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September 18, 2008


Sheri Ingrande

The witch is great..amazing how it starts off and then you transformed it...was the glitter bird clay too?
I think these are some of my favorites that you have made. I have to take a peek at the pumpkins now :)


That witch is fabulous, Karla! And Sugarwings is looking as sweet as ever! =) I can hardly believe it is RenFaire time once again! I remember you posting it about it last year. Didn't you take along your darling pup?


The witch is so cool!! And the bird and pumpkins too! Have fun with your company!!

Kathy Jacobson

I love how your witch turned out!

And those tags are gorgeous!!!

Hope you have a wonderful time at the Faire.

Karen Young

Karla, the witch is amazing, I just love her. Sweet Sugarwings looks so cute in her blue dress.



Your tags are beautiful. It's so cute how much Sugarwings loves to paint and craft. She did look adorable in that dress, too. Does she have a pretty art smock?


Hi Karla, long time no see, I have missed you, but finally I got here, I haven't been blogging much not to mention getting around to visit every one, like you busy, busy, busy, OMG you look like you are so busy getting ready For SB I wish I could be there, not only to meet you and all the other wonderful ladies I have talked to along the way, but to see all the fantastic thing you all are making and selling, I'll have a few thousand packets thanks....lol, I hope you have a fantasic time there.

Just love your witch you have done a great job on her, arrrr SugerWings you have grown, and still sooooooo cute I could squash you in my arms (big hug).....lol.
loved seeing all your pretties Karla, as you always do have.



Sweet dress, love that she calls it "Our studio"! Fascinated with your new creations! Rachaelxo


You are so good! I wish I could sculpt! Sugarwings is so cute in her dress. This will be our 10th year to attend the Texas Renaissance Festival in Plantersville. (Our 9th year in costume) Have a jolly old time!


Sounds like a pleasant few days with Sugarwings :) The sculpy birds and pumpkins are fantastic...and Love your tags. A gathering of family at the fair sounds like pure delight. I hope you have a wonderful time.

María Elena

Karla, his witch is fabulous, I admire their creative abilities.


The witch and the pumpkin are awesome! Wow you are multi-talented...not just painting, drawing, mixed media...you are a sculptor also! And a wonderful grandma...What more could a cute Sugarwings want?
xoxo karen....

Jean Eakin

Sugarwings looked adorable in her darling dress, but of course she looks cute in "paint" too. Your witch is wonderful! You are getting good with clay, which doesn't surprise me with your talent. Two giveaways, How great. You enjoy your company.
Jean in Virginia


Sorry about the burning muffins, but that part at least resembles my house :) . . .


I absolutely love your witch and the pumpkins! I may have to try that out myself! Have fun with family!

Susan M Hickam

Love everything! Your witch and pumpkins are amazing! Are you sure you haven't been doing sculpey for years? Sugarwings is quite pretty in her blue dress(and the doll is sweet too) but who can deny a creative urge? Not sugarwings!


Wow, all your pieces are beautiful, as usual. I just love how your little sugarwings wants to make artwork with you. She is such a cutie :)
Have a great weekend

Jen r sanctuary arts at home

Cute witch, though the baby in the dress is soooo much cuter!! :)


Oh, I think the clays are a great new medium for you! I love the bird and adore the witch! Hope there are going to be lots more! Have fun with your girls sounds like fun and I am sure they will like pop tarts!

Joanne Kennedy

I think Sugarwings is going to be just as creative as you are. Sounds like she loves to make things and create pretty things. How fun for her to learn from one of the best!

Your witch and pumpkins are great. Can't wait to see what you come with.



The witch has great facial features. She looks like a lady in my town. How funny.

LiLi M.

I like the witch and the pumpkins, cannot wait to see what you are going to do with them next. I like that Sugarwings is determined to be creative too, lots and lots of people make the wrong priorities, like cleaning first, or think..now that I'm wearing my best dress and have just put make up on it's better to go out in stead of staying at home. No not for Sugarwings and she is right!
Have fun with your nieces and sisters!


Sugarwings is adorable as ever & I just love 'our studio' oh my gosh that is so cute.

Amazing witch! I like her just the way she is. ;)

Elaine L.

Please take photos at the fair. I can't wait to see the fun you're sure to have.



You got your moment with the dress!If you haven't redone the eyes...you might try a sapphire color -with the purple dress that might be better with the black hat? Joy joy to you and your visiting family.


