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September 15, 2008


Sarah Elder

Oh Karla! That box turned out so beautifully! What patience you must have to paint on suck a small surface. I know exactly what you mean about insomnia, only for me I can't ever fall asleep and find myself up at 4 in the morning never having gone to bed. Some of my favorite necklaces and crafty stuff have come out of those late night sessions.


The charms are so beautiful. I can see why you couldn't sleep. Too much interesting stuff to do.


Oh the charms are beautiful! I love the crown box too! 100% improvement! I get compliments all the time on the necklace you sent me!
And for some WEIRD reason I was up with the chickens on Sunday...5:30 a.m. Everyone in my house thought "something was wrong!" LOL!

Susan M Hickam

I want to hear more about Silver Bella not less! I hear it is in Omaha(so close to us!) and you said it was in November. Could you tell me when? It sounds like a blast. Is it something the public comes too or is it just for retailers? I think I would like to go if I could. Your peices are coming along nicely. I always check to see if you posted and I am always excited to see what you have been up to. I redid my craft room this weekend after you and Beth did such lovely things with yours. Happy Blue Monday!


I couldn't sleep either . Drank too much sweet tea. I should have done a project too. Instead I caught up on blogs.

Karla, we will never get tired of your Silver Bella projects. There are so many of us that cannot go, so keep it coming girl.

Love the painted rocks. I always have painted grass, but it's gone the next time the grass is cut. I like your idea better.


Karla, you never cease to amaze me!!! I want to be your neighbor and play art all day long OK??? These jewelry displays look amazing!! I saw your burlap goodies, they're gorgeous, who knew burlap could be so beautiful? There are so many amazing ideas in this issue I almost screamed!! xxoo, Dawn

Jean Eakin

Karla, all your creations turned out great. Okay, I have to admit, I have never heard of Somerset Life magazine. Is it sold everywhere? I would love to read the articles you mentioned. Spraypainting in rocks is a good idea. My hubby is always painting my mulch and it in different colors just doesn't have as good effect as your rocks.I am sure all of your things are going to be a big hit at Silver Bella. Have a great evening.
Jean in Virginia


What a busy bee you've been! Your charms are absolutely beautiful! I hope you'll be selling them on etsy too. They're gorgeous!

Congrats on being featured in Somerset Life. That is one of my favorite publications. I can't wait to see the latest issue in person!


COngrats Karla on being in Somerset Life,I love the magazine but,I can't afford a subscription but I do pick up one when I know someone who is in it so, I will be looking at the book store for this one...
I love how the crown box turned out so far, It is so pretty and so are all of your creations....I love reading about your Siver Bella preparations..

La Donna

Congratulations Karla on being in Somerset Life!
La Donna


I can not wait to see it xoxoxo Clarice


These charms are a great idea! I hope you sleep better tonight! I will look for that issue of Somerset life... it is a beautifully done magazine. Hope all is well there, and I always look forward to your stories about Silver Bella! I live vicariously through you!! ;)

p.s. I thought of you a lot while I was in California! We went through a couple great antique shops. I didn't find anything (I was dragging Craig through them) but I kept thinking if you were there, you'd definitely find a treasure!

M (Tales From an OC Cottage)

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, those charms!!!AMAZING!!!!

M ^..^


The crown box is real pretty, I love it and the displays turned out great too. Never checked Somerset Life before, maybe I should. Congrats on your magazine feature!!!


Nola of Alamo North

Congrats on being in the mag! Your pieces turned out beautiful. I love the bit about your colored rocks, how cool!

sarah ~ a beach cottage

oh my

the sparklies look amazing

I'd love to have a go at the bottles but not sure if I'm up to that yet



Gosh I love your charms! The rose I have is one of my very favorite pieces of jewelry ever!


I was up till 3:30am this morning, we got inks on saturday and i've been printing off wallpaper and scrapbook paper and some ephemera from the vintage workshop and then i visited some blogs and got busy writing in my daily journal to realize i had only 16 lines left so i had to stop and make more journal pages before I could go to bed... and then i decided to fix the small flower wallpaper (I printed it out on a darker aqua cardstock and on the fax choice and didn't like it, so i put it back in the printer and selected a summer-y download i have that has stitching and graft lines and flowers and then decided to print some doodled flowers in black from the same artist over that and now it's fun to look at -I'm going to save it as an original and make color copies of it as I need it. Only managed a couple hours sleep here and there today so I got busy and washed up the 10 -64oz jars I got from the maintience guys. Will start looking for the Etsy order to arrive starting Tuesday...ya never know -more like Wednesday or Thursday and once it gets here I'll have to stop everything and play!!! those display items turned out really good. Happy happies and go ahead and talk your head off about Silverbella.


