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August 17, 2008



Clever use of an apron! I took the test and came out making a good 50's housewife too. I don't see why it can't be a compliment, I am happy being old fashioned and my husband is very happy too:>)If that's a skill lets bake a cake and celebrate it!

Alison Gibbs

What a fabulous idea to make the goodies bag for your friend. having something fun inside will help relieve the tension and give her a laugh.
Fabulous that Sugarwings had a fun birthday -lets hope the fairy girl stays and the evil gnome never returns!!LOL

Bobbie Valentine

I'm impressed! I didn't know you could "successfully" sew. What a cute idea.



LOVE the apron bag! Very cute idea. I checked out the 1930's housewife quiz ... I scored a MINUS 17 ... total FAILURE. My score was less than what the scale even started at. How sad is that??!! lol

Linda and Laura Lilly Cottage

Wow for someone who doesn't sew that is pretty amazing!! What a kind hearted soul you are!! Have a lovely day, kiss noises Linda Lilly Cottage.

Brenda Kula

It would never have occurred to me, seeing all that you create, that you did not sew! Something you don't do expertly! Wow! Thought I'd mention something for future reference. (Perhaps you thought of this and nixed it for some reason...) I never learned the whole button/buttonhole equation. So when I want to add a button, I simply sew a snap to the garment by hand, then place a button over the spot that coordinates with the snap underneath. And Sugarwings will likely see some moody times now that's entering the "Twos!" (You are SUCH a thoughtful friend!)

Karen Young

Karla, what a delightful goodie bag. That is such a lovely idea for your friend and I like that you are putting in a little special something to make her smile. Wish sweet Sugarwings a Happy Birthday.


Heidi Woodruff

Love the apron bag...I always buy those inexpensive aprons and have my fair share of them, too! Glad you can use some of the things I sent! Oh, and no doubt about it, w/o even taking the test...I know I'm a 50's housewife...I'm 50 and I'm married to my house---I work here FULL time, play here FULL time and love being here FULL time! LOL

Love all the Sugarwing photos! What a precious smile!



What a sweet idea to make with the apron! Also it is very thoughtful and caring of you and your group to do for your friend.

Sugar wings looked adorable in her birthday dress and what a GORGEOUS day she had to enjoy it in he park! Couldn't have timed that better!


Oh Karla - the hospital sweet bag is absolutely perfect. Your friend will be so thrilled with it. You did a great job. Happy birthday to Sugarwings! My how the time is flying.


Karla, it think that is such a great idea and such a kind thing to do. Your taking the time to make the bag will be so special to your friend. I will remember this idea!

Sugarwings looks adorable chasing her birthday bubbles. I'm glad she was in good humor for the day ;-)

María Elena

Karla, pretty bag!!! More their use is a "good idea".

Heather~ Pretty Petals

Karla... What a super nice gift for your friend. I love this idea and will use it someday if I need to... you are so thoughtful...that is why you are a superiour 30s housewife! lol xoxo



Great goodie bag and the aprons a super find!


I love the idea of the bag you have made for your friend while waiting for her hubby have treatments....
You are a sweetheart..
sugarwings is just a real cutie patootie...I can see she enjoyed her birthday..


Happy Birthday little Sugar wings! Love the apron bag, you are the queen of garage sales!


I love the bag that you made. Here is my tip for making closures for bags. Cut a piece of fabric 1.25" wide by 3" long. Take your iron and iron it into a tri-fold. Then sew as close as you can to the edge all along the raw edge. Then fold it in half but leave the ends side by side. Then sew it to the bad. I normally sew it along the seam so it doesn't show. I then overlap it and then sew the button where I need it to be. It is really quick and easy. If you sew a lining into the bag you just leave the loop hanging out of the top.

Jean Eakin

How sweet and thoughtful you are and who else would have thought of using an apron to make the bag.Wonderful use of something vintage. Sugarwings looked adorable for her birthday, so grownup, such a sweetie pie.
The shower was beautiful. I loved putting the gifts in the crib. I knew you would pull it off. You have a great evening.
Jean in Virginia


Sugar Wings looks like she's ready to cook, sweetpea! What a cutie. AND I love and wear aprons every single day......


What a nice thing you made for your friend. Your Sugarwings looks so pretty in her dress. Happy Birthday to her.


Happy Birthday Grammas lil angel baby!

Hugz, Dolly


What a great idea. I just know your friend is going to love and apperciate it.
Happy Birthday to Sugarwings.


You're such a thoughtful friend - that bag is great. I don't know if I took the same quiz as you, but I took one that said my year was 1983. Yuck! I think I'd rather be a 50s housewife.


I really like that bag what a great idea.


What a fun project and it will be greatly appreciated by your friend, I'm sure. Glad to know Sugarwings is back to herself. Even fairy grand babies have off days, I guess! ;)


Happy Birthday Sugar Baby...
Karla I cannot believe the brilliant ideas you come up with. The bag is a wonderful and clever idea and I am sure it will make your friend and her husband feel loved and supported. Please pass along some well wishes from CA to them. I love the idea of putting one little oddity in the bag to make her wonder. :)


Hey! Great stuff and adorable blog!

Elaine L.

The bag is wonderful and your friend is sure to treasure the love that went into making it.

I'm so glad that your little Sugar is back. She looks like a little doll in that pretty dress.

Wow, an apron in the giveaway. Now, I really do have my fingers crossed!


Miss Rhea

Awe, That is such a nice gift. What a great friend you are. :) Please add a box of Mike and Ikes though, lol !! Nibbling on chewy stuff is always good. :) Looks like Sugarwings party was Fun, Fun !! :)


Oh My Goodness! She is So Two! But I loved the terrible twos with my Samantha, I just kept thinking, "someday you'll have a little girl of your own", and I would feel so much better! (No babies yet, but hope is eternal!) Keep us posted on the New Adventures of SugarWings!


