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October 05, 2008



A super-productive day is usually followed by a "lazy" day for me too. I always forget that though, when I am having the *good* day. I'm thinking "WOW, I'm Superwoman." Then aches, pains, and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.........
I guess it balances out (?)

Jean Eakin

You really did have a productive day and it does make you fill really good. You deserve to have a lazy day now and then .We all need those once in awhile. I forgot to ask did Sugarwings love her kitchen redo?
Well you have a relaxing day now.
Jean in Virginia


Wow, you got a lot done...good for you!
i love that dollhouse shelf and it is painted so cute, I just know your trip to Siver Bella is going to be a blast....loking forward to the posts to follow it....


I love those days. They are hard to come by. When they do I feel so energized, and satisfied! Absolutely love the doll house. Cute as heck display piece. wish I could attend Silver Bella, maybe next year! My friend, Meg (lives in KS), and I are talking about attending in the future!

Sweet Cottage Dreams

I am laughing at your statement about needing a day of rest. I am SO glad I am not the only one feeling like that!

You were a busy bee and created some wonderful goodies. LOVE the boxes and whooo hooo about sewing! Way to go!!!

Sugarwings will love her dollhouse. How so very sweet.

Have an awesome week, Karla.



Your projects are all beautiful! All the millinery flowers lined up in the box are so pretty. I think you got so much done, you don't need to feel guilty about a "lazy" day. You probably get more done on a "lazy" day than most people anyway!

Amy of Bunny Rose Cottage

WOW!!! You got a LOT done!! I love everything you made. You are so lucky to have found that dollhouse! I have been looking for one like that for awhile now.

How sweet of Jessi to send you just because gifts! She is such a sweetie :)


LiLi M.

Yummy pictures Karla! And I love the dollhouse. I wouldn't use vintage wallpaper either, because when you use it as a display you hardly see the vintage wallpaper and afterwards, well you already told us that. Perhaps you could use some fabric or little doilies inside to put the merchandise on and perhaps some musicpaper (which is cheap and easy to come by on the walls). I think it's so clever to use this doll house! Have a great week!

Mary Isabella

So many beautiful things..m..

Vicki Chrisman

Hey girl.. send some of thos productive juices my way..will ya? Man.. how do you get so much done?
Hey... looks like I'll get to come to vender night at Silverbella.. so SEE you there! YAY!


Busy lady!!
LOVE the fairy dancers especially, so charming and chic...
Have a great week.


What a lovely day you had. Don't you love quiet days when you get so much accomplished?


Whoa, you did get a lot done. I love your fairy dancers, and your just because pretties.

jana johnson label

You make the cutest things. I tried to make a crown and it didn't turn out quite right but still semi-cute...Thanks for all the ideas. I hope someday I can share one with you...

Denise Fontaine

Beautiful as always!

Gretchen Schaumann

Please know that you have totally inspired me through reading your blog these past couple of days. What a treat your blog is. I just recently discovered it, and love all of the great projects you create and show. How fun you are!
Thanks again!

Susan M Hickam

Hey Karla- loved your little fairy dolls! I see the dollhouse came home with you. I thought it was adorable when I saw it there. Have a great week.


So love reading your blog! Do you live close enough that you don't have to ship that beautiful house to the bella party? Next year we will meet! Hugs,Terri


Are those dancing fairy arrangements inspired by the lovely French antique wedding domes? I love the wedding domes, they are so elegant. I don't think fairies are part of the traditional imagery--maybe they represent imaginary weddings to imaginary knights on white horses, hehe. Maybe you should add some toads in knight costumes...
What a great little silver bag!


You had a very productive day! I love the little fairy dancers--sweet, sweet, sweet!
You deserve a good lazy day after reading about all you accomplished--enjoy:)

sarah @ a beach cottage

sigh it sounds like my kinda day

i love the fairy dancers



hi Karla
sweet sweet dancers....I lust after all of your vintage millenery!
what a great productive day. I love it when everything just comes together one after the other.


Hi Karla.. I don't know why that I've to come and see what pictures in here again & again hehehehe.. I love the ice cream colour trimmings.. do you think you have more? hehehehe just asking.. btw you did a lot in one day! and all are pretty.. especially the silver bag and the dancing ballerinas under the glass cloches.. very very pretty.. and not forgetting the dollhouse shelf.. too cute!

have a great week!

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