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September 23, 2008


Kerri  Norrod.

It looks like you had fun picking grapes. What a fun time with your family! I am going to go to Borders and pick up that magazine. Can't wait to see your stuff!


yes, must get the magazine.
Grape picking can be fun...for a while. growing up we always had grapes to pick either at home or a family members. When I moved in with my husband, his home was quite near Delicato Wineries in California. We could smell all the grape smells, good and bad.


It's fun to recognize the names in magazines. What a fun day you had, in spite of all the hard work.



Oh, I must hobble to the store for a copy of the mag now. Those photos of yours are wonderful, the foggy background makes it look quite mysterious.

LiLi M.

Let's see if I can get Romantic Country over here. I just rediscovered the American Bookstore and they sell some of your great magazines, so perhaps....Those pictures of you and your sisters are so much fun, as you said a true momento of a very nice time together. And what do I hear about an all you can eat chocolate buffet. I think I have to introduce that one over here!

Karen Young

Karla, Great post full of wonderful eye candy. Looks like you had a great time picking grapes



I just picked up the new issue today and I can't wait to linger over it.

Amy of Bunny Rose Cottage

Hi Karla! It looks like a fabulous time and the dessert/candy looks fabulous!!! WOW, wine infused chocolate, that is what I need at night, lol!

Love the hat too! Those colors are beautiful. I cant wait to get my copy of Romantic Country in the mail!



Ok, Am I just getting that you only use the hats for the flowers? Or do you use them for other things? How can you tell a vintage flower from a new one? LOL Obviously I don't use flowers on my crafts. Take care


What a neat experience. I've picked Wild Mustang Grapes for homemade wine. You have to watch out for poison ivy since they are growing in the wild! The food looks wonderful!


You all look so pretty for your grape-picking adventures! Hubby says so too!

Susan M Hickam

Sounds like you all had a fabulous time! You do have hat radar don't you? I can't wait to find the Romantic Country issue you mentioned. Have a nice relaxing evening.


I can't wait to get my Romantic Country! You'd think subscribers would get them before the newsstands, but most magazines are like that. Despite all the hard work, it looks like you all had a great time!

Halloween Doll Clothes Gal

Great pics - looks like a "grape" time was had by all. I really love the misty picture of the vineyard.

Elaine L.

You know how to have fun! I love the pics of you and your sissies. My dad picked grapes, for pay, when he was 12. It was VERY hard work and it was in central CA where it is hot and humid during grape picking season.

The WORKING dog is amazing!

I love your nest of fairies. They are so cute!



Looks like you girls had loads of fun! Sisters are great!

sarah @ a beach cottage


I surfed on in here through Cindy's blog and have really enjoyed my visit, looks like you had a lovely time with the grapes

I'll be looking out for the magazine, can't wait to see MsAshwells latest


Mary Isabella

The smiles on your faces tells me you all had a great day and lots of fun. That is a really good picture of you all. The food looks so good.Have a great and fun day today..m...

Leslie M

How fun! I love sharing days like this with my sisters too. Isn't it great to have these wonderful photos to remember it by. Your pictures are terrific too!


As always, more lovelies! The agri-tourism sounds like fun (especially the lunch!) How special to have really beautiful photos of you and your sisters together -- definitely a keeper! Looking forward to picking up Romantic Country! It's fun to know a contributor!

Kim V

I need to go and pick up a copy of the magazine!

You and your sisters looked to be having a great time! What a beautiful day you had!

Lisa Baggett

what a fabulous lunch spent with special friends. I see you are a bella and I look forward to meeting you in omaha. love your blog.

Brenda Kula

My very favorite magazine! I can't wait to pick it up in the store.


...and here I planned on lightening my subscription load this fall, lol! I think as much as I go buy this publication in the store, I might as well subscribe. It looks awesome!


You look adorable picking those grapes! I did get the magazine and it was fabulous!!!!!I am still reading it over and over again! I am ra biggest fan and collector!! loved it !!


My first and only grandbaby she was 2 in Aug.
I live in Ohio she lives in Utah.
And I do notlike that at all.
I just got back from Utah.
She is so tiny she weighs just 22 pounds.
Blue eyes Slightly curly blonde hair.
Looks like your granddaughter is also 2.
Pamela NE OH

Jean Eakin

I had hoped my magazine would come today but it didn't.I can't wait to get it. It looks like you had a great fun day with friends and family. How could you ask for more? You have a wonderful evening.
Jean in Virginia

Miss Sandy

I'll be heading into town tomorrow to pick up a copy of this issue for sure! I really need to subscribe.

Your grape adventure looks like fun but not as fun as riding on a carousel horse in front of the antique mall!

Have a sweet remainder of the week!


grape picking reminds me of the grape root brought over from Italy by my great grandparents that still produces fruit in my Grandma's backyard! love your pics,


It looks like fun work. You and your sisters are such pretty gals. Always a smile. I love it.


In spite of the "Work" at the winery, it looks like it was a great day for you and your family! Needless to say, the food looked wonderful! Hm-m-m-m, wine infused chocolate! Now that's something new to try! LOL!



What fabulous photos of you girls picking grapes, love them!! I HAVE to go get that magazine now....such wonderful talent on staff there!

Paula Clare

What a fun and wonderful post! Your blog is a delight! So glad I found you!You've been added to my Google reader! Blessings!


You all looked so cute and like you were having the time of your life. And the food, WOW!!


I live in Napa Valley and we just harvested a friends grapes today! Lots of work but a fun day with friends!
Love the Fairy festival!

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