I like her green eyes...kind of goes with the whole "I'm Melllttiinnggg!" memory. I love the bird you sculpted! Couldn't figure why it was on the bottle in the earlier post, although it looked like you'd thought of a cool idea...but it was DRYING, duh! I can actually mold roses from that stuff, now that you have reminded me, (thanks again!) I may use them to decorate a pitcher and washbasin I basecoated and wondered, "Now what?". You really do awaken great ideas! Have loads of fun with your family...I picture you all stomping grapes with your skirts hiked up, just like Lucy!!!

Pam Schroeder

The witch is REALLY cute! I love Sugarwings and her budding artistic ability! She's after her Grandma's heart (oh, that's right, she already had it!) Have fun with your sisters - they will love their tags! You're a good sister to visit!!


I'm happy to see she still likes the fairy! You are working magic with that clay - you are inspiring me to get my hands on some.

Doll Clothes Gal

I think the fair will be wonderful - take lots of photos. I love the witch.

jessi nagy

hey sweets.
darling stuff today.
sugarwings looks adorable.
see ya soon.


I LOVE the witch you made! She is perfect right down to her green skin! Playing with clay is addictive! Sugarwings looks adorable in her vintage dress! Have fun at the Ren Fest. Also, have fun at the B&B, is it the one near Overbrook?

Joanna {sweet finds}

Your posts/pics are so inspiring... I'm just sitting here trying to "soak it all up". Your SB glitter room party sounds like a ton of fun. xoxo, Joanna


Placecard holders! Thats what I think the wee punkins are gonna be...

Sheila R

I just love your witch. I think I might have to go and try some clay... looks like a lot of fun. Maybe my kids will enjoy it too!


The witch needs to get on her broom...if you made her one yet...and fly to my house. I just love her. I hope I get to meet the "Mother" of the witch at Silverbella. You made my day with this post. Delicious! Kara

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Oh! I love that witch! And that dress and Sugar Wings are both just so cute!!


The purple witch is the best! Very Elphaba with that wonderful green face! And lovelies for your sisters, too. Boy, what a happy feeling it must be when Sugarwings wants to get that dress off and do art! I'm not sure which of you is the luckiest!

Mary Ellen

Oh, wait a minute, have to wipe the drool off of the keyboard......that witch is just a hoot..and the pumpkins.....well sign me up please. The tags are wonderful too......as far as the muffins go......hmmm, cinammon toast is a treat...or maybe just run to bakery at the grocery store.....as long as you are together, that's what counts.........


"Our studio" -- makes every grandma's heart melt!
Love your witch, too.


First thing my grandson does when he runs thru my door is head for his craft drawer. Oh the things we make. Being a grandma is my favorite thing.


Your creativity continues to amaze me! Can't wit to see what you and Carol have cooked up!


Karla, have a wonderful weekend! You are due for some fun "grown up girl" time.

Miss Sandy

I think you channeled my sixth grade teacher in that little witch of yours, seriously, she looks just like her only not green!

I so love hearing about your little fairy baby and all her cute sayings. She is about the same age as my little grandson. They are such a joy and a delight are they not?

Enjoy your guests and have a great weekend!

Mary Isabella

SugarWings looks so beautiful in that dress. I know she how a ball as always. Have a great weekend..m..

karen cox

What a gorgeous witch. Wow, air dried clay, I am really interested in creating with clay. I will go to your shop to drool over your creations right now. Your blog is always filled with so much inspiration. Karen


What an adorable dress!! She looks so pretty in the fancy dress. You've been up to more great fantastic fun as usual.


i'm home alone tonight while the guys are at the game, i think i'll go buy me some clay to play with-you make it look so fun!

Maija Lepore

Could your daughter be cuter?!?! What a doll!

barbara burkard

Oh...such beautiful art...(as always!) work has been keeping me away from it...sugarwings is growing by leaps and bounds...my husband keeps pushing down on the kidlets heads so to try to keep them small..for a bit longer...don't work...



I can't wait until I can play like that with my new little grand daughter. She is growing so fast, I'm sure it will happen in a blink of an eye!

:-) Rosie


OMG, I love the witch! You are just the most talented woman. I am in awe....



Oh my gosh...when do you have time to breath?
I am glad you had time to spend with Sugarwings. I bet that is the best part of any day! As for the witched eyes, eerie is good! I hope you have/had a good time with your company.
Have a great week and thanks for sharing!
PS Pop tarts are good for you...they are part of 2 food groups-grain and fruit.LOL!

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