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September 29, 2008



I love the boxes!!!


Oh it is all so beautiful! Love the boxes and the crowns and the bottles! So jealous of the bella girls! Have fun with sugarwings!


I love what you've done with the vintage wallpaper - such a great idea! Boxes of all shapes and sizes are tucked into corners of my house. I love them for themselves and also for the way they help me organize all the crafting stuff I own.


Ele at A bit of Pink Heaven

So cute...the ouchy baby. Children are so precious. The boxes are scrumptious. I love the mix of simple materials with over the top pretties. It's such an interesting look.

Judy Rawnsley

Your cherub story was SO funny. I had a similar problem I must share. My husband was moving around large pieces of lumber and just like in a 3 Stooges movie, turned quickly with a 2 x 10 and decapitated one of my stone angels. I was between tears and laughing hysterically. The head must of flown 10 feet! Then she ended up behind the garage with the rest of the restoration rubble until I remembered those are stylish now!! Meantime, the head would show up occasionally......once in the center of the dining room table, once in the passenger seat of my car. He is one sick man.


I love the pink box, so very pretty. I always have a weakness for pink!

Amy of Bunny Rose Cottage

Your going to kill me with those crowns Karla!!!!!!!! I am going to fly down and spend some time with you so you can teach me a few things and show me how to shop!! LOL!

I love Sugarwings, she is such a doll! :) Please give her a big hug for me.

Love ya,


Lovely blog to scroll through!
Susannah x


Princess Twinkle! Love it! Finally found the Romantic mag this weekend and thoroughly enjoyed your article with Carol (and will be popping by her blog to tell her so!). Like the shimmery pumpkins and glad to see the crowns are making their way on lots of lovely pieces!


I love the crowns, it makes me want to get all my stuff out and get creative! Twinkle looks adorable in her crown, sitting on her throne!


Hey Karla! I was not so much into the crowns until I saw the eensie ones, now I'm sold too...and Twinks was born to wear one! But you had me all along with the sculpy stuff, I got mine out, and one question...what kind of glue do you use in your boxes? I know I am always asking you dumb stuff, but I've got nobody, I mean NOBODY to bounce crafting ideas around with. And I may be using Pa. Dutch grammar again, sorry! Your Friend, Bobbi


Maybe I need to keep a baby girl to get more done like you! Unreal girl! You are some kind of magic person.
I passed up a pink glove box for only $1 because I couldn't see it's potential. Ouch!
LOL on the broken arms...


Every girl needs a crown!

Jean Eakin

Karla, while you are doing up bottles, could you please bottle me up some of your energy and creativity. I have to go take a rest everytime I read your blog with all you do. You are smart to spend as much time with Sugarwings as you can, because they grow up too quickly. The small pumpkins with the crowns are so adorable. I love them. Well you have a wonderful day.
Jean in Virginia


First I couldn't stop drooling over the crowns. Then those glorious boxes. I'm having a happy Monday now. Thanks:)
You always sound like you have so much fun with the little fairy!
Have a good week

Heather~ Pretty Petals

Love these gorgeous crowns Karla!! Lovin these new boxes too... what a sweet idea for Silver Bella! I have been busy trying to get a few things ready too... it will be here before we know it!

xox Heather


Karla, I love the long posts with lots of pictures. Everything is just beautiful. Especially Sugarwings and Twinks.

Love the boxes. My Mom and I both have box fetishes. We love a good box and cannnot pass them up. I will have to give the altering a try.I have a glove box just waiting for a "Karla" touch.

Unabashed Repetition

FABULOUS! Of course :) You have the best stash of flowers and jewels, you know?!?

Laura Ingalls Gunn

When blessings were being handed out I think that someone got in the creative talent line twice. :)


Whenever I need a dose of romantic, pretty, or happy I stop by here. You never let me down. The crowns are beautiful and the boxes delight me because I have a special love for beautiful but useful.



I always love browsing all your pretties you share on your blog....the crowns are lovely and I hope to take one of your lovely quilted boxes home with me from Silver Bella!
See you in about 5 weeks!


