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October 08, 2008



If only I could be so productive in so little time! I love your earrings! Are those little crowns on the end? LOVE THAT!


I LOVE what you did to the jewelery boxes!! Laurie


wow I can't believe how much you got done! I bet all of your goodies will go fast at silver bella!

Amy Bauer

Prolific indeed! Your output is amazing. The bottles are beautiful, and the toppers are perfect. Love your embellished boxes too. Great work! - Amy Bauer


You're a machine! I cannot believe your productivity! The lines will be long at Silver Bella!


The glittery costume would make a wonderful addition to a fairy's wardrobe! If you can't remove the glittery rhinestones I will buy it from you to add to my collection...


HI karla
wow a lot of productivity!! Such beautiful things as always! I am at my daughter's for a month and there is no such thing as a 'stash' of any thing. I am across the country in New york state in a very small village. So i had my daughter drive me to the nearest town and we found a wal mart and a sewing machine and fabric.
I am going to be making doll clothes aprons and halloween costumes for five beautiful grand daughters.
I miss my studio and every little pile of 'stuff' in it!!!
Party in there and enjoy!!!

Sheila R

I just had to laugh as I am a "cheapskate" too! I have many times taken the cheap way out and labored more in the process!

I just love all your Bella wares and can't wait for vendor night!! If you still need help that night I will definitely be there to help!


You are so quick with that artwork. I love your display too. Oh my, those crowns :)
I had to laugh about the dress with the sparklies. It reminds me of a costume on dancing with the stars with all those cutouts!


Karla , oh such lovely things - too many to comprehend . I love all your creations , your ideas and vintage touch are so amazing - KAthy - GA


Gasping at the photos...it's all so inspirational...you have such a creative imagination!

Gretchen Schaumann

Oh man, a hectic day at the office, so on break what do I do? Instead of using the bathroom, I'm sneaking a peak at your beautiful blog, just hopping to see something beautiful posted. Again, no dissappointments! Love your earrings (the crowns patinaed are great) and the frame display is fabulous. I've always used the frames for my jewelry, but hadn't thought of adding the bling. Very cool idea!
Your production was incredible last night! I on the other hand only got to insulate our daughters new bedroom. : ( No creative time for me.
Have a perfect day!

Jean Eakin

Karla, just call you speedy along with all your other titles of crafty, creative, talented, out of the box thinker, great grandma ,etc.. Okay did I make your head big? Its always a pleasure to see where your creativity takes you. Have a fun day.
Jean in Virginia

Halloween Doll Clothes gal

Very pretty.

jessi nagy

you are always amazing girl!!!
i love that princess box. so fab
can't wait to see ya.


Does that count under "penny wise, pound foolish"? Except instead of $ it would be your time, which ends up being kind of the same thing??? Anyway, it's the sort of thing I would do, too, except I would "throw it in a corner" (my expression for just walking away from it for a bit) and then come back to it later (like MONTHS later!) when my frustration was eased! Anyway, I love all the things you've made, I hope that when SB is over, you will be able to list more on Etsy, I always check your store there. (Don't you just LOVE etsy???) Also, who do you think will win Project Runway? I love Kenley's style (is that her name? I am blank!) you know, the 50's girly girl, and would like to buy her clothes, but she is not very nice, I guess. This is my first year of P.R. so it is pretty cool. Always nice to see your posts...Your Friend, Bobbi


Holy moly, that dress has a deep V. I hope it was worn with something underneath, otherwise it would be scandalous!


Prolific production from a prolifically creative lady! A great way to spend time in front of the television.

All your goodies look scrumptious!


Kerryanne English

Karla, your creativity never ceases to amaze me - you are an inspiration.


You are too funny!!! I wish you would open that darn Bed and Breakfast soon. Never mind new idea open a Crafting Bed and Breakfast where we can make things your style and have sleepovers. HEE HEE HEE Wow that sounds fun!


I love all your creations Karla! Have you decided what your prom dress will be? You have to show us! karen....

Lee W.

WOWZERS- you were really rocking, girl!

Jen r sanctuary arts at home

That's a great deal for $2.. you'll find a way to get those rhinestone off! I love those crown charms too... The patina looks great.

Alauar Parrish

Hey Karla; you are such a talented lady. I am so loving every thing you made. I wish I had half the talent you have. Love the bottles so pretty. Maybe I will try to make me one, let you know how it turns out... well maybe. he he.



Just like me to buy something for the bling! Those bottles are just beautiful! I guess it's a good think I'm not going to Silver Bella....I think if I went my family would have to give up Christmas! I'd buy you out!

Mary Isabella

You create such amazing things.The Christmas tags are so awesome!!!!!...m...

Beth Leintz

Wasn't that what Cloris Leachman was wearing on Dancing with the Stars?


Hi Karla
You are such a busy lady. I know that you are enjoying what you do and I am happy for you. As always, I enjoyed your post very much. You always have such interesting ideas.
As for being cheap and having to work at the rhinestones, I understand...been there, done that too! LOL
Have a great week.

LiLi M.

Great work! But what about the rhine stones? Aahh I see you have a seller in line above me! Sell!! (i'm a bargain hunter too so I know what you're going through lol!)

princess lasertron

I spy things I want!!


LOL! You KNOW you want to wear that dress!!! lol lol!

And my gawsh, woman! You have some of the best crafty stuff to play and create with! It's like a smorgasbord of beautiful!

Debby Schuh

Love the earrings...can't wait to see all that you'll have at Silver Bella! You are soo productive!

Amy of Bunny Rose Cottage

Oh Karla, you crack me up!

Every time I come here, I am amazed at what you do!!! You are beyond talented. I am jealous!!

Love ya,


Love the pink lined jewelry box! You are amazingly talented!! Love your work!

laura dellaporta

Oh I will dream of being there I want everything you made...your prices are great..Maybe I can send a secret shopper to buy something for me & bring it back??? aaahhhh...xoxoxo Laura

Heidi Woodruff

So funny...I do stuff like that all the time! But you know, MOST of the time it works out to my favor, and your's too, I think!

Thanks for the blog encouragement. Glad to be at my final blog home now!


SEE you and all your lovelies at Silver Bella!

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