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September 24, 2008


Sarah Elder

I got my issue at Hy-vee today and the whole issue is simply wonderful. I loved the article that you and Carol did as well as the Christmas ideas. Such wonderful eye candy and great inspiration!

Ele at A bit of Pink Heaven

I have been looking for the magazine. Think I'll try Barnes and Noble tomorrow. I've tried about 4 other places.

Susan M Hickam

I hope to pick up the mag soon. Love all the stuff you showed us today Karla! You two are a great creative team. Enjoy your shows!

Maija Lepore

So many yummies!!!!


oh i just can't wait to get the magazine.. I love love love Romantic Country Magazine.. now I got to call my bookstore and find out whether they already have it in their store.. being at the other side of the world.. magazine always come in a week or two later.. have a nice day!


I wish I was half as creative as the ladies I've met in blogland ! I love the bottles , they are very different and I haven't seen any like them . Please include me when you choose a winner ! :o) Sue


I can't wait to get my copy of the magazine. The bottles are so unique.


My goodness you are queen of the giveaways aren't you! I love the bottles, you just never run out of fun things to make and I am so glad!


Congratulations on your 400th post; I just celebrated my 400th a couple of weeks ago!
Am enjoying your lovely article in the latest RC! Oooooooooooo, and there is Christmas in there too. I'm a happy girl!!


These look great! I love the raven bottle!

Cindy (Junque Art)

So cute. Need to go and purchase a copy!!! Love those crowns!!!


Congrats on your 400th post! I love visiting your blog and enjoying all of your creative beauties.
I have been looking for the latest issue of Romantic Country but haven't been able to find it yet...but I'm not giving up!


Yay 400! I love that moon charm, BTW.


Happy 400th post--that's really amazing!!!
And a beautiful post it is, too. Everything is lovely, but I thing the votive crowns are especially yummy:)
Congrats, Karla!


Oh my! The pumpkin tops are sooooo cute! Love the raven too!!!


I forgot to tell you congrats on your 400th post!! That's alot of posts!!!!

~gina g

What goodies you have here! I love the crow! He is fabulous and the vintage crown goodies too! Eye candy is so much fun! Cannot wait to meet you fellow Bella!

Elaine L.

Karla, I love all the bottles, but especially the raven bottle. I would love to buy it. Please email me.


Elaine L.

Oooops, I forgot to congratulate you on your 400th post and I've read them all!

Wow, so many give-a-ways. My head is spinning. LOL


Miss Rhea

Wow !! Congratulations !! I dont think I would have 400 things to say, lol !! Awesome bottles and what sweet kits !! :)

Cami @ Heart-Shaped Rock Cottage

I'm a Bella. She's a Bella. Wouldn't ya like to be a bella too?!!!

Wonderful pumpkin heads.

And love, love, love the new RC! YUM! Kudos to you and Carol!

And your raven. What do you not do???

And may I just say: What is up w/ Kinley???

Hugs Karla... Today I am making orange juice!!! ;)


Wow, 400 posts! That's a good amount and all worth the reading.

jenny fowler

congrats on 400 posts and a successful article! i have stayed away (from blogland) too long! i love your pumpkin bottles. you did a great job. i saw your post in the silver bella group page and i had to come by and see what was up. i've been a bad blogger lately. blessings!


Hi Karla:
Those bottles are sooo lovely! And you can bet I'll be reading your NEXT 400 posts!
I got my Somerset Life today and loved your contributions--I knew which one was yours before I read the captions! I must thank you again for leading me towards the Sweet Six Studio Workshop this month. Reading your blog and looking at your inspirational projects have awoken my creativity which is priceless to a woman these days. I can't wait to meet you at Silver Bella next year because I've promised myself I WILL get there next year no matter what!

Unabashed Repetition

Miss Karla! Omg, you're still creating such beautishussness :) That is so great to see!!!! I've missed you and all that's been going on in your world while I was "MIA" - and I'm so happy you're still here with your glitter and big roses, and fabulous techniqes!
Much Love,
aka MizSmoochie

Kerryanne English

Karla, you just amaze me with your creative ideas.


WoW. I just finished reading the last few posts. You have been creating so many neat things! Totally enjoy the magazine articles--you are just such a great inspiration. THanks!


Happy 400th!!

Those pumpkins look fantastic... you're just a whirlwind when you try something new, I love seeing what you'll come up with next.

Victoria x

Kathleen Grace

Congratulations on your 400th post and another beautiful article in Romantic Country!

Meleen Dupré


love the pumpkins and "the raven"!!!
happy 400th and look forward to meeting you at silver bella!!



Congratulations on your 400th post. I love that raven bottle!


What fabulous creations and give-aways you're having Karla! I can't wait to meet you at Silver Bella this year:)



oh my goodness! you've been so busy, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bottles, gorgeous! Congrats on the article too, that is so exciting!~


How fun! I love the way you have decorated the bottles, especially the one with the black bird on it! I sent in a request for a subscription to the magazine but it hasn't arrived yet... I may have to go look for it on the newstands!!