Precious Twinkle! Rachaelxo


Karla, I am in love with all of the boxes. Ooh, so pretty.

And, I especially love your royal model in the last picture. ;-)

Cami @ Heart-Shaped Rock Cottage

Your pup in the crown: MY FAVORITE PIC! Awwww... So cute. Your gbfairy will remember playing playdough w/ you all her life. There isn't anything you could do better w/ your time. Hugs K!

Susan M Hickam

Ouchy Baby! How sweet is that! Mabey Sugarwings will grow up to be a pediatric surgeon. As always love all your creative endevors. Happy Blue Monday Karla(I mentioned you today on my blog)

Amanda Willey

How much is that doggie in the picture, the one with the beautiful crown? I can tell you are having fun! Beautiful stuff! I can't wait to see your things at Silverbella!


Oh my goodness your Yorkie is adorable! Toooo Cute! I have a maltese named Chance and he is my shadow. I just love him! He is so spoiled rotten. He has a doggie bed in my bedroom by my nightstand, in the living room by the sofa and in my workroom near my feet. Right now he is curled up on the chair and a half here by me in the guest room. lol

Anyway, I am so glad you found my blog and stopped by. I am adding your page to my faves so I can come visit you. Your blog is full of such pretty things. How inspiring.
Tammy ;D


Delish, delish, delish!!!!!!! So many pretties..so little time..he,hee,hee. Can I just run around giving away those crowns to all the lovely people and animals? If only we could spread joy like that...hey, it's nice thought. Thanks for spreading some happy cheer.

Susan M Hickam

Karla if I wasn't already in awe of your artistic talent I would be now knowing you have jumped a mile on your pogo stick at the tender age of 6. Having had several magazine articles under your belt I think you qualify as a celebrity to admire. Happy Blue Monday again.

Laurie S.

All Hail the Dorkie Princess!! What an adorable photo of your sweet doggy!

Laurie S.

Melissa Burford

How wonderful! I haven't been able to get online too much this past month so I have a lot to catch up on with your blog and this is a wonderful start. Great things!!!

Fleur de Bee

Yummy post!! Love the boxes and especially your crowns!


I am quite obsessed with crowns and tiaras...these are jaw dropping beautiful! I love reading about your relationship with Sugarwings. She must just view you as a fairy queen who makes all things beautiful. Makes me think two things...I sure miss my abuelita (grandma) and I'm so glad I add daily "magic" into my three sweetpea's lives.


I love the dove bottle, it is beautiful!
And those crowns are darling! I can't believe how much you have been making...you are a little art-making machine!

Carrie West

Oh my goodness, too cute! I LOVE the crowns and the little pumpkins!!!!

The little doggie is such a cutie pie!!!!~

Kerri  Norrod.

So many beautiful things! I love the pink box and the pumpkins!


gorgeous post Karla!! LOVE all the crowns!! I hope you have a super fantastic day!!! hugs!!
xo Britt :-)

tiffany~shabby scraps

Karla, these crowns are FAB U LOUS!!!! thanks for sharing!xoxo, Tiffany


You find the COOLEST STUFF!!! The boxes are so pretty and I am seriously in love with the crowns. They are adorable!

Jana Perenchio

LOVE the crowns & I have a Yorkie who looks just like your's!!! Her name is JazzyBelle.

Elaine L.

Karla, I wanted to let you know that I received my bottle with the crow top and I love it! I'm going to use it in my Halloween display. My husband liked it, too!


Alice W.

Love your crowns and creations! And the "ouchie babies" too cute! Those pumpkins are adorable as is your little Yorkie...I want one so bad but my, Renoir, won't have it...he prefers the only "child" life...hehe!

Nancy ~ Fete et Fleur

Everything is BEAUTIFUL!



Karla, Such beautiful creations I love the Boxes, and your pup is so cute!
Hugs, Diane


Karla, your posts are such eye candy!!!! I love the crowns, they look wonderful on anything don't they? And the smushed roses are so very gorgeous!! My "new" dropcloth curtains do have seams, but I don't care :) I'm about to post photos of them this morning and you'll be able to see the seams...hope you have a wonderfully creative day!! xxoo, Dawn

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