Oh, Karla, every single charm is so very lovely!

LiLi M.

Aaah Sugarwing rocks!

LiLi M.

I meant SugarwingS of course!


so lovely jewelery. Its fantastic!! Hugs /linnea-maria


Love the charms…..
I also got my Somerset Life Yesterday and I have to thank you for
my little addition to this issue…



Good Morning Sweet Karla! I was looking at all your photos from magazine articles (can't imagine that it took this long) and I can't believe how many of my favorite articles were yours! I have a LOT of old magazines and look at them frequently, now I will be even more tickled when I find "you"! A technical question: I do alot of decoupage as I can't paint, and made a pretty plaque for the porch, sealed it, and it faded away to almost nothing within a year. Do you know anything to seal it with to protect the color? Does a painted outside piece fade that quickly? Please tell me, dear Karla, fountain of knowledge that I know you are!!! Also, I have a painted rock space, too, with lots of glitter sifted in after most Christmases...Your Friend, Bobbi


I absolutely love the Somerset magazines. In fact, I think I'm going to need a new bookcase for them!


Beautiful! I really love the cupcake charms you painted! So pretty!


Good morning! I'm up at 5 today too - maybe it's something to do with the weather? But it's been a good time for me to catch up with the blogging world.

I love the charms you're working on...


Miss Rhea

I am embarrassed to admit it, but I have yet to look through a somerset magazine. lol !! They are really expensive here. I LOVE your charms, especially the teacup one. How cute is that !! :)

Ele at A bit of Pink HeavenE

The charms and jewelry are so gorgeous. The display pieces are perfect! Yeah, that Beth found them. All your packets for Bella, are to drool for...


Congratulations on your SL article. Love the charms, they are simply lovely.



Look forward to getting my hands on that Somerset Life. Your bottles are lovely.


Can't wait to get the magazine and say "wow".. Congrats. Love the charms so stinkin cute. I get insomnia and I walk around and sit and stare at the tv never can make a thing! Hugs Grace


Your display pieces turned out really cool. Love them. I adore the charms and hope some will find their way into your Etsy shop!! (hint hint)


Hi there wonderful lady: You have inspired me to go make, buy and give something pretty before the week is out!!! I will tell you what I come up with. Congrats on your publication!!! HELLO THERE!!! Great job. It's amazing how something so simple and ornery can become a beautiful, treasured keepsake. Those bottles remind me of my beautiful grandma. She always had the prettiest, dantiest things around. She gave me these beautiful handkerchiefs she needlepointed herself...(I lost them in hurrican Andrew...arrrggghhh) but seeing your goodies reminds me of the wonderful memories I have of her. Thanks for the bit of happiness today.

Elaine L.

This is a wonderful post. I love the burlap.
Your charms are gorgeous and I can't believe how wonderful the display pieces turned out.

I can't imagine such creativity. I am creative, but it takes me a long time to produce anything.



Love the charms! Beautiful. Maximizing midnight is always a good thing! Glad to hear Holidays is out (and that you are in it!). I have a coupon for an additional 15 percent at Barnes and Noble and now I know what I'll get!


You AMAZE me!!! What can you NOT DO??? Seriously??? Everything is just GORGEOUS! Congrats on the magazine! So well deserved! XOOX,Jenn


Checking in to see what's new...you never disappoint!
The charms are AMAZING! OK...off to the book store to pick up my new issue of Somerset Home!
*smiles* Debbie

Melissa A. Wisner

Hello Karla and Carol!

Congratulations on your Silver Bella friendship and creative partnership! This will be my first Silver Bella (hosting twinchie advent calendar swap!) and just over email have also met some wonderful women. I love the picture of Moofy! What a silly, great name!

Hope to meet you in Omaha this year!

Melissa Wisner

Kathy Schwartzbauer

You are too much Such creative energy So much inspiration for us Thanks as always, Kathy

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