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September 13, 2008



Love your PINKness!!!


Susan M Hickam

Hey Karla! Happy to see you on pink saturday! Your garden looks amazing. my heart and prayers are with you and sugarwings family. No matter how things turn out- sugarwings has lots of love from all around her. I am praying for the happiest of endings for you all. Susan


I love the birdcage in your garden! I also love pink foliage, purple too! I can not resist anything with lavender blooms! My garden is still pretty sad looking. It is still hot here and very dry!


Those roses in your garden are so pretty!

LiLi M.

We had flowers all summer...and rain and modest temperatures ...wanna trade huh?? Oh we always say that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. But I love your knock-out rose. I shouldn't know how we would call that one, because I want to have one too, I'm fond of put in the ground and do nothing further plants too. I can recommend you what we call fairy roses too. Those are little ones, the little flowers grow in bunches! We had bunches of soft red roses starting beginning of June and I think (=hope) that the last one will fall off around Christmas if it doesn't freeze earlier. In our climate a Lavatera is great too! No work and plenty of flowers!
Happy pink Saturday to you too!


Love all of your pinkness....everything is so pretty..
Love the flowers, here in FLorida, it gets so hot that my flowers die even when I try to keep them watered....but fall and winter is when the flowers look so pretty around here....


You have such beautiful collections! And I love the idea of adding a strip of vintage table cloth for a waistband!

Jean Eakin

Your flowers are beautiful. I have lots of red knock-out roses. I have tried lots of other roses but no matter how many times I say I am going to spray them, etc., it just doesn't happen. The knock-out rose is for sure the best, easiest rose you can grow. Next year I am going to plant some pink ones too. I read your Fridays post just now too, and you are really getting a lot done, along with spending time with Sugarwings and Twinks. Have a good rest of the weekend.
Jean in Virginia


I love the idea of putting your millinary flowers in a nice plain glass jar .... I might do that with some of mine for my shop .
Thank you for the great idea ...I just have a little spot in a multi-dealer antique shop & call it my store . :o) Sue

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Your garden is gorgeous and Twinks is adorable. I hope you're having a wonderful weekend and the tornadoes have passed you by!


Welcome to your first Pink Saturday, Karla. I'm so glad you decided to participate.

You are always full of lots of pink goodness on your blog. Twinks looks so cute, and is glad mommy decided to take a break.

Your yard looks wonderful. We have hybrid tea roses, and they always look there best in late spring and autumn. Summers are rough.

Gabriela Delworth

Happy Pink Saturday,

Love your PINK post. Such a cutie this tiny dog...love it! And your PINK goodies are just eye candy! Lovely pieces!

~ Gabriela ~


Your garden is looking pretty. Oh I do adore Twink, I just know in real life her and I would be great friends! She is so funny and human like! How's her love life coming along? Rachaelxo

Anne Fannie

Hello Karla, Glad to meet you on Pink Saturday. I see you are a PINK lover! I love all your pink things and I love your garden! Cute little Twinks is just as cute as can be!
Happy Pink Saturday!
Love, Ann


Karla, you never disappoint me when I check in on your blog. Always a special treat. Love all the pink. And love the pictures of Twink. Jackie likes to sit in her carrier too. I guess they think we might get the idea to take them somewhere. Poor dorkies.


Ahhh Twinks is just so adorable :) I bet she had a wonderful walk in the garden with her mommy!
I too love the knowck out roses. I purchased my first this year and it has more than double in size! I see you have pink ones.... I am looking to find a lovely pink one for my garden. I have a pretty red right now... they didn't have a pink one :( So it is on my list for next spring! Oh an the apron re-do is fabulous!


Karla! First of all, so glad that SugarWings' mama and daddy are trying to make things work. I had FIVE "fathers" growing up, I am so hopeful for your family! Then, I have caladiums growing in an almost identical pot in my shade garden! Great minds.... Then...I am so glad to see that you improved the apron...I have a confession to make...I foofed up the blue fairy mirror a little more. I knew you wouldn't mind, foofing among friends is never bad...Your Friend, Bobbi


Karla, your little doggy in the pink carrier is adorable!!!!


Hi Karla,
I agree with your gardening philosophy. That's why even though we live in Tampa, I will not put any tropical plants in the yard. All it takes is one freeze and they are wiped out. As for the Knockout roses - dito. I've put them in all my sunny spots and have roses all year. Happy pinksat!


I like easy-care gardening too. Happy Pink Saturday!

Beth Leintz

Your garden is just gorgeous- I really like the birdbath picture and the one looking up at the gazing ball- they would make nice watercolors.... I hadn't seen your remade apron- cute! You'll be glad to be wearing an apron with pockets when you're selling at Silverbella. Or you could borrow the red fanny pack....


Oh, my !!! Your pinks are delicious. Your millinery packs are just beautiful. I must visit your shop. I love you blog, it's stunning. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Valita Baxley

I wish my garden looked as pretty as yours. Mine is still a work in progress and I am drawn to the mauves and purples, with some pinks and other colors thrown in.
I have had some purple snap dragons blooming all summer and I love them. I tossed them in the ground and did nothing to them all summer. I used the same toss method on some veggies this year and it worked great! Probably a plan I will use for now on. LOL. The other way never worked for me.

Nola of Alamo North

That paint job is great! I've never had the courage to try something like that.
I love the apron, it is just too precious to get dirty!

