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October 07, 2008



AAAAAAAAGGGHHH! Covering my virgin ears! What a coinky dink! Gosh what would the prize have been if it was for one of us????


LOL! That is too cute! Congrats on your incredible milestone! That is a LOT of comments! Of course, you always provide so much to comment on! That photo is precious, too, btw!


So I had to go read the comment, and what a sweet comment it was! Makes it an even better coincidence than if his message had been something like "don't forget tomorrow is garbage day" or something!

Amy of Bunny Rose Cottage

Oh my gosh Karla, that is way toooo funny! Hmmm, I think I can guess what his surprise will be, LOL!!!!!!



Awwwww, that's so sweet!!!!!

Amy of Bunny Rose Cottage

Karla, that was the SWEETEST comment every! It gave me chills. You have a wonderful guy :)


Of course I had to go read his comment, and it is so romantic and sweet! What a guy!! Hmmm.... whatever will his prize be? ;)


Hmmm, and what would that prize be? Wait - I don't want to know!


Oh that is to funny .....

but what a great comment he left...
you could not ask for a better 12,000...



That is so funny! Sounds like the universe is treating you both!!! :)

Brenda Kula

What a handsome man you've got there! That photo is precious, Karla.


OMG, what a nice comment he left...he is definately a keeper! Congrats on such a successful blog!! You are super talented and a real inspiration!


Jean Eakin

Karla, that is really something. What a great photo. I am trying not to use my imagination as to the prize......You have a great day.
Jean in Virginia

Ele at A bit of Pink Heaven

How cute is this coincidence!

Gretchen Schauann

How cool is that! For your husband whom had never posted before to become the 12,000 post, quite the co-inky dink, as you say.
Pretty neat he appreciates your talents too. You are as fortunate to have him on your side, as "Little Miss Sugar Wings" is to have you as her Grandma. Do you think your son and Sugar Wings hippie chick Mom have a clue how truly blessed they are to have you be such an incredibly positive influence in their daughters life? Your influence and memories you've built thus far in Sugar Wings 2 years of life will have incredible impact for the good of who she becomes as a person. How blessed this little girl truly is! And oh for the beauty she gets to be surrounded with at such an early age. Precious.


Major Cool. Have fun. Happy happies.

LiLi M.

Hey Karla, congrats on your 12,000th comment. Be sure to make some photographs when you hand over the bottle of glitter and the vintage wallpaper tag LOL!


Soul mates for sure! Sounds like the prize package of all times heading his direction now.


That is so sweet! That is so neat when things happen that way!


Well crap, I think I just deleted my comment before I was done...GEEZ!! Anyway how cute of hubby and enjoy his homecoming.

laura dellaporta

Oh That is the best!!!! 12,000 kisses???
xoxoxo Laura

jenny fowler

That's awesome! I love it! :) He better get a good one! He's got great timing. :)


thats so sweet! Like a dork I left a comment on the post that he left a comment on! Sounds like you two know what the other is thinking! Soul Mates for sure! Have a terrific visit!

Elaine L.

Oh, that is so cool and he left you such a sweet comment. sigh . . .



Oh my, that is the SWEETEST!! Keep him for sure!!

Kathleen Grace


Karen Young

Karla, What a lovely photo. I just love it that your husband was the 12,000 comment.



I love it!


That is such a cute coincidence. I'm sure he'll like his prize!

Jen r sanctuary arts at home



THAT is awesome!!!


Wow - what a great story!

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