What a nice bag youve made for your friend! I will take a peek into Heathers and do that test myself, that will be interesting. Sugarwings is growing! Children have their phases. My little 4 year old Tuli is having a difficult time now. Saturday on a garden party, he was spitting on the teenagers. Naughty boy!! Big brothers friends are afraid of him, no wonder why. Have a great week/linnea-maria


What a perfect gift for your friend. I know she appreciates you so much.

I'm glad Sugarwings was back to herself for her birthday.

Amy Wald

What a beautiful and thoughtful gift for your friend! I hope all goes well for her husband. Consider throwing in a fun notebook to jot down questions they have for the doc - you never seem to remember what questions to ask until after the doctor has come and gone. Also, looks like your Sugarwings had a fun birthday!!!


Karla, what a wonderful idea for that bag you made for your friend...i am so glad you were able to use something i sent to you on it!!! yay for you rocking your sewing machine:)

Miss Sugarwings looks like she is having fun chasing those bubbles and she looks really proud of her big girl bicycle...how sweet she looks all tuckered out too!!! i hope that baby had the best birthday ever:)


Love the apron bag idea. Just like you Karla to take a simple vintage apron and make it into a fabulous gift for a friend in need. Also include some butterscotch candies for the friend's Husband. Someone told us this tip when my Daddy went through Chemo. Takes away the bad taste in the mouth.

I may have to borrow this idea for a friend whose child was just diagnosed with Aplastic anemia. I'll call it the "Big Busy Bag". For those waits in the Doctors office.

So glad Sugarwings had a lovely birthday. My kids favorite birthdays were the ones we had at the park. I love the bubble picture.


Great bag idea! You shouldn't downplay your sewing skills - you do just fine!


Sheila R

I love your apron bag! What a wonderful idea! Sugar wings is so precious chasing after the bubbles! Happy Birthday to her!


What a great way to use a vintage apron. You are so very clever!


Happy Birthday Sugarwings :)
Be careful on your new bike!


I am doing a stairway and need advice. I have a cottage bungalow type house here in Florence, CO and it is 108 years old. I have some pictures of things I have done with my rooms but need help too. Can I send pictures to you for advice. Carol


Love your apron bag and all the thoughtful gifts that will fill it! You are an amazing friend!

And I agree with Kathy about the 50's housewife thing. I think we are the last of a dying breed and the world is not necessarily a better place because of it. Our homes definitely are not.


What a great gift for your friend! And I love that you are putting in something unexpected. When my oldest son was in the Navy in Japan for 5 years, I used to put funny things in the mail to him. Spiderman shampoo, Superman bubble bath, etc. He always got such a kick out of it and so did his friends.


Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage

Hi Karla! What a sweet friend you are! That is such a thoughtful gift and I know she will really appreciate it! I like Rhea's idea for chewy candy too :)

Sugarwing's looks so beautiful! I am glad she was back to herself and had a wonderful party!

Big hugs to you both,


This is a wonderful gift and idea -- and you did that machine thing mighty well! Your friend is lucky to have you in her court -- not just for your thoughtful artistic talents but just for being a caring friend. Happy birthday to Sugarwings!

Karla & Karrie

What darling aprons you found! Love the idea for your friend - she'll love your thoughtful gift while she's waiting with her husband!
We can't wait to take "the test" and find out what kind of housewife we are!!
Have a super week!
Karla & Karla


Hi Karla & Happy Birthday SW!!!

Well done you on sewing that sweet little bag!



Karla, once again you astound me. What a cute bag. What great comfort that will be for your friend. Also lets not forget that Sugarwings is coming into that thing called the terrible twos. LOL Take care


First of all, I have been dying for an apron, so I am even more excited about your giveaway.

Secondly, it is so wonderful of you and your friends to create the hospital survival bag. My dad went through chemo last year, and their bags were so helpful to them. It's just so thoughtful of you all, and I really like the out of the ordinary addition, too. The humor is something they're both going to need.

Kerryanne English

What a great bag and such a sweet and thoughtful thing to do for your friend.
Big birthday hugs for Sugarwings,


Great aprons! I love your idea to make a tote from them. I also like your idea for your friend, so thoughtful! Sugarwings is a doll!


Hi Karla... I just love that you found all of those yummie vintage aprons for just 25 cents each! But what I love more is the precious Hospital Survival Bag that you made and the sweet friends that will be taking turns keeping it filled for your friend. A terrific idea... something I could use and wish I had myself... Glad that the Fairy enjoyed her birthday... great photos!


Gumbo Lily

Cute satchel!

And that Sugar Wings....did some of her fairy dust rub off in the night? She looks like a perfect darling for her birthday photo shoot!



I want in on the giveaway!!!! The best part though is getting to virtually play in your world! Thanks so much for sharing, Stephanie


Oh Karla! What great aprons... and what a price! I thought my five for a dollar each was exciting! And that little sugarwings is just soooo adorable... Love that laying on the ground, wiping eyes shot! So sweet. And the little gift for your friend- so thoughtful and kind... What a sweet friend you are. ;)
Thanks for the chance in your giveaway!

Lee W

you are an awesome friend. I love the idea of the bag. I REALY love old aprons, so yahoo for you!! Lucky girl!


What a truly thoughtful gift for your friend. Great ideas!

I have a book home from the library right now on vintage aprons, and I may just have to make myself one soon! Fantastic find on your part at the garage sale. Those aprons were waiting for you!


Lovely idea for your friend. Sugarwings is such a ditty dotty little girl!!! Sweet!!! Rachaelxo

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