LOVE the raven! Your article in the magazine was beautiful! As always, you gals did a fabulous job!

Jana Perenchio

Oh my, such lovely eye candy! Those pumpkin bottles are adorable!!!


You are rockin that clay! The bottles are darling and perfect for fall.

Sheila R

Love all of your goodies you have been making! Can't wait to get my hands on the magazine and meet you at Silver Bella!


I swear I could make this a full time job; there are so many talented women out there and y'all are getting out there in the world and showing Yo Stuff!!!! I'd love to be entered for anything and everything; please drop my name in the hat. Thank you for sharing. I know sometimes I feel like my giveaways are to self-promote (maybe mine are) but it's a wonderful gift for y'all to share and inspire the rest of us. Hugs, Stephanie

Michelle Rosborough

Congrats on 400 posts

Daisy Cottage

Congratulations Karla on yours and Carol's feature in Romantic Country!! (I'm still looking for the issue here) AND for your wonderful and always delightful 400 posts!!! How lucky are we?


Miss Sandy

Thanks for stopping by. I am loving seeing all your sculpy pieces. I guess now I have to stop not only at the news stand for the magazine but Hobby Lobby is a must for some sculpy! I haven't played with clay in years so this ought to be fun!

Joanna {sweet finds}

You gals are so creative! Congrats on the spread & your 400th post. Wow! :)

I know one thing for sure, This TEXAS BELLA can't wait to meet the both of you. See ya soon. (well, actually, not soon enough). LOL xoxo, Joanna


Those are GORGEOUS Karla! I spotted the raven in this post and said "GOTTA HAVE IT" but someone apparently beat me to it! lol Congrats on yet another beautiful magazine article!

Maggie robinson

Hi Again....
Those pumkins are just the cutest!!!
Love the way you have done the bottles.... Honestly Blogging is so much fun . Love seeing what everyone is doing. Your work is really creative and fun

Peggy Lucas

Just lovely! I can't wait to see the magazine! And I'm a bella this year! I am wishing for November, especially since we're still without power from IKE.


Your creations are gorgous! Clicked over here from another Bella's sight, you girlies are blowing me away with your creativity!
Congrats on the posting milestone!!


Your creations are gorgeous! Clicked over here from another Bella's blog, you girlies are amazingly creative!!
Congrats on the 400th!


I cannot wait to buy the magazine and see the full article and photos! The pumpkin bottles (and the raven, too) are simply delightful! Isn't clay fun? These simply make me smile, as do the lovely crowns! So excited as always to enter, but just visiting is like winning!


The pumpkins are so cute, and the crown kits are wonderful! I have to run to the store and find a copy of the magazine asap...can't wait to see the whole article!
Thanks for sharing your talents and providing inspiration for me always!


Pam Schroeder

WOW! You are so creative! I love the bottles! You're an inspiration to us all! PAM

Jean Eakin

Karla you just get better and better. I love the raven bottle but since it is sold I would love to get a pumpkin bottle. Let me know how you want me to pay you. Congratulations on your 400th post. Unbeleivavle isn't it? You bring a ray of sunshine in my day with your creative blog. Thank you for that, and have a wonderful day.
Jean in Virginia


I just love all the goodies Carol and you came up with. You guys are amazing.


The raven is my favorite! See you at Silver Bella!!!


I am going to Barnes and Noble today to get me a copy! See you at Silver Bella!


400 Posts! Does time fly or what? I so enjoy your blog and seeing all of your art work displayed. You inspire me to try new things, and I thank you for sharing.

Amy of Bunny Rose Cottage

KARLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the BEST post!!! Oh my gosh, I LOVE it ALL!!!! I am still waiting for my Romantic Country to come in the mail. I hope it hurries up so I can check out your article!! Those bottles are fabulous! And I TRULY DONT know if I can live without a crown kit!!! Those rock and they are so ME!!!!

Love ya,


Wow! Lots of beautiful creations. Congrats on your 400th post! Ü

Amy of Bunny Rose Cottage

OH and I forgot to add, I LOVE Project Runway ( Go Kenley!!) and America's Next Top Model!!! I wish we lived closer together, lol!


Brenda Kula

Oh, I hope they have that issue at the grocery store Saturday when we make our weekly trek to buy the week's groceries.


Love it all! Can't wait to see you at SB!!

Autumn Clark

WOW- 400 posts - quite impressive! Each one is very inspirational, thank you for the time and energy you put into your blog. I mostly enjoy seeing ways you've altered furniture. Love the bottle tops. Great way to use the bottles we all collect (hoard).
~ Autumn Clark

Halloween Doll Clothes Gal

As ever, I love all the goodies that you produce. Keep it up.


Absolutely love your blog and am inspired by all I see on it. Looking forward to meeting you @ Silver Bella!

