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September 16, 2008



You have so much talent, I like your new found craft.

Sheri Ingrande

It seem like forever since I have been to your blog..I forgot how wonderful it is...all the vintage millinery,sugar wings and all the other stuff. I am hoping to attend Silver Bella next year....it seems so many bloggers go. Is it in the same state every year?
I was browsing your other posts and saw the cute pink poodle head..did you ever bling it? I would love to see how it turned out....This Pawsh Poodle loves POODLES!


Love the mouse! That is way too cute!!!

Susan M Hickam

Sounds like a fun day Karla! I have played with Sculpey a little bit-I've made little bird ornaments for christmas with it. Very fun.


Beautiful post. Sculpy also makes great snowman noses, er, carrots.
Hope the kids are ok. We've got technical difficulties on our end too. Your not alone.
Prayers and Hugs,


Wow! Have you been busy or what?!?
I love the mouse...he is so cute!
One question.....what is a choclate card?
Have a good week!


I love that air clay and use it to make bethany's hand and foot prints. It dries so nicely and you can see all the little details in her cute hands/feet. Love all the pretties and I remember seeing a few bits from Gwen's loot! Wish I was attending!!

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

I love playing with sculpey dough. I make all of my roses with it. It gets addictive...watch out. LOL I can't wait to see what you come up with.


How fun! You made some cute things. I think you should keep at it and maybe make some fairies. :)


Getting SO excited for Silver Bella and especially, your Glitter Lounge!!! You and Carol are BOTH non-stop idea machines! You amaze me!

Karen Young

Karla, the sculpey dough looks like fun. You know I have never tried working with it. Maybe I should give it a try. I love the wine charms.



That all sounds like so much fun, love the little extra touches like the wine glass charms! Rachaelxo


Those birds are amazing! Can hardly wait to see who that becomes. And you got me again, oh Silver Bella, how we all wish we could go!


Looks like a lot of fun! Nice job!

LiLi M.

Hand over that mop to me too Karla! Ah you lucky Silver Bella's!

Elaine L.

You have me in suspense. I can't wait to see the fall give away!

I can't wait to see Gwen's blog. She sounds so interesting.



Oooh they all look so wonderful! Those fall color ribbons are just divine :) I have wanted to try to scuplt and after seeing your fantastic bird & little mouse.... I might just go buy me some clay :) Thanks so much for sharing!

Mary Ellen

I am fairly new to your blog.......but I am hooked. So do envy your talents to sculpt, can hardly wait until you finish up the mouse and bird. What is Silver Bella? SO many questions......


I think that little Mouse is so cute.

Pam Schroeder

You make me tired! You have way too much energy! I love the way your brain is always "cookin'" to think up creative ideas for beautiful things. PAM


Hi Karla!
I have been toying around with the idea of paper clay. I am in the sweet and sinister halloween swap and I thought a pumpkinhead would be fun....hmmm...... You always inspire me! hugs! karen....


I havent ever used the Sculpey brand of clay, but we made dozens of Christmas ornaments last year with the air dry dough. It was lots of fun. The only problem is that thin pieces easily break off. I'll have to try Sculpey to see how they hold up. Love your creations!

Jean Eakin

Hope all your creations stay intact and do not crumble as they are too cute. Your Sept. present is lookin good too. I can't wait to see the article you and Carol did. Have a fun day.
Jean in Virginia


Ooooooo, what fun creations!! May I crash your gathering in the Glitter Lounge?! haha This will be my third Silver Bella this year and I'd love to meet you!


Karla, I am a great cook and also do windows. I am great with kids and will sleep under the stairs. I could come soon. Love deb


Glorious and can't wait to see more! I remember your mentioning Gwen from a previous post and I'm very eager to see her blog! (And your first clay efforts -- excellent! -- Love the bottles, too!)

Kerri  Norrod.

I can't wait to see the fall giveaway!


Weeeeeee,eeeeeee!!! Weeee!! Joy joy to you Karla.


after we made the playdoh for Sugarwings my daughter asked me to buy her some sculpey clay! She's been making little cupcake necklaces! I'll have to dig into her stash and play too...I've never tried it...but that bird in the first photo is AMAZING!
I got your sweet package today and I'm in heaven! so much stuff to play with and add to my journal! Thank you so much! I might have to get strapped to the top of your car and sleep under you bed, but maybe then I could attend Silver Bella!


ok...I just showed my husband your photo album of all your paintings..now he believes me! LOL! (read your email!)


Cant wait to get my hands on the copy of the magazine! You girls are so cute for making the wine charms! I will so be at the Glitter Lounge with Bells on!!! hee! hee! Your little sculptures are darling!!! Cant wait to see more! HUGS! XO,Jenn

Sharon at American Harvest

Hi Karla,
I love bird themed art and your sweet bottle bird is terrific! I worked with medium for 18 plus years....have fun!


Ooooohhhhh, ahhhhhh, sigh.....Oh isn't life grand...to be surrounded by sweet, pretty things. Oh, you made me laugh with the clay situation..that would be so ME!!!! Not pay attention and get them all mixed up...yup so me....By the way, don't you feel blessed to be surrounded by fantastic, talented women? I'm telling you life is grand. (Smile)

Doll Clothes Gal

I'm sure the sculpting looks much easier than it actually is.


ooh, the drool factor is working here, too. Although Silver Bella is out of the question for now, I love hearing all about your wonderful plans.


Carrie West


I'm drooling over your pictures!!!!!~

Enjoy your day!

Sarah Elder

Can't wait for the article to come out! Between you and Carol I bet its going to be pretty spectacular! With all the hoopla over Silver Bella it sure makes me wish that I could go. Do they allow others to come to vedor night? Maybe I need to take a special trip just for that event!


I have officially decided that I don't have enough fun. I'm drooling, too.


you are so talented. Love to visit your blog and seeing the fairy grandbaby! Hugs Grace

Vicki Chrisman

Everytime I get to come over there and spend time meandering around drooling.. I think to myself.. WHY CAN KARLA LIVE CLOSER??? Oh my , it would just be so so fun. I love looking through you treasures, reading about goodies you've come accross, your antics with Beth, Sugarwings, ect..
You are one busy lady, I'll say that much!
Thanks for sharing all that you do.


Oh, yeah! Now I'm drooling all over the place too!

Viv (VivLyn)

Whatever you have planned sounds so great! Can't wait to see what you have planned!

Miss Sandy

Do you provide bibs with your posts? There seems to be a lot of drooling going on over here, me included. I want to try this clay stuff too!

Raised In Cotton

How much fun did we have:) The bird is beautiful and the little mouse, oh my!


Oh it looks like you are having fun and creating some great stuff (love your witch you made!).

A quick tip for anyone on the Sculpey and Paper Clay.

If you have the white sculpey these two items do look exactily alike and feel the same also.

One difference: the Paper Clay is water soluble and drys quite quickly (you have probably discovered this by now!). The sculpey stays the same way unless baked.

Have fun!

Heidi Woodruff

I've never used that clay...but I just don't think I could add one more thing on my plate! How do you do it?? LOL Lovin' all the Silver Bella talk... 50-something days and the magic happens!

gina g

Love your Silver Bella giltter lounge idea! It is people like you that make life so much more fun!

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