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September 27, 2008


Unabashed Repetition

What a bunch of yummy scores! And the gowns... swoon... I say go with the Vintage Cotillion :) It's stunning! Save the sparkly tank number and jeans for evening drinks on the town! (and drink one for me!)


Yes, I vote for the gown also...just beautiful! Love those prints....you really scored in the yard sale department! WOW!
And I LOVE the pic. of Sugarwings looking in the mirror!

Miss Rhea

First Gown !! :) Maybe Sugarwings needs to model it first !! LOL !! :) Wow, I want to shop where you do. :)

Miss Rhea

First Gown !! :) Maybe Sugarwings needs to model it first !! LOL !! :) Wow, I want to shop where you do. :)


You really have a magic touch, Karla! I also love the white witch--so elegant--and the metal dress form is great!
My vote is for the vintage cotillion dress. It's so YOU:)
You're such a sweetie to make sure we know Carol designed the crowns. Just one more place your generous spirit shines:) I'm going to go over to Carol's blog right now!

Linda and Laura Lilly Cottage

Ilove the name Hat Whisperer...yes you should keep that name you are soooo good!! Wow what a stash! I adore the scalloped wooden frame with the rose print in it...so many gorgeous items!!
My vote...I love the sparkly top but you need to wear something other than jeans...I think the answer will jump out at you soon. I love the idea of a big rose corsage for either your hair or your wrist... Oooh what if you had a pair of flat fronted floaty white crepe?? pants to wear with it, with heels......
somehow I think we will all make it harder for you to decide!
Have a lovely day, great post, Kiss Noises Linda Lilly Cottage.

LiLi M.

You have bought so many lovelies again; I just don't know where to start! Of course Sugarwings is stealing the show, another great picture. Mmm difficult to choose between the blue lurex top and the antique dress. My advice, wear the top with jeans behind your vendor table. Wear the dress at the Silver Bella Prom.
Have a great weekend Karla!

Susan M Hickam

I recognise that picture-the floral one- you bought- I love the kitty one too-Sugarwings is adorable as always. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier and thanks for the nice comments. Carol's designs are wonderful. You too inspire me. Happy Pink Weekend to you.

Susan M Hickam

P.S. _ go for the 20's gown-it is incredible_ though I do love the sparkly top as well. You would look great in both I am sure.


Beautiful! Just beautiful! The dresses are gorgeous! I prefer the simpler one, but they are both amazing! The crowns are just so neat, too!

Jen r sanctuary arts at home

Thet hat whisperer..hee hee.... I think you should do the sparkly top and jeans, but that's me.. comfort all the way... it's awesome!


Wow another amazing haul! Love the vintage gown!! also love the shiney top! And the witch picture is awesome! Sugar wings looks too cute in her pinafore!


Karla, I would have a hard time deciding which to wear, too. My first thought is the dress, but almost a quickly I like the idea of the top with the jeans.


Wow Karla! You got some amazing stuff! You would never find all those goodies out here in Calif.! Well, I am going over to Carols blog for a visit! Have a great weekend!
karen....Your loyal reader!


Go with the 1920 look, that dress is so beautiful…

I use to work for a woman who went to very formal dances/teas at West Point…
In the late 1920’s…

They were weekend affairs of dances, teas and row boating on the Hudson river..
she had wonderful stories to tell...


Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

I love visiting your blog. It is just like opening my favorite magazine. Those dresses are so pretty but I think you'd look great in the aqua top and jeans.


Once again you astound me with all you get done. That Sugarwings is just the cutest thing ever. I know you all think so too! I need your help! I'm making a scrapbook layout and I'm using a metal butterfly that is gold for wings on a old picture of my mom. I want to put some sparkle on it but the only thing I use is stickles and I don't think it will look that good. I was wondering if you have any other product ideas for a glitter glue or something. Since your the Queen of sparkle I thought of you. Hugs

Miss Sandy

Now way should you do the 50" bling thing or the darling sparkle top and jeans, go glam girl and wear that awesome white confection! Make yourself a 20's headband with sequins, feathers and flowers as was all the rage and find yourself some fierce shoes! You are so pretty and petite and fun that I can totally see you pulling off a glam flapper look!