Vicki Chrisman

Oh my, Karla! I have been missing SO much , between being gone and my computer problems. I feel like I just sat down and looked through a fantastic magazine..( without advertizing) lol Every single post is just filled with beautiful things! And .. Sugarwings... oh man.. is she ever growning! What a little doll!
Thankyou for always sharing your pretties and your art with everyone. I truly enjoy it!


Happy Pink Saturday! So happy to see you again in Pink Saturday party and you have such pretty garden! looks like twink had a great play time with you :D hehehehehe

Isabel ~ Maison Douce

Never get tired of pink...!! Gorgeous pictures! And the apron turned out really cute!


You say you're going to be doing this and that and not getting much done, but ooooo-eee you produce, produce, produce. Thanks for all your inspirations.

Sugarwings and Twinks are charmers. You make me want to believe in the magic of fairies again!


Hi Karla, I plan on joining the Pink Saturday next eek!Your pinks are wonderful.. Laurie


Beautiful pink post. I love it.

Kerryanne English

Your garden always looks lovley Karla.....oh but tornado sirens - now that would scare me silly. We don't have them here in Australia but after watching a few US shows about Storm Warnings, I don't ever want to be up close to one of those beauties.
Stay safe and dry,
Hugs - Kerryanne

Jen R Sanctuary arts at home

Your pinks are so pretty! Don't you just love when the garden fully grows in?


what lovely photos and my favorite is the painting on the wall. have a great week...


Lovely pink post! Great millenry goodies.
Twinks is so cute!
I've GOT to get me some of those knock out roses!!
Sugarwings sure is getting big. Wow.


Pretty, pretty pinks…..!!!

I love the swan planter ….



Your pinks are beautiful. and your yard is just gorgeous!

Doll Clothes Gal

Let most little girls, my 10 year old is smitten with anything pink. Great pictures and paintwork.


A great "pink"! I love the apron re-do!! I love aprons and vintage material and linens.


I love a good giveaway!...Take care, katie

Linda Crispell

Wonderful garden, it looks so lush and vibrant.

kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu

you won Jens Tee from the Nie Auction! How exciting. Please send payment to paypal using nieniefund@gmail.com Then send me a confirmation. Thanks so much.

Paula Kay

i received the most beautiful painting of a teapot from you!! love it! hung it in my kitchen immediately, had the perfect frame. thanks so much, made me feel all warm & fuzzy... as good art should! you are a blessing! thanks, appreciate your thoughts & talents!! keep blogging, i tune in daily!

Brenda Kula

Tell Twinks I've got two Yorkies just waiting to play!


What a beautiful pink day! My 3 yo dd would love all the pink. Blessings! Audrey


Happy Pink Saturday! I came here for the pink post, but would love to be entered in your giveaway!

You have so many lovely pink things and an incredible garden! I will have to try those Knock Out roses. A shop near me has them on sale right now!


Judy Rawnsley

I just MUST make a comment with all the pictures of the 'dorkie'....she reminds me so much of my little Blossom, I miss her so. So....I'm registered for the Sept. giveaway and keeping my fingers crossed, its birthday month.
Love the gardens, the pinks are amazing. Wrote down the name of the rose...I need an easy pink rose.


Happy PS a little late! Love all your pretty pinkness~

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Elaine L.

I am on the same page. I don't grow anything that needs to be pampered. I plant drought tolerant plants that are suited to the desert.

I do have lots of roses, tho. They grow really well, here, especially with my new timed watering system. The water goes on for 10 minutes every morning at 5. Not having to move hoses and sprinkler around is heaven and I can't believe how much I've saved on my water bill.




Hi Karla

Such great pics!

Wanted you to know I posted about a recipe (again!) from the Sweet Treats book from last Feb...there are such winners in that book! Hope you can hop over for a peek!



Twinkle is so darn cute! Love the pink bag.
Margot would be happy if I would stay outside all day too.

Miss Sandy

Everything is pretty in pink at your house. I love the wall in your studio! Your garden is glorious!


Oh, Lordy, Lord...can I just move in with you? I can clean up your messes after you finish creating....sigh....just a thought...
LOL. Lots of pretty eye candy here. LACE!!! HELLO!!! Girls, can never have enough lace, like good fairy tale books or wonderful tea set(s)...You are making me a happy chica. (smile)


Your garden is so beautiful!!
You probably spend alot of time out there!!
It is lovely!!

Joanne Kennedy

Your place is always so magical looking. Everything you touch just turns to beauty. I love to come and dream in your blog.

Oh I would love to win your monthly giveaway.



Oh to have your stash of millinery! A girl can dream, can't she? :)

Hope everything goes well with Sugarwings' family. I know how stressful that situ can be...



Twinkle is just the cutest little thing. I love all your lace and ribbon...too cute!

Your yard is so lush and beautiful..



Your posts are simply devine! Love your garden and Twinks is so cute.....


These pictures of Twinkle are just too cute!! And that rose is gorgeous... does it smell as pretty as it looks? I don't have any roses right now and like you, I'd rather get plants and flowers that don't need much babying.


I have been meaning to do a post about my knockout roses! Don't you just LOVE them? We planted one in front of our house this spring, and it has just amazed me how it continues to flourish and bloom with relatively no attention from me!


Beautiful pinks! And Ms. Twinkle is divine! (Did she and her boyfriend reach an understanding?)

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