Summer Kitchen Interiors

You always have such wonderful ideas!! You make us want to start a project (that wouldn't get finished, I might add!!)
Karla & Karrie


I love it all! You are definately one busy lady! Where do you find the time....or the energy?? I am impressed!



I love the pumpkins! Congrats on your 400th post! That is amazing! I came by way of Windycorner.

Janice Rehmeyer

Karla, I got my Somerset Life magazine yesterday and read your article.
Is Twinkles expecting??????

jessi nagy

woo hoo
what a fab post.
congrats on the magazine.
see ya soon


Congratulations on your 400th post! Those pumpkins are fabulous! I love visiting with you I sit with my tea and read. Hugs Grace


Oh, the raven is so cool!! What a great idea!!!!

Vicki Chrisman

Oh.. LOVE That bottle Karla!!

Linda Richter

You are amazing! Pick me, Karla! And ya know I'm a bella, too! See ya in November.

Heidi of Everyday Cookies

Congrats on 400 posts AS WELL as congrats on the magazine article! Your bottles and crowns are delightful! Also, I will be at Silver Bella this year!!! Yippee, it'll be my first time!!!



Karla, your creations are dreamy as ever! Love the pumpkin top bottles- too cute!


I always say "If one is good, five is better." I'm with you - If I'm going to have everything out and make one crafty thing, I might as well make lots of them. Beautiful, as always. Blessings... Polly


Congrats on 400 wonderful and inspiring posts! Here's to many, many more. If you get any more ravens, I would love to purchase one! Thanks! See ya soon!


oh I just love the bottle toppers! They are wonderful! Those little crown votive wraps are so sweet


I love your pumkins!


Hi Karla! Everything is fantastic... I can't wait to read the article!
Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the advice on the craft show!
Looking forward to meeting you at Silver Bella!


Congratulations on your 400th post! I love all of your Halloween creations. I would like to buy the pink princess crown kit if it is still available.

Nancy ~ fete et fleur

Congratualtions Karla! Everthing is beautiful! WOW, so much has happned since I last checked in.

Happy Autumn!

M (Tales From an OC Cottage)

WOW! What a lot of fabulosity!!!!!!!!!!!!

M ^..^

Isabel ~ Maison Douce

Those bottle toppers are super cute!! Congratulations on your 400th post, I feel like such a newbie, only at 40...!!!


Wow! 84 comments just as I'm typing this one! Well done Karla. Happy happies and a good weekend to ya.


What a fabulous blog you have, and the pumpkin bottles and crowns are gorgeous! Such creativity! I'm really impressed, and really inspired. Thanks for sharing! :-) Stacey


Wow! Everything is so beautiful! Congrats on your 400 post and the fabulous article which I can't wait to read. Looking forward to meeting you at Silver Bella. :)


Once again Karla, you have been a busy little bee. I love the punkins. You must use alot of the sculpy to make those bottle toppers. I have only seen the little blocks of clay. Is there any medium that you do not use? lol

Congrats on the 400th post. At the rate you go Karla you will be at 500 in no time.

BTW, please put my name in the hat too. I would love to win any one of those fabulous giveaways.

Lee W

wow- 400!! Congrats to you. I love the pumpkins and the raven! Please enter me too!


congrats on your 400th post :) love the glittery pumpkin goodness!



I love these items. The pumpkin bottles are just perfect.

Love the tiara/crown concept - no pokeys from the cumbersome chicken wire. Delicate and gorgeous.

Please count me in I would love to win!

Amy Bauer

Oooh! What beautiful creations! I'm going to run out and get that magazine post haste! Big congrats on 400 (sound like you're a character out of an Ann Rice book) when you put it this way! Won't be going to Silver Bella, so be sure to post losts of pics... I want to attend "vicariously."
- Amy Bauer

Tracy M.

Wow, great creations and giveaway. Congrats on your article and 4ooth post.


Cannot wait to meet both you and Carol at Silver Bella. This is my first year and I am sooo excited! Your creations are wonderful! Congrats on the article, and the 400th post - WOW! And where did you find those cute moons on your bottles! Love them.
:) Heidi

Bianca Gaspard

What beautiful pieces. I love birds and that bottle with the bird motif was great. I can't wait to hopefully meet you at Silverbella and see what other beautiful things you come up with.


Karla, you continually amaze me. I love everything.

How many of those grapes did you eat? ;-)

michele - this good day

How exciting for the two of you! I just picked up that issue two days ago...I'll have to read it extra carefully this time! I'll have to get your autographs at Silver Bella this year. See you in November!
bella regards,
michele :)



Your creations are so beautiful! I love the pumpkins and the crows. I can't wait to meet all the creative people at Silver Bella.

Congrats on 400, I should keep track of my posts, but I am not sure what I would giveaway:)

Julie B.

Karla, Can't wait to see you and Carol again at Silver Bella; you girls rock the house with all your talent! I am in awe, and looking forward to seeing all your hard work in Romantic Country.

Julie B.


I love love love the pumpkin head bottles. Count me in!!! LindaSonia

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