Amy of Bunny Rose Cottage

SOOOO much beauty in this post Karla, I cant even comment on one thing! Well, maybe the gorgeous little Sugarwings, lol! She is just too cute to handle! I love the 1920's dress :) Of course that era just melts my heart!

Did you sell all of the crown kits??

Love ya,


You ALWAYS find the most beautiful treasures! Would you do shopping for me? I'll sned you every penny I own...LOL. Wear them all and be sure to take lots of pics! Sugarwings is the prettiest of them all! Hugs, Terri


I loved seeing all your gorgeous treasures you got while "junking". I would wear the lovely white dress you will be the "bella the ball"


Kerri  Norrod.

You bought so many beautiful things. You hit the jackpot! Sugar wings looks adorable!


What awesome and CHEAP finds! Can't wait to see what you sell at SB!


Maija Lepore

OMG! Karla, you get the best stuff! I think you should wear the gown at the beginning, and then do a change up somewhere in the middle, then both fab items can be used!

sarah ~ a beach cottage

phew what a little cutie SugarWings is

OMG I woulda died and gone to heaven if I'd gone to that barn sale, love those old vintage whites and the box of flowers...

I'd go with the vintage dress, just because you don't get much excuse to dress up in a dress like that these days



I love that sweet picture of your grandaughter


Vintage cotillion, for sure, with the sparkly feathered 20's headband suggested by a previous writer! So pretty!!!

Alauar Parrish

Hey there; I would wear the vintage, it is so beautiful. You would be the bell of the ball. I love all you finds so many wonderful pretties. Have a great week.



Sugarwings always makes me smile! Her expressions are priceless. I got my Romantic Country the other day and enjoyed your article! That magazine is gorgeous, and I wish it were monthly!

jenny fowler

yes i love aged whites, and yes you should wear that dress and not jeans to the prom, and wow, i wish i had friends like yours with vintage goodies just hanging around in their houses! ;)

Elaine L.

The Vintage dress is beautiful! I think you should wear it.



Can the aqua top go over the dress or is there too much lace (if so, you could always make or find a denim hair band...was the hair-band 50's or later?)? And I'm wondering if the lace will come of the the lavender trimmed hat or if not maybe you could seam ripper the seam and do something with just the top of the hat? Found a copy of Romantic county Saturday evening and enjoyed seeing you guys in print. Happy happies.


The 20's dress for prom and the sparkly top to Karaoke Night. :)



wow, lots of posts to go through...I've been busy doing a kitchen! Can you send some of those 10c garage sales up here? LOL.
Everything looks great!



OK I second -3 4thand 5 th -- the lovely vintage sress - Oh a chance to wear that --
you will look extrodinarely- lovely
Oh what gorgeous finds - It always delight the eyes to see your blog and to see what your and Sugar wings are up to -- Kathy - GA

Halloween Doll Clothes Gal

Great photos - I love the"hat whisperer"!


More lovelies! Those dresses are to die for! I can see you in it!


I have an idea for you. You need to open up a travel agency to have people visit & you take us shopping with you. I can't get over all the stuff you find for dirt cheap. You're my shopping hero - hee hee!

Laura Ingalls Gunn

Be a standout and go cotillion. I am sure there will be plenty of 50's frocks. :)

Valita Baxley

The crown kits are so wonderful! Can't wait to see you at Silver Bella!

Lee W.

you are the best bragain-finder!! I love all the bling and flowers- the baby bonnet and purse are the best!!


I'm lookin at that soft calfs skin purse...good size for a pincushion??? Are you thinking about selling it? Let me know. I know you have your hands full. Its wonderful that you got your hands on all those flowers, but you're making in really hard for Beth to catch up.lol Laurie lm.sm@comcast.net

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