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September 22, 2008



Oh, how sweet Sugarwings looks!!!


I love it when you share "Sugarwings" adventures with us....She is adorable in that fairy costume and so are you and your Sissy....
My youngest daughter is in California with a good friend and they went to a Ren Faire there, I can't wait to see her pics...


Sugarwings wins the prize hands down as most Fairy Like!


It's so much fun to watch "Sugarwings" growing up. She's always adorable and cute, but that last picture hints at a really stunning beauty in the making!


Karla I totally love this post. Every picture is a winner. The one with barefoot Sugarwings climbing up the rock is perhaps my favorite. I think fairies come in groups called "flithers". Ya know, a flither of fairies? I hope you have more pictures. You have a very handsome son by the way.

LiLi M.

Great pictures again! Of course no one beats Sugarwings when it comes to being a lovely fairy, though you and your sister are lovelies too!

Jean Eakin

This is a winner post. I loved every photo. Sugarwings, as I have said so many times is adorable. Her little Fairy dress was precious. Your fairy wings added pizzaz to your outfit for sure. I have no doubt that Sugarwings was the Star of the show. Yhanks for sharing this wonderful adventure.
Jean in Virginia


Karla, you all look beautiful. But, Sugarwings is the most adorable.


Your photos are fantastic!!! Laurie


She is so precious. I'm glad all of you had a wonderful time :) As a big kid, I enjoyed all your pictures!


My favorite photo is the one of SugarWings climbing up the rock to the stage, there is something about the costume and the rock and her pretty little legs climbing up. You should paint that with her climbing up to her hero, the Dragon! And your boy IS handsome, as someone else mentioned (but then how could he not be?!!), had he been in costume he would have looked like a Rennaissance Man! Glad you had such fun! I worked 30 hours this weekend, that was fun, too...SIGH....ah well, I enjoy your life vicariously, thanks again for sharing!!! Your friend, Bobbi

Linda and Laura Lilly Cottage

What gorgeous gorgeous photos!! It looks like you had a wonderful time and I am sure sugarwings will be fairy dancing for a long time to come!! That dragon is spectacular, I can't believe she wasn't scared but then he is a magical dragon is he not??
Thanks for sharing...I love your fairy halo!
Kiss Noises Linda Lilly Cottage


OH, I love the flock of fairies! But the dragon meeting the fairy baby is the best! Looks like so much fun!


What wonderful fun you had! I love the little foofied up wings you put on - just the right touch. And Sugarwings definitely stole the fairy show.

Susan M Hickam

Sugarwings really looks like a fairy all dressed up. I think my favorite photo was the one with her climbing the rock too. I could just feel her excitement bursting at the seams and her desire to join in. I enjoyed all of it as I am sure you did as well. Glad you all had a good time. I wish I had someone who would enjoy going to that. I haven't been for a while.


What beautiful photos! Thanks so much for sharing your adventure with Sugarwings :) It looked like a beautiful day and a fantastic Faire!


Isn't Sugarwings a little doll??? I am new to blogging! Please put me on your giveaway list thanks so much. Francine


Wow Karla that looked like such fun! I've never seen anything like that before! Just great!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The fairy grandbaby is so cute! I just love that perky little nose!


Looks like so much fun!! I can't believe we have never been to Ren fest! We need to go! Your granddaughter looks adorable!


What a sprite that little one has…
I just love the picture of her talking to her dragon ..


Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Now seriously! That all looks like some wonderful fairy tale land!! Beautiful pictures. And of course Sugarwings was the fairest of them all!!

Jen r sanctuary arts at home

a flight of fairies? She looks adorable!

Elaine L.

I love the pictures of Sugarwings and her daddy sure is handsome.


Kerryanne English

Sugarwings is the cutest fairy of all and grandma isn't bad either...LOL Love your little wings Karla.


How about a flittering of Fairies? Well whatever it is it looks like it was so fun. I wish we had a gathering like that around here.
Fun stuff.

Andrea S.

What a magical place! You captured some precious {and very framable!} photos of your little sprite. Adorable.

Daisy Cottage

Oh sooooooooooo sweet!
I loved seeing these photos of our Sugarwings in all of her fairy cuteness! Speaking of cute - you make a cute fairy Karla and your sweet son is a cutie too!
What a lovely time this must have been and you captured the moments so beautifully.


That child is a living doll! :)

Halloween Doll Clothes Gal

What fabulous photos - you have really captured a lovely time.


My favorite photo -- possibly of all time -- is the little blue fairy trying to climb over the rocks to be part of the act! She's adorable (but you knew that!) What a treat for you all to experience!


Sugarwings is so adorable! Looks like you all had a wonderful time!

Anna @ Rusty Cottage

Sugarwings looks like a natural as a fairy.

That wouldn't happen to be the Kansas City Renfest would it?


That child is making incredible memories with such a terrific family! Sounds like you had a great time, and I know she did.


Karla, this looks like such a fun place! We have the Ren fair here but there are not nearly enough fairies around! Sugarwings looks so cute :)


Miss Sandy

I love the photo of your fairy baby perched on the rock ready to fly! And the gathering of fairy babies at the end, darling!

Maggie robinson

Hello there.....
I fell off my surfboard and look where I landed...... Lucky me.. Your blog is wonderfully interesting. I gotta say this little blue fairy is just the sweetest!!Aren't they life's treasures!!!
Thanks for a nice time and BTW that chocolayte looked very good!!!!

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