I always enjoy seeing your craft room, it's so big and roomy and full of wonderful treasures.


Ele at A bit of Pink Heaven

I too find it hard to organize all the bits and pieces that I keep for creating. My church building is always in a constant state of change as I am moving furniture, etc. around to try and make the big room cozy and functional.


I am so jealous of that space you have for your creative genious! It looks great regardless of the photos, much better than my photos or my space.
Have a restful weekend!


Christmas is coming! And, from previous posts, we know that your DH is a great guy, right? Perhaps there will be a Canon-sized box under your tree? hmmmm One can always hint! ;)


Hi Karla ~ I wanted to tell you not to feel too bad about not having a Canon Rebel. I have one and I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, it is a great camera because it takes wonderful photos and it's easy to use. On the other hand, I find one big disadvantage, and that is it's size! I have gone many places where carrying it around almost became a chore--quilt shows, shopping, wedding receptions, etc. For that reason, I am currently scoping out smaller cameras that I can slip into my purse. Don't get me wrong now, I will still use the Rebel but I suspect I will use the smaller camera just as much. When I go places where I will be walking all day or places where I don't want to keep up with it because I'll be busy with distractions, I'll opt for the smaller camera. Of course, I am not in any way trying to discourage you from a Rebel because I suspect you will love it. If you are using a smaller camera right now, you might want to hang on to it too. It can come in mighty handy for certain events! I just wanted to pass my camera thoughts on to you. Hope you don't mind. D~~~~

Brenda Kula

I had a digital Canon Rebel until about six months ago. But it stopped auto-focusing. Of course, I likely wore the thing out. I had it about three years, but I use them a lot. Wore the Rebel out before that too that wasn't digital! Your photos are beautiful because you make such beautiful things, and it shows!

jenny fowler

karla, i have the same problem but you are so brave to post photos of your mess (which really doesn't seem bad to me). any clues as to what swaps you are going to host for silver bella? will september ever come?! i have been karla-absent for awhile. i'm going to look around and see what else is up.


Love all of your organizing of course I think your studio is just perfect! I do love my rebel. I'm so ready for a craft day it seems like I haven't gotten a lot done.


love your little niche you have carved out it looks awesome! Loving your home again!


I think your studio looks like a very inspiring place! I also think your photos are fine! I have an Olympus E-510 that has interchangable lenses etc. I also have a compact Olympus Camedia C-4000. I use it quite often since it is lightweight and easier to take along. Most of my photos on my blog are taken with the C-4000.


I think all your photos are wonderful. Hope you have a good time be careful for the mimes at the festival :)
Stop by when you can, I've got a Give Away going on, hope to see you.

Jean Eakin

I just cleaned and straightened my office too, and what a piled up mess it was. It really makes you feel good when its done , doesn't it? Of course I don't have as a creative & artistic space as you. I love how you divided it into rooms with great "stuff" . I love using old screen doors. The way you use your chandelier is really unique too. Your studio looks wonderful and ready for you to create!
Have a great evening with Sugarwings.
Jean in Virginia

karen benson

Okay Karla,
I knew I wanted to move in your house when I saw pictures of it and now you show me your 1000 ft. studio....I am moving in next week...Of course the dorkies will have to get used to my beagle but I'll leave hubby and the kids at home okay???? (only kidding...sorta...) Love your home and your studio and those halloween packs are to die for! karen b... recycledrita.blogspot.com

Elaine L.

I love those two tins in the pictures. Are they the ones made in England. I collect those.

Also, the linens are beautiful. Have you ever considered selling any of them on your Etsy?



Well I hope you take some photos anyway. I'm not that picky. Sounds like you live where there's alot of life going on. We have to get in the car and head for the hills to find anything much but it's certainly there if we look for it.

María Elena

Karla, I ordered regularly my workplace, following day I have all things on the table.


Karla, honestly!!! i wish i had enough of a stash of goodies to be able to MAKE a mess!!! so count yourself lucky on that score...i LOVE your first picture, i have developed an interest lately in tins and the ones in that pic are stunning!!!

Barbara Burkard

i don't think it would matter what kind of pictures you'd take! We all love the doses of life that envelopes Karla no matter!!! My daughter has a Canon 40D and whenever we get together she brings it along and hangs it from my neck and tells me to go play...but i love the portability of my little V530...a friend of mine had the rebel and the auto focus stopped working soon after she got it...she was a bit disappointed...and ended up with a different camera...


What a beautiful home you have...love the tins, what is that clear things above the tins...kind of domed and starry?

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted


Stop by my blog to see the award I just gave you.


I can relate to messy art space, though I'd like to think that if I had more room, it would be tidier. Probably a fantasy! But it's lovely indeed and the chandelier is a wonderful bit of personality. Have a lovely time with Sugarwings! The festival sounds fun!


Hi Karla, I just had a lovely visit through your blog with my Saturday morning coffee and it's a fabulous place to visit! so inspiring you are truly gifted. Your little granddaughter is just the cutest and I love the Dorkies. Your home, garden & studio are also stunning, thank you for sharing it all with us. I've added you to my favs and I'll definitely be back to visit. God bless, Laura

ps. I've just got my own little Porky (PomYorky) pop by to see her, I'm curious to see what she'll look like when she grows up.

Miss Sandy

I seriously hope you get chosen for the new issue of Where Women Create! I love your space! I'd show mine on my blog but I fear I'd be booed at for it sterile neatness factor! It is a pretty appointed space but I am a neat freak! The fun part is making a huge mess while working and then for cleaning it all back up again. Weird huh?


Karla, you make me laugh. So, is this a dream that has a chance of coming true any time soon?

I hope you and Sugarwings had fun.

Jen R Sanctuary arts at home

That is the nicest, cleanest studio I have ever seen! :) Jen r


Oh, wow Karla!!
I haven't been to blog land in a while and I was missing so much, I started reading your blog, it went on and on I couldn't stop reading and looking at beautiful pictures and i did come across some magazines where you were featured and I said to myself, "oh, I seen her blog"!! I just had a baby almost 4 months ago but I'm trying to get back into creative blog land. TTYS

Ruth Welter

Hi Karla, I loved seeing your studio. Try as I might, mine can never stay too organized either but I do try. Like you, my work seems to pile up in one general area.

Your bedroom from the below post, looks absolutely gorgeous!!!



Your studio is awesome! And wonderful organizational skills you have there! Please come over and do mine! : D


Marina Capano

Hi Karla, I loved seeing